Shimmering Shamrock St. Patrick’s Day Look

Hi guys! Here is my latest tutorial, which was much requested- a look for St. Patricks day! I really like this look because it’s all matte except for the center color, so it really gives the look a full look and something unexpected :) Hope you enjoy it!!







Products Used:


elf eyeshadow primer
  • CS14: Cool Shimmer 14 (acid green shimmer)
  • BHCM17: Cool Matte 17 (lime green matte)
  • BHMM04: Metallic Matte 04 (dark olive green matte)
  • BHCM14: Cool Matte 14 (acid green matte)
  • WS12: Warm Shimmer 12 (Light buttery shade used on browbone)
MAC Jealous Power Eye Kohl
Kat Von D Liquid Liner
Fairy Drops Mascara
Illamasqua Torture Sheer Lipgloss




  1. me says

    you look like tinkerbelle! :D love the new hair

  2. Sophie says

    Very pretty and bright. I like it a lot :)

  3. Shelle says

    I have a request, everytime i watch the trailer of sucker punch i think of you cuz you remind me of the leading lady. Could you do a tutorial, its mainly her eyes are so intense with lashes and such…almost reminds me of the tron one but with less shadow. I understand if its too similar but whatever shes gorgeous and looks like she could be your doppleganger.

    1. Sydney says

      i love this look it is really awesome

    2. Kristy says

      Agreed on the look but I would like to see something on all of the girl’s looks from that movie … and this is great for lighter tones, but I would like to see variations of the same look that could work for warmer tones.

  4. evelyn says

    i love love green!!nd im loving this look!!!!& love your hair cut!!

  5. Vijaya says

    You look AMAZING in green. Also, I like your hair. Did you get it cut?

  6. Kristen says

    awesome! yesterday i posted looks on my fb because i couldnt decide if i wanted to do my makeup for tomorrow smoky or bright! everyone liked the bright one better, it looked very similar to this but w/a little yellow & im thinking of adding sum glitter. thanks for being such an inspiration.. YOU ROCK!!

  7. Kim says

    Wow you used something other than Too Faced Shadow Insurance lol! :) I love the look tho, can’t wait to try it out tomorrow.

  8. Katie says

    This is an amazing tutorial! :] Definitely made me excited for St. Patrick’s Day / Spring.

    You look absolutely gorgeous with your haircut as well.

  9. Morgan says

    Did you cut your hair or is it just pulled back? I love the look!

  10. Alison says

    holy crap that last picture of you reminds me A LOT of Frankie from the show Lip Service.

  11. Maria says

    How did the elf eyeshadow primer do? Was it any good?

    1. Delane says

      I second this. I’m sure it’s a lot cheaper that Two-Faced, which I LOVE.

  12. Kaitlyn says

    green looks GORGEOUS on you! i’ve always thought blondes looked great in green, though. love the look!

  13. Marcy says

    Leesha, I looove your haircut! mine looked alot like that when I chopped 14 inches off in December. It’s grown in quite a bit and I’m itching to cut it off again. Nice eye look, too! =)

  14. Mackenzie says

    I noticed you used Sigma brushes and it made me excited because that’s what I use. Do you plan on doing a review on them?
    Also I love the look :)

  15. CHRISTINE says

    OMG OMG OMG YOUR HAIR. YOU. ARE. THE. CUTEST. person. ever. you are my favorite. I can’t stand it. Tomorrow I have an interview at MAC and I am going to use this eyeshadow look!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T GET OVER YOUR HAIR I LOVE IT.

  16. Evelyn says

    i can’t get over how cute your hair is!

  17. Michelle says

    The look is amazing! I love the vibrance of it!:)

  18. Jane says

    your hair is friggen gorgeous. ive spent all this time growing mine from when i cut it short and now i want it off again.

  19. Tash says


  20. Angela130 says

    YAY for the website having 20% off for St. Patrick’s Day!

  21. Dagmar says

    Wow! Your hair looks so awesome! Just great! And of course the tutorial is very pretty!

  22. Allie says

    awesome look! saw it on facebook this morning and did it before work! thanks for the inspiration!! <3 <3 <3

  23. Mary says

    This looks awesome!!
    Did you get new brushes??


  24. Alex says

    it’s very…nope no way to say this nicely, you look like shrek.

  25. Becky says

    I love ELF’s primer. I use the studio line that has the eyeliner sealer. I used it the other day at a concert in Mesa, AZ and it was HOT in the room, i was sweating, and it was 3-4 hours long, but when i got home my eye makeup had no crease and it didn’t fade at all. not bad for $3 primer :)

  26. Charisa says

    so cute!! I love this look. and did you get a haircut? it looks really nice! :)

  27. Charisa says

    oh yea duh you got a haircut, thats like the first thing you say in the video lol

  28. farah says

    your hair is fantastic!!!

  29. lily says

    Wow! on the last picture (well all of them but the last especially) You look amazing!

    I LOVE the new hair ,you make a very beautiful blonde :) xxx

  30. Julie says

    pretty look. Your hair looks so awesome.

  31. chloe says


  32. Laura B says

    I love the matte looks! It looks like you went a tiny but over board on the highlight color, but I over all love this. And the hair looks tres beautiful.

  33. Chris says

    This is such a fun look! and love the new hair cut :)

  34. caroline says

    I need help! How do I make my eyes look bigger in only 5-10 min!?!?

    1. caroline says

      I have blue-grey eyes, if that would help:) <3

  35. Roxanne says

    Hola =]
    How does the ELF hold up? Is it worth buying?

  36. Kelly says

    Why are you plugging BH Cosmetics all of a sudden? I thought you were over private label companies?

  37. Vikusha says

    The cats in the background are cute~~ T^T I remember when my father’s new wife had a white cat. I was only 4 year old… so i found his wife’s cosmetic in her drawer O_o caught a cute white soft cat [it was resting on the couch,… poor cat.. was a victim from my evil doing.. I was only thinking to make him look pretty].. xD and painted it with her cosmetic. ._. she was shocked to see her cat rainbow color. ;( now that I’m older, i regret painting a cat with cosmetic( Lipstick, powders, blush, eyeshadow). I don’t know what happened to it. she probably hid him from me when i was coming over. Come to think of it.. the cosmetic drawer disappeared too, along with a very long big mirror on the wall.

    I want a cute cat.. -.- my parents will not allow me to own one yet. [cuz we live in apartment]

    Sorry for the off topic, but the cats in the background reminded me about the past. xD cat+ cosmetic.

    I like how you did your eyes. You are pretty. You look like my mother’s friend. But you are much younger and prettier. :) Also her hair is red orange, and she has freckles on her cheeks.[She is beautiful too for her age] Only facial features are similar.

    Oo mom’s friend does not wears make up, or i just don’t see.

    I don’t think green color will suit me. :( But i will try it out. ( my eyes are red-brown Chesnut color, hair is dark brown)

    I think an orange color might suit me.

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