Sephora + Pantone Universe Elemental Energy Eye Shadow Palette

Last week I went to Sephora for the first time in a looooong time, and this palette was the reason! I saw it on Sephora’s website, and it had really good reviews, and it was super intriguing. I went in to the store and tested out the colors and was really happy with the pigmentation I was getting, so I decided to get it! The theme here is the Elements, and each element is represented with a section of four shadows- Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Below I have photos of each of those sections, along with swatches. 

Pantone Elements 1Pantone Elements 2Earth: Pebble, Emerald, Ginger Snap, RawhidePantone Elements 4Pebble, Emerald, Ginger Snap, Rawhide

The Earth section of this palette has, as you would probably assume, green and brown shades (like the earth, omg!). The pigmentation here is nice. Pebble, the first shade, is a really, really strange color that I can’t decide what I want to do with it.  Emerald is gorgeous, sparkly goodness. Ginger Snap is a great matte taupe-brown. Rawhide is a super shimmery copper.

Pantone Elements 3Air: Murmur, Mushroom, Sea Fog, NutmegPantone Elements 3Murmur, Mushroom, Sea Fog, Nutmeg

The Air section has lots of light, beautiful shades. Murmur is showing up in my swatch as very silver, but in person its definitely more white. The blue in the shade isn’t as prominent as I would have liked, its very subtle. Mushroom is another odd shade you don’t see very often- it’s a light matte gray that almost reminds me of the clay you would use to make pots. Sea Fog is a lilac? Not sure who thought of that name, but the color is really nicely pigmented. Nutmeg is one shade here that the shade name is spot on with the swatch color and texture!

Pantone Elements 4Fire: Dawn, Potter’s Clay, Crabapple, Aztec

Pantone Elements 2Dawn, Potter’s Clay, Crabapple, Aztec

The Fire section is my favorite of the palette! Dawn is a perfect light beige matte that I will use a TON as a brow bone shade. Potter’s Clay is a super vibrant orange with a gold sparkle. Crabapple is a peachy pink with shimmer, and Aztec is a satin taupe.

Pantone Elements 5Water: Blue Fog, Iron, Cendre Blue, Teal Blue

Pantone Elements 1Blue Fog, Iron, Cendre Blue, Teal Blue

The Water section is probably the most difficult section of this palette- matte blues are always kinda stubborn and it shows here. Blue fog is a light, airy blue shimmer, Iron is a medium gray satin, Cendre blue is a matte mid tone blue, and Teal blue is a sparkly teal green. Crendre Blue is by far my least favorite shade here, as it didn’t pick up evenly and is one of those shades you just know will be harder to work with. 


This set is sold for $38, which breaks it down to costing less than $2.50 per color. I really like the shades in this palette and the designs on the shadows that represent their element. I’ve always liked the look and feel of Pantone Universe packaging, with its removable, magnetic clear cover. I think this palette is something to look in to if you have liked Pantone Universe shadows in the past, and I think it’d be a really fun gift for a makeup lover!


Available for $38 from Sephora.

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  1. Kenzie Woods says

    Oh my! This looks so fun! I really don’t need any more eye shadow but that price is hard to beat! I’m definitely going to check this one out. xx

  2. Christina Murphy says

    I bought this during the summer and I love it! Would you mind doing a couple looks from it?

  3. Sara says

    I am always drawn to every single new beauty product. Even if it’s something i don’t need or won’t use, i always have that “i want that” feel. But never with pantone. For whatever reason, none of their products is attractive to me. I don’t care for the shades, color combination, even the quality has never intrigued me.

  4. Quyne KayVi says

    Omg if you make Avatar: The Last Airbender themed looks, 4 for each nation, I will love you more than Ialready do! :D This is a request :3

  5. Kathleen Ann Coleman says

    These look fabulous! I really want this set. :D

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