Sephora Disney Ariel Collection: Set the Mood Mirror

A really great piece from the Ariel collection from Sephora was probably this- the Set the Mood Mirror. It is gorgeous- the attention to detail and design on the outside of the compact, the colors.. its a beautifully made piece. If you are an Ariel fan like myself, this is a no brainer buy. Unfortunately, it sold out online extremely fast, but you still have a chance to pick it up when Ariel hits Sephora stores later in August (I don’t have an exact date, sorry!) Check out more photos below!

ArielCompact 4ArielCompact 3ArielCompact 1ArielCompact 2


The compact comes with two mirrors, a regular and a 2x zoom mirror. The regular mirror has a quote- “You’ve got to be you” on it.  I have voiced my opinion that I don’t think this is the most appropriate quote for Ariel- I understand what they were going for, I just think it could have been worded better, but overall the compact is too pretty for that to keep me from liking it :) This mirror costs $20, which is definitely steep for a simple compact mirror, but like I mentioned before if you are an Ariel fan, it’s totally a collectors item.

Available for $20 from Sephora (in stores!).

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  1. Ada Strauss says

    Wow, so pretty! I’m not really fussy when it comes to compact mirrors (mine was like $3 from Forever 21), but this one is so beautiful it’s definitely worth the buy. And I think for a big Ariel fan (such as yourself), it’s definitely worth it.

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  2. katt says

    “You got to be you” is actually a song from the Little Mermaid the TV show. Sebastian sings it. If you search “little Mermaid you got to be you” on YouTube, it will be the first hit.
    Once you hear it, the quote on the mirror makes a lot more sense.

  3. Bella says

    Considering that the Cinderella ones went for as high as $250 on eBay, $20 is nowhere near steep. When these sell out in stores, I bet they’re gonna shoot up in price too.

  4. Gil says

    I asked an associate at my local Sephora if they already had them in stock, and she said they did. She told me they tried to scan them out but the system didn’t even recognize them – guess we’ll have to keep waiting!

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