Shop MAC Collection “Shop & Drop” 4-Pan Palette

One of the three palettes in the Shop MAC Collection is the Shop & Drop 4-pan palette, which is the most cool-toned palette of the three. in includes various shades of pinks and blues. Check below for close up and swatch photos!


shopmacshopndropSugar Snack


shopmacshopndropPower Boosted

shopmacshopndropShop & Drop

shopmacshopndropSugar Snack, Hypnotizing, Power Boosted, Shop & Drop


I think this palette is my least favorite of the three. It includes a matte (Sugar Snack) frost (Hypnotizing), Veluxe Pearl (Power Boosted) and a satin (Shop & Drop). Sugar Snack has VERY little color payoff, I really had to pack it on in this swatch to even get it to show up! Hypnotizing is described as a “frosted mauve” and has decent color payoff, as does Power Boosted (which reminds me a lot of stars and rockets). Overall, unless you’re a big fan of the colors here, I’d skip this one.

Available for $39 from MAC Cosmetics.



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    • Paige says:

      The first swatch on the Mac eyeshadows is never good! You kin a have to get through to the first layer to get to the good stuff! That happened to me with seedy pearl, naked lunch, and wedge!

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