Sephora Disney Jasmine Storylook Palette

The next Princess to have a Storylook collection from Sephora is Princess Jasmine, who happens to be my 2nd favorite princess (next to Ariel, who I have been told will be the next Storylook princess for Fall 2013, yes!!!) The second I saw this palette online I had to get it, and I’m glad I did- it’s gorgeous! The packaging, shadows, blush and bronzer are all beautiful and absolutely fit the whole Aladdin, Arabic theme. Check it out!


SephoraJasmine 37 Cardboard box packaging. Even this is beautiful, especially with the foiled gold parts!SephoraJasmine 36 Colors on the back of cardboard packaging show the shades as magic lamps.SephoraJasmine 35 Actual packaging. I ADORE this. the black plastic is layered above the image, so you get some depth, and jasmine looks amazing!

SephoraJasmine 34SephoraJasmine 33 “You’re only in trouble if you get caught” on the top of the box.SephoraJasmine 32 Cute tassel for pulling out the shadows.SephoraJasmine 31 The inner box is pink and  shiny, and the shadows themselves are removable, so you could use the box for  jewelry or small items. SephoraJasmine 30SephoraJasmine 29SephoraJasmine 28SephoraJasmine 27

Here are close up shots of the shades and swatches. All swatches are on bare skin with no base.

SephoraJasmine 26SephoraJasmine 25SephoraJasmine 7 Blue Oasis, Trust Me

SephoraJasmine 6 Abu, Ali Ababwa, Sultana

SephoraJasmine 24SephoraJasmine 23SephoraJasmine 5 Friend Like Me, Master

SephoraJasmine 4 Cosmic, Cave of Wonders, Sand in the Glass

SephoraJasmine 22SephoraJasmine 21SephoraJasmine 3 Lapis, Mystical Wonder

SephoraJasmine 2 Rajah, Arabian Sunset, Bazaar

SephoraJasmine 19SephoraJasmine 20SephoraJasmine 1 Thrilling Chase, Golden Sands


Honestly, I love everything about this palette. The colors, the pigmentation, the shadow names.. its great and really captures the movie and Jasmine to me. I gotta say I love that Sephora is doing these palettes and I am so pumped for Ariel, I can’t even explain.

Available for $55 from Sephora.
If you Check out through Ebates you can get 8% Cashback.

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  1. Ashlee Pomeroy says

    This palette is so gorgeous! That’ss so awesome they’re coming out with Ariel! She’s my favorite! I kinda wish it was this summer though ^.^ I feel like her palette will be beautiful summery beach-y colors~! :)

  2. lisa says

    omg so beautiful, such a shame that we dont get sephora in uk cause i want :( xx

  3. Morgan says

    which other Disney girls are they doing?

  4. Alexis Colon says

    I haven’t tried any powder makeup from sephora’s line (shadows, blushes) that I like. I actually can’t stand them at all, but this palette is too damn cute I might get it anyway.

  5. Lily Seymour says

    Just wondering could you recommend a graphic artist, your backgrounds are awesome, I just made YT full partner and wanted some graphics done for my blog and YT channel, i’m an over 50’s beauty blogger, thanks in advance!

  6. Monica Garza says

    I’ve been dying for Ariel since I found out about her in August! The Jasmine collection is gorgeous & so was Cinderella. ♥

  7. Jamie Rose says

    This palette is magical. I need it! I am right there with you about the Ariel one. I can’t wait! She’s my absolute favorite. Maybe we’ll get Belle after her, I hope!

  8. Jessica Stepp says

    This is gorgeous!!! I’m sooooo incredibly excited about Ariel! I will buy every product they make of her!!!

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