Revlon Lip Butters- Creamsicle, Peach Parfait, Sweet Tart

I’m sure you’ve heard the hype about these Revlon Lip Butters- I sure did, so I had to see what they were all about :) Here are the first three I bought (I recently got two more, review to follow!) along with what I think of them!


revlonLBCreamsicle Lip Butter

revlonLBCreamsicle Lip Butter

revlonLBPeach Parfait Lip Butter

revlonLBPeach Parfait Lip Butter

revlonLBSweet Tart Lip Butter

revlonLBSweet Tart Lip Butter

revlonLBCreamsicle (top) Peach Parfait (middle) Sweet Tart (bottom)

revlonLBCreamsicle Lip Butter

revlonLBPeach Parfait Lip Butter

RevlonLBSweet Tart Lip Butter


These are one product that totally live up to the hype- they rock! They are nice and smooth and lush, super moisturizing, and have nice color payoff. Peach Parfait goes on a lot lighter than you would think, but I still like the way it looks on me. A lot of lip colors are either full of color payoff but can be drying, or are moisturizing but are sheer. These seem to be a happy medium- they don’t have CRAZY color payoff (and I doubt many would want that), but still have decent color, and feel great on. I would definitely recommend checking these out, especially if your lips tend to be on the dry side.

Available for around $7.50 each at Ulta and Drugstores.

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  • Candi

    going to buy this in Sweet Treat first thing tomorrow. =) it looks AMAZING! thanks for the review, Leesha. =)

  • Samiee

    I looove the Sweet Treat! I am going to have to pick that up!

  • Calla

    they cost $12.50 each here in newfoundland :( I bought 2 so that’s 25 dollars there…..I guess i’ll have to wait til they go on sale to get more! Gorgeous colors.

    • Kristin

      You can get them from for $8.99 each & free shipping within Canada :)

  • Rachel

    Great review!! I think it’s sweet tart instead of sweet treat though. :)

  • Ivy

    Is that sweet tart rather than sweet treat?

  • fayha

    leesha! beautiful! but question why does it say this was posted on jan 13th? is the time and date settings messed up. lol just thouught id let you know.


    • Paige

      um… it is january 13th…….

      • Rachael

        It’s jan 12th here in Ohio lol so I would assume its the same in Texas lol well it’s a little after midnight now so it’s technically the 13th

        • Courtney

          The timing is different in Texas. They are about 3 hours ahead of us… I think…

  • SweetbstingNew

    I got Lollipop and I love it!

  • Pretty Gossip

    OMG… I want to try the Peach Parfait! Here’s the color I tried…

  • Nicki H.

    I’ve been waiting and hoping for swatches of the revlon Lip Butters from you. Of all the gurus I follow, you have the closest skin tone to me. So, swatches on you are the best for me :) So glad you finally did this. Thank you.

  • Diana

    I love these. My favs are Red Velvet, Sugar Plum, and Pink Truffle. I really LOVE Sugar Plum.

  • Sosha

    Love the Lip Butters, something that is hyped that was actually worth the hype. I managed to find three shades after going to three different towns and you don’t want to know how many stores haha. But still trying to find a couple other shades that I really wanted.

  • Christine

    These look amazing, really want to try these out. Loving your swatches :) Xoxo, Christine♥

  • Nicole

    wow, they are so beautiful! completely different than i expected..

  • Angelica

    OMG! These look so moisterizing!! I have to get these. I have really full lips so wearing really good lipstick with INTENSE color pay-off kinda throw my face off! aha

  • Lauren

    These are TOTALLY the 3 I would buy. Great swatches!

  • Lindsay

    I really like Sweet Tart! Unfortunately, my Ulta was sold out of most colors. I was only able to pick up Tutti Frutti and Strawberry Shortcake.

  • steph

    i have the raspberry pie shade, just fyi- it is the one shade that is very intense, like a lipstick. it’s really pretty, though!

  • Zoe

    Can’t decided between peach parfait and sweet tart, these are gorgeous Leesha!

  • http://n/a Shelby Ashlynn

    So pretty! i love how the color looks on the lips, not as dark as i thought it would be thankfully!

  • Angelica

    just got the strawberry smoothie! woooo!!

    • Angelica

      Lol ah! I meant BERRY SMOOTHIE. :)

      • Mateo

        January 26, 2009 Ang mean naman nun. Ano sanbsiai niyo sa kanila? Murahin niyo nang Tagalog. LOL

      • oalwpihnhm

        9GC3FE ibfpvmywwadm

  • Stephanie

    I got one of these in Lollipop and I love the color, a deep bright pink. The only thing is, it makes my lips peel after wearing it for a while… When I initially apply it feels great. but a few hours in my lips get dry and peel. It’s pretty weird considering these are supposed to be balm-like. I’ll wear it anyway because I love the color, but idk if I’d buy more colors.

  • Becky

    I just bought peach parfait and red velvet over the weekend and I really love both of them. I have a lip gloss that is dark, but only lightly tinted and I put that over the red velvet to give it some sparkle and it was super pretty!! I’m glad you reviewed these because I really like them now! ^-^

  • M1zzBadF1sh

    I have Creamsicle and LOVE it! I’d definitely recommend it. It goes on so creamy and pigmented. I look so soft and delicate when I rock it!

  • Faith G.

    I bought peach parfait, and love it!!! I’m hoping to get creamsicle, and strawberry shortcake really soon :)

  • Blair

    I bought Sweet Tart today and <3 it :)

  • Anastasiya

    Sweet tart looks amazing on you!! I might have to get it :)

  • Ali

    I just bought Creamsicle today and I love it!! At first I was worried that the shade might turn out to pale on my medium skin, but it looks great! I really want to buy more colors now! Great review :)

  • Sugarcrusted

    I was searching for swatches of the lip butter, I must say the peach parfait looks so perfect on your lips.. I got seduced to your site because of that photo of your lips :P