Shu Uemura Anti/Oxi Cleansing Oil Review

Generally, I’m not a big fan of cleansing oils. I’m an exfoliator girl through and through. Sometimes, though, you need something that’s a bit different. Exfoliators are great, but not the best (or recommended) when it comes to things like taking off your makeup, and making sure you have absolutely none lingering on your skin. To be honest, I am pretty new to using cleansing oils as a face wash, as I really, reaaaaally don’t like the way they can sometimes leave a heavy, oily feeling on my face. I use exfoliators because I like that squeaky clean feeling.

Shuantioxi 3

Thankfully, this particular cleansing oil doesn’t have that problem, but is phenomenal at removing every last trace of makeup and leaving your skin feel juuuust right.

Shuantioxi 2

The main thing that sets this cleansing oil apart from others is it’s antioxidant green tea extract, which helps to clear out any pollutants and keep your skin looking young. I love it because like I mentioned, it will take off all of my makeup in seconds (and I tested it with things like longwear eyeliner and OCC Lip Tar, which if you used you know can be a total pain to remove without getting it everywhere!) and when washed away, doesn’t leave any of that oily slick feeling I was worried about. My skin doesn’t feel stripped or dry like it normally does after I wash my face, but exactly the opposite- soft and moisturized. I don’t feel like I immediately need to put on a moisturizer, which I generally feel after I use an exfoliator (and I honestly just thought it was how my skin was!)

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When using this cleansing oil, it foams up just a bit when you lather it in your hands, and then you just apply it all over your face. Really- I usually have to watch where I apply my face cleansers- avoiding my eyes and lips, but with this I went over my lips to remove the lip tar (which resulted in the lip tar breaking down and smeared red all over my face, it looked like I just ate an entire deer) and even worked it into my lashes to remove a really, really stubborn mascara I used to test how well this product worked. After that, I just rinsed, and was really impressed with the fact that it had removed everything- the smeared red lip tar, all the mascara, even the eyeliner under my eyes- all while leaving my face feeling soft and fresh.

Overall I think that if you wear makeup regularly, and you have a hard time making sure all of it is off your face (or you don’t like being wasteful and using makeup removing wipes and the like) I think this is absolutely a great product to look in to. It’s Shu’s number 1 selling cleansing oil, and it really doesn’t surprise me from the results I got.

If you guys are interested in this, Shu Uemura gave me a 10% off discount code for you to use. On checkout use SHUPARKAGE for 10% off and free shipping. On the smaller bottle (the bottle I have shown), That’s $8.20 in savings. Not bad :)

Cleansing Oils available for $37 from Shu Uemura.



  1. corallista says

    Lovely review! Even though I have oily skin, I love using cleansing balms and oils as they take off every bit of that stubborn mascara and leave the skin feeling nourished! I haven’t tried this yet but I love the Clinique Take the Day Off Cleanse Off Balm!

    1. Casey says

      I tried the clinique cleanse off balm a few months ago and it broke me out :( I liked it- but it certainly didn’t like me. lol

  2. Christa Potter says

    I absolutely ADORE shu uemura cleansing oils! I massage the oil right onto my dry skin and love that I can gently massage it into my lashes to remove EVERYTHING including tightlined eyeliner. Then I add a bit of water to emulsify and then it rinses away clean. It is the best makeup remover and cleanser ever. I wish more people would get over their fear of using oils because even those with oily skin can benefit. They are fantastic! Great review! I’m glad you have discovered them!

  3. Victoria says

    Is this oil like the Mac cleansing oil that becomes a “lotion” when you add water to it? There’s some compound in the Mac cleansing oil that lets it dissolve into water but stay oily until it’s wet. I’ve only seen this in high end oils/removers but I think it is that compound that gets the oil off of your face.

  4. Casey says

    I’ve tried the yellow cleansing oil before as a sample and I didn’t like it. It sounds like the green tea one might be better for a more skincare feel. I used the origins cleansing oil all the time instead because it turns milky and helps w/ my extremely dry skin. I think I might try the green tea one just to see if its any better.

  5. Valo says

    as a cleansing oil veteran..and i have oily skin…never had a breakout from using Precleanse from Dermalogica, but have always wanted to use this oil. I don’t use scrubs generally since acids and enzymes work better (Im an medical esthetician-so I have my reasons to back that up).
    But overall – cleansing oils, esp the Shu one’s are beautiful for the skin. He has ones for all skin types. These are especially good for folks who wear full face makeup. It leaves no trace of color or impurity on the skin. Thank you for the review – im off to order mine. Just an fyi – skin feeling squeaky clean is not really good for your skin because that usually results in too much of your natural oils stripped off. Just sayin’ :)

  6. Kelly says

    Have you used the Mac cleansing oil before? I use it currently and works great, I’m just curious if the shu is better and worth the higher price tag.

  7. sick says

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  8. stupid says

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