Shu Uemura Spring Collection!

Here are a couple pieces from Shu Uemura’s 2014 Spring collection! These are called Silk Cussion Eye Shadows and Blushers. They are described as having a cushiony texture that has a cream-to-powder finish, with long lasting wear.

These definitely feel like a cream product, but not your traditional one. When I think of a cream product, I think of something that is a bit tacky in texture and doesn’t fully dry. These have a really interesting texture- the product itself is almost moldable, its really cool and bouncy feeling, if that makes sense. It reminds me of a blush that Maybelline used to (still does?) have. 

The eyeshadow shades here are all marbled with a shimmery white, which gives each color a pastel look with shimmer. The blushes have no shimmer marbled in, but they do have a satin finish. 

ShuHaul 1ShuHaul 2ShuHaul 3 Amethyst Purple 

ShuHaul 4 Amethyst Purple

ShuHaul 5 Amber Brown

ShuHaul 6 Amber Brown

ShuHaul 7 Morganite Pink

ShuHaul 8 Morganite Pink

ShuHaul 9 Peridot Green 

ShuHaul 10 Peridot Green


These definitely last for hours, which is great with shadows this texture. They are really sheer too, so they work well for a quick morning look so you have something on more than just mascara. 


ShuHaul 11 Orange Quartz

ShuHaul 12 Orange Quartz

ShuHaul 13 Rose Quartz

ShuHaul 14 Rose Quartz


The blushes here are great pigmentation for blush! These are my favorite out of the two products here. They apply really nice and smoothly and look beautiful. The finish on these isn’t too shimmery at all, which I also like.  


Of these, my favorite product here is Orange Quartz Blusher. This is such a nice, warm blush and looks great on the apples of the cheeks (especially paired with the green eyeshadow here!). I usually don’t use cream blushes, but these might change my mind!


Each of these are available for $18 from Shu Uemura

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