RiRi Hearts MAC: RiRi Woo Lipglass

The lip glass in this collection is RiRi Woo, a cool red cream. If you have the RiRI Woo lipstick, this is a much soften, less opaque version. It’s a blue based red that has a light texture. It applies fairy see-through, so if you are hesitant to go full on bold red like the lipstick version of this, the lip glass might be a better alternative because you will get that red hue without it being overwhelming. The formula here is cream, so it is less sticky than your average MAC Lipglass in my opinion. Also worth mentioning, the packaging is just lovely- rose gold cap with Rihanna’s signature and the cool RiRi Hearts MAC Logo. LOVE the packaging on this collection, if you couldn’t tell! :)

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Available for $16.50 from MAC Cosmetics- September 26th in MAC Stores, Online September 30th, and Counters October 3rd.




  1. Marisela Bennett says


  2. Ebony J says

    It’s pretty in the container but it’s a little too sheer for me (:

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