Shop MAC Collection- Lipsticks, Kissable Lipwear

Here are some shades of Lipstick and Kissable Lipcolour from the Shop MAC Collection! Shades I have range from creamy nudes to plums, and even a bright pinky orange. Photos and swatches below!


shopmaclipsticksInnocence, Beware!, Watch Me Simmer, Dish it Up, Runway Red

shopmaclipsticksInnocence, Beware!

shopmaclipsticksWatch Me Simmer

shopmaclipsticksDish it Up

shopmaclipsticksRunway Red

shopmaclipsticksInnocence, Beware!, Watch Me Simmer, Dish it Up, Runway Red

shopmaclipsticksInnocence, Beware!

shopmaclipsticksWatch Me Simmer

shopmaclipsticksDish It Up

shopmaclipsticksRunway Red

shopmaclipcolourDSC 0090Flaunt it, Woo Me, Enchantee

shopmaclipcolourFlaunt it, Woo Me, Enchantee

shopmaclipcolourEnchantee, Woo Me, Flaunting It


shopmaclipsticksWoo Me

shopmackissablelsFlaunting It

If you’ve never used Kissable Lipcolour from MAC before, it’s not quite like your standard gloss. It’s more like a liquid lipstick, as it has great color payoff, and is creamy and not the least bit sticky. The lipsticks are all nice and creamy too, and both products will last for hours on the lips.
My favorite colors here are Innocence, Beware!, Watch me Simmer, Enchantee, and Woo Me.

Available for $14.50 (Lipsticks) and $19 (Kissable Lipcolour) from MAC Cosmetics.

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  1. Tamsin says

    I agree with your favourites, I really want them! I’ve wanted Woo Me since it came out with Peacocky but never managed to get it

  2. Keshia says

    I really love the color of “Enchantee”!

  3. Kassie says

    I love Watch me simmer and Enchantee :D

  4. Nik says

    Yup this has shown me that I have to get watch me simmer. Amzing colour.
    Thanks for the swatches

  5. Kay says

    Ooh so want watch me simmer! Not available in the UK yet!! Hope it comes it here! The Miss Piggy collections only just come out here!

  6. Dreams That Glittersxoxo says

    Ooooh I remember Innocence Me from a previous collection I swear….Fafi?! Anyway, all of them are stunning your swatches are the best.


    1. Ariana says

      Innocence Beware! is from venomous villains and Woo Me is from Peacocky I think

  7. Emi at Project Swatch says

    Watch me Simmer is beautiful! I’m glad to hear the Kissable lipcolor isn’t sticky and is more like a liquid lipstick – I can’t deal with gloss, but liquid lipstick is right up my alley.

  8. Sarah S. says

    I love (love!) Watch Me Simmer and Dish It Up. I don’t really wear lipstick unless I’m going somewhere nice, but those are really great. And even more than the lipsticks, the packaging is what would draw me to these. Chartreuse is my favorite color, and as a girl who wears orange/purple/green pants regularly, the boxes really make me go, “Whoa!”

  9. Courtney Mellark says

    I LOVE Beware. One of my favorite MAC colors of all time.

  10. Danish says

    Ooh, I reallly like Dish it Up :3

  11. Roxie Roulette says

    Oh my word! I am in love with Watch Me Simmer, Dish It Up, and Runway Red!

  12. Rachel says

    I’ll take one of each, please :)

  13. Justine says

    You said you had never tried the kissable lip colors, but looking back on some old posts shows you did. You bought woo me and one other color from the Peacocky collection back in January of last year. Must have forgotten that?

  14. Simone says

    loving Watch Me Simmer, Runway Red, Enchantee and the packaging. MAC always has cute packaging :)

  15. Larissa says

    I got “Watch Me Simmer” today and although it looks a lot different on my lips than on yours (which by the ways are perfect!:) ) I really like it. (It’s much more pink)

    Just a little info: These lipstick cost 28 Swiss Franks here in Switzerland. Which would be slightly more if converted to US Dollars. So you guys don’t just have more beauty brands, they’re also a lot cheaper! Not fair!! ;)

  16. Joanna M says

    Gorgeouss!!!! Love them all..

  17. Jessiica says

    So, I was watching for a second or third time (hehe) the First Impressions MAC Peacock and Champ-ale. Enchant e and Woo me are also included in that collection. May have been mentioned or noticed but I thought I would share!

    I also bought those two colours as well as Runway Red, Dish it up and Flaunting it. I love them all! The lip colours are easy to wear to work, whenever or when you have a flashy looking going on.

    Either way all are gorgeous and I want more! aha

    Thanks Leesha for your -amazing-ness-!


  18. Valerie39 says

    ahhhhhh flaunting it is sooooo amazin

  19. Andie says

    Does anyone have any advice as far as obtaining a ¬†limited edition product from one of these launches? I missed out on Watch Me Simmer this time, and I won’t do it again. I just need advice!

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