Quorra Tron Inspired Makeup Tutorial










Tron2 1

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
120 palette #3 felt blue & robins egg blue, mixed
MAC Silver Ring
MAC Print
Inglot Matte Black #63
MAC Smolder Eye Kohl
MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl
MAC Vellum Eyeshadow
Kat Von D Black Liquid Liner
Miss Adoro #66 Lashes
Makeup Forever Smokey Lash Mascara

MAC Briar Rose Beauty Powder
MAC Soar Lipliner
ELF Pouty Pink Mineral Lipstick
MAC Resort Life Lip Gelee



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  1. Vijaya says

    That’s sooooo super pretty. I love it!

  2. :) says

    NICE !!!! :)

  3. Chris says

    Fabulous as always!

  4. Tamsin says

    Love the lips for this look :D x

  5. Phyrra says

    Lovely! I cut my hair in a similar style to hers because I found it adorable :)

  6. Lindsey says

    Why is there a line on her nose in the Face Chart?

    1. Leesha says

      its supposed to represent the middle of her nose i believe, because the sides arent there on a blank one

  7. Nancy says

    I tried to this look for tonight but she’s not using the bh cosmetics #2 palette it’s actually the #3 Sucks!!!

  8. DarkGlamour17 says

    You should do your bottom eyeliner like that more often! It looks good :)

  9. Madeline says

    Love the look!

  10. Destiny. says

    HELP ME lol i suck with purples. i dont get it. what is it about purple i just cant get it to be pretty. its just UGH so frastrating.

  11. Ariel says

    Your eyebrows look sooooo good!! :D

  12. Alia says


  13. penguin says

    I have tried and failed to get gold and silver to go together without looking crap. You did it, and i shall be using this look, but maybe with a little less make up so high up

  14. Tita says

    I love this look , I think I’m qonna try it . Do you use it to qo out , or was it just for a tutorial ?

  15. Lis says

    @xsparkage Just tried this look on myself, it’s the first dark-ish smokey look I’ve ever done, I’m usually too scared to try something so not neutral. It didn’t come out exactly like yours, or as good, but I really like the way it looks! Your tutorials have really helped me branch out with my makeup. I really enjoy watching them and getting inspired :)

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