Review: Queen Helene's Grape Seed Extract Peel Off Masque

So while I was gone in MA to visit my friend Brooke, I got a whole load of packages (coming home was like Christmas morning! woohoo!) and one was a big order I placed from Head2ToeBeauty. With that order I bought a bunch of new ChinaGlaze polishes and some Color Club, but also quite a few Ardell lashes and a bunch of Queen Helene masks. The Mint Julep masque is such a cult fave, I wanted to try out the other masques and see how they held up. Today, I tried out the Grape Seed Extract Peel off masque.


I applied this to a clean face, and the first real thing I noticed was the really weird texture. the texture of the masque reminds me of melted gummy bears, as weird as that sounds! its liquid but sticky and kinda pulls like taffy, if that makes sense.

The smell isn’t too bad, I couldn’t really smell it on my skin once it was applied. I applied this all over my face but really concentrated on areas I knew needed it, like my chin and nose. You leave it on for 10 minutes until it dries, and instead of your face looking like you dipped it in Vaseline, it gives off more of a glassy look.

Once its all the way dry, you simply peel it off, starting at the jawline and working upwards. I gotta say though, pulling it off is weird! It doesn’t hurt, it kinda feels like pulling weak tape off your face. The weird part is that when you’re peeling the masque off, it kinda looks like you’re peeling off a layer of skin. eeek!

Once it’s off though, I can definitely feel a difference in my skin, it feels much more refreshed and smooth. I’ll definitely keep using this one and hopefully will see some noticeable results!


  1. Natasha says

    This sounds like a fun little masque! I’ve never tried one before, but I might actually give this one a go! Thanks for the review!!

  2. Norah says

    I love the Queen Helene products :) Haven’t tried this masque out, yet. The Pomegranate exfoliating scrub is really good :)

  3. Elaine says

    I have this too and use it all the time! another cheaper option that is almost exactly the same is the white elmers glue. You put a layer on your face and peel it off just like this stuff.

  4. Veronica says

    is it availble at drugstores? like the Mint julep Mask

    1. Elaine says

      yes i got mine at a drugstore

  5. Laura says

    The first time I did one of these peel off masks I thougth it was super crazy feeling as well! I made sure to ball up the “layer of skin” in the trash because it looked awful odd staring back at me! LOL! I like peel off masks tho, so I may have to give this one a go! I didn’t know they sold them on Head2Toe! I was getting ready to order from them and will add this product! :) Thanks!!!

  6. Roxy says

    Fabulous, thanks Leesha. I love QH products, the cocoa/shea butter is my best friend during the winter months here in Texas.

  7. Queen Helene says

    I have both the Mint Julep and the Grape Seed Masque at home. Love them both. You can get a coupon for $1.00 off any Queen Helene product by following the link below. Pass it on to friends. Enjoy!

  8. Zibbyloo2 says

    I have this same exact stuff. I love it! I think I will go use some right now haha. Thanks for making this review!!

  9. melissa says

    uhhh did someone really say to put elmers glue on your face!?!?!? what in the…yes, its the same effect as in it peels off…am I the only one that thinks that is insane! hahaha wow…

    1. Elaine says

      Yep elmers glue i thought the same thing when i heard it from someone else and then i looked it up and tried it and it worked out fine. Its non-toxic and washable so i figured whats the worst that could happen. Just another (very) cheap alternative.

  10. i_rox_my_sox says

    i used to have a grape seed extract peel too… it kinda looked like tht one but i know it wasn’t… anyway wat i wnted to say was tht i was looking at the ingredents cuz i was bored one day… and it had cat pee in it… how gross…ewwwwwwwwwww… but i was wondering if cat pee was actually good for ur skin i dnt know if u wuld know but if u do thx mady<3

  11. Ange says

    for an even cheaper alternative, try using a beaten egg white. Let it dry without cracking and then peel or wash off. I have this product (it was an impulse purchase at Ulta) and it’s ok. Hasn’t done anything great, but hasn’t irritated my skin.

  12. Fair S. says

    Yeah… that weird melted gummy bear texture is common with the milder peel off masks. They have a higher water content to their polyvinyl alcohol- which is the key ingredient in most peel off masks.
    This is why I LOVED Freeman’s Totally Juicy Line. It smelled great and worked fabulously. It was mucho stronger- not at all wimpy gummy bear like. Some people complained that it “hurt” when you removed it- But this was usually more common among those who NEVER exfoliated. So, yeah for those that had massive amounts of build up -at first it might have been a tad tough- but after that it was n’big ting. And the results were A-MA-ZING.
    I’ve tried so many different kinds. And most work in some capacity. However, I can tell you without qualm, the only one to really AVOID is Freeman’s Cucumber, Melon & Ginseng. 1st, it reeks to high heaven… so badly that it stings more sensitive eyes and noses like intense chlorine vapours. 2cnd, it has this semi-uncomfortable burning cold menthol-like sensation… which I am not alone in disliking. 3rd and finally, it’s so weak that it’s little better than if you smacked a bit o’ saran wrap on your face.

  13. Cindy Thorrington Haggerty says

    I use this product with great satisfaction. I was worried about finding somewhere to buy it again so I came on line and found you website. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I am 53 and am starting to show some signs of lines. I get wonderful complements on my skin a lot and most people at my age have lots more than I. I use this product when getting ready to go out somewhere because it deminshes the lines to almost totally gone. I would recommed this product to anyone and found that it cleanses the skin and tightens it more that most beauty products. IT IS WORTH GETTING AND TRYING IT FOR SURE… LOVE IT…

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