Red Carpet Report: SAG Award Looks from Lea Michele, Tina Fey, Sarah Hyland, Amy Adams, and Mila Kunis

I’m not sure if this is something that would interest you, but I figured I’d post :) I completely forgot to watch the SAG awards, but I did get emails about each of these actresses looks for the event. Let me know if posts like this, about what makeup celebrities are wearing, is something you guys would like to see more posts on :)


Lea Michele SAGs.jpgimage003.png

Tina Fey SAG Awards.jpgimage002.png
Sarah Hyland SAG Awards.jpgimage003.png
Amy Adams SAG Awards.jpgimage003.png
Mila Kunis SAG Awards.JPGimage003.png


  1. derrr says

    i like these posts, i would totally not be opposed to them once in a while!

  2. Scarlett says

    Love this idea! Please do some more! I also love the Mila Kunis look, she’s insanely sexy!

  3. aveira says

    i’d love to see these kind of posts more often.

    mila’s look is soo awesome!

    1. Jessica says

      I loved her makeup too! And her dress!!!

  4. Jessica says

    LOVE! keep on doing it :).

    1. asllove17 says

      i looooooove her 2

  5. asllove17 says

    if zprakage sees this comment pliiiis reply

  6. Jai says

    Mila looks amazing.. love that look!

  7. Jena says

    I love Amy Adams =]

  8. Zooey Franny says

    Lea Michele, Sarah Hyland and Mila Kunis for the win! Their makeup, hair and outfit were amazing!

    BTW, you spelled Lea Michele wrong in the title. Only one “L”. I wouldn’t mind these posts once in awhile :)

    1. Leesha says

      oops, thanks!

  9. Jessica says

    YES! Would love more “What Celebs Are Wearing” posts – maybe even some about what they wear on regular days – like what’s in their makeup bag! Thank you :-)

  10. Jessica Figueroa says

    Hi Leesha! I absolutely LOVE posts about Celebs. I always look at for what they wear, etc. Awards season is my fave because they all look SO stunning! Definiteily keep these posts coming!!

    Also, Mila Kunis was on the cover of Cosmo in January. I LOVED her eye makeup…I don’t know how to show you a pic, but I am sure you could see it if you google it!

    Keep on being awesome! xoxo

    1. Jessica Figueroa says

      I might wanna spell right..*defnitely

      1. Jessica Figueroa says

        I STILL spelled it wrong…sheesh I think it’s time for bed. one more time…*definitely

  11. Rachel says

    Can you do a tutorial for Lea Michele”s?? lol I love her make up all the time :)

  12. Evi says

    Love it love it love it (:
    especially Mila Kunis’
    thank you ;D

  13. polegar says

    don’t you just love that any of these women needed a hint of concealer, nor even a bit of powder? wow, they are really super, flawless people ;))))
    xpartage, if YOU like it, why not having it once in a while?

    1. polegar says

      xparkage, not xpartage. geez, Leesha :)

  14. ClaireBear says

    Love this idea!
    Thank you<3

  15. By Celina says

    Mila Kunis looks stunning, love the smokey eyes!

  16. Alex says

    I love that Kandee Johnson does this and it would be awesome if you did a series of celeb makeup looks. For instance, I know they’re not exactly celebs, but I do take screenshots of looks I adore when watching The Hills episodes-Stephanie Pratt has this trick of always using a bold blue liner on her lower lashline/waterline that makes her blue eyes pop.
    I’ve also been begging other gurus for awhile to recreate some Katie Melua music video makeup. She’s so naturally beautiful she doesn’t need much to begin with (seriously if I could pick my looks before birth I’d have chosen to be her!) but it just makes her eye makeup stand out so much more. Music video suggestions for cool makeup-Two Bare Feet, It’s Only Pain, A Happy Place. Especially the first two.

  17. Tracee says

    Mila Kunis is sooooo pretty.

  18. Freida says

    I love Lea Michele’s look! Her face looks like it’s glowing and it’s such a natural look. Thank you for posting!

  19. Pamela says

    Please do some more! Absolutely love this.

    1. Arry says

      I really wish there were more aticrels like this on the web.

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