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Sigma 30% off Sale + My Top Sigma Picks

Sigma is currently having their biggest sale ever, 30% off sitewide, until July 4th. This is an insane sale (Their Black Friday sales aren’t even this good!) and if you are in the market for some new brushes or makeup, you would be crazy to pass this up!


I wanted to list out some of my all time favorite Sigma products. These are the ones I continue to grab when doing my makeup, and that really catch my eye as being unique in a world of a million brushes and makeup products :)

Sigmax Kabuki Brushes


These have been some of my favorite brushes to apply foundation with for years! Not only foundation, but they work awesome to with cream contour and highlighters. If you don’t need the full set, my favorites are F84 Angled Kabuki and the F82 Round Kabuki.

Sigmax Precision Brushes


I remember when I found out that Sigma was releasing mini versions of their Sigmax brushes- I was so pumped! These are the absolute best for applying concealer, and they’re just so handy to have. I’m not even sure if I could narrow down which ones I use most, I just love them all and love them as a set.

Performance Eyes Set


I love finding brushes that are really unique, and this set takes the cake! These brushes are super tiny, and are really great to have for any precise application for eye looks. This is another set that I would recommend the full set and not individual, as they’re all so great!

F03 High Cheekbone Highlighter


This is a fairly dense brush and works amazingly to get that amazing, see-it-from-space highlight that is oh so popular right now.

Lip Vex


These are the coolest looking lip glosses out there! Granted, they don’t show up as holographic when applied, but they still add a really cool duo chrome sheen. Worth checking out if for nothing else but to keep in your purse to make friends jealous :)

Versailles Eyeshadow


Okay, I had to include this one as I helped create it :) This is the color from the Paris Palette that I helped create- its a beautiful shimmery beige!

Dry’n Shape Tower


So I definitely thought this was going to be gimmicky- and, granted, it kinda is- but I was pleasantly surprised how well this worked! Washing brushes is definitely not on my list of favorite things to do- but having something like this that is easy to use and keeps brushes looking new and pretty.. it’s worth checking out!

You can check out the sale here. Remember, it goes from now until July 4th and use code SAVE30 to save 30%!

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