Senna Cosmetics Product Swatches

(I hope you guys like post overload, I’m SOO behind on blog posts that I’m trying to catch up.. and spacing them out is not my forte, sorry!)

I got some Senna Cosmetics in my IMATS Gift bag from the Guru Summit, so I was all for trying out some more! I still have to do a post about that palette, but in the mean time here are some lip and eye/cheek colors :)



Valentina is so pretty! Garnet and lush are also very pretty and wearable, they would be beautiful paired together.



Blend is the TINIEST bit darker than my skintone, but it’s very very subtle, to the point you probably didn’t even know there was an eyeshadow there until you saw a name under it :) Hue is a cheek color, and fixation is GORGEOUS, reminds me a bit of if MAC’s Humid and Swimming were combined.

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  1. Rikki says:

    I know it’s not good to judge a product on it’s packaging.. but..
    I really, REALLY hate it. It reminds me of yellowing plastic or Ivory I find in my grandmothers bathroom.

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