April 17, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • Gabi

    I like this post :D I think its a good idea to continue them

  • http://lauraleialee.blogspot.com Laura

    Wow, your hair really does look like it has a life of its own! And it does look very FF-ish, lol. That lip gloss is seriously awesome; love the hot pink! :D

  • Vanessa

    Dance Central! It’s totally a fun and addicting game. I love this look and your hair looks great the way it’s cut!

  • Paige

    I think the color is frenzy or petulant, they are similar

    • http://www.xsparkage.com leesha

      im thinking it miiiight be Frenzy, based on temptalias swatches it looks the closest!

  • Kim Teague

    I love reading your blog, you always have such great posts :)

    Question: How do you feel about the Illamasqua intense lipgloss?
    I found one sheer & two intense glosses on Sephora’s website that I like, I just want to pick up one first but I’ve not seen a review on them. Do you feel they are worth the $20 and what is the gloss like (fragrant, highly sticky, etc…)

    • Kim

      Hey Kim,

      I know you’re asking Leesha, but just in case she doesn’t get a chance to answer, the intense lipglosses are stickier than most other lipglosses, and they can’t be just slathered on in 2 seconds. The color is kinda streaky, so you have to make sure your lips are evenly covered when you put them on. The longer you wear them, the stickier they get, and they get to be a little drying as well. They do last a long time however. But depending on your lips they may not be drying, you’ll just have to try one and see.

      OCC lip tars are a lot less expensive, and do the same/better job for a lot less stickiness/dryness in my opinion.

  • http://olgiepolgie.blogspot.com/ Olgie

    I like this kind of post because it’s fun. Please keep doing them!

  • Krystal

    was the lip gloss maybe the “desire” one?

  • Juan

    let’s just say you aren’t exactly cut out for short hair

  • http://ticklemetonks.blogspot.com Sarah

    Can we just TALK about your hair – I’m seeing pictures from The Beauty Social and I’m dying. Ded. It looks redonkulous, SO GOOD. You look freaking incredible.

  • http://www.ihazabeautyblog.com Denise

    Very nice look. I’m in the process of getting my hair to work with me.

  • http://www.phyrra.net Phyrra

    Sometimes just mascara + bright pink lips is awesome. I’ve done it with MAC Candy Yum Yum or Morgana Cryptoria Azalea Blue. Love it :) Love your hair too! You look gorgeous :)

  • Traci

    Love this post and the look is really pretty! The lipgloss kinda looks like indulge. Love the color!

  • http://colourbymakeup.blogspot.com/ Zoe

    Leesha, I love your new short short hair! And that FF-ish hair really suits you, thats what I did when I had hair that short, except it was bright orange! Haha! :P

  • Christina


    I just wanted to mention that hair products giving your hair volume are dangerous for your hair. I’m from germany and some scientists did a study on that. and they tested all kinds of volume hair products. the end result was that all of them had chemicals in there that are highly dangerous for your hair. and some were even supporting cancer.

    Just wanted to let you know ’cause I thought that might be interesting for you!



  • Charisa

    Leesha! I have invisalign and it’s great, much better than regular braces. I had them on top with metal braces on the bottom because they were so bad, but now those are off and I’m waiting for my bottom invisalign to come in. I hope it works out for you to get them!

  • http://glitterdetector.blogspot.com Marta

    I love simple make up looks like this! x

  • http://generodr.blogspot.com Genevieve

    What happened to Dinair? Do you use the OCC makeup in the Dinair compressor?

    • Leesha

      yup! ive done that for a long time :)

  • Melissa

    OCC can be used in the Dinair since they’re both waterbased.

  • sierra

    Your smile looks like my friend Patrick’s smile :) Don’t worry he likes to wear makeup and dress like a girl your both very pretty :) haha

  • larisa_music@yahoo.com

    Leesha, could you do a post about your lighting ? I’m trying to take pictures of my make up but as my lighting sucks, I simply cannot take proper ones. :/

  • Donna

    I love your haircut.


  • Liz

    Leeshhhaa! I wantnto try out occ airbrush foundation, any idea what color i would be if im a mac NW25? thanks hun!

  • Charlotte Ash

    Has anyone ever told you that you have amazing lips? I wish that I could wear lipstick like you can.  

  • rashmi

    hey Leesha .. loveeeee your blog and your looks are just amazingggg :D if am not wrong it is ILLAMASQUA Intense Lipgloss INDULGE … i have 9 of these and find that it is more or less like INDULGE :D 

  • http://barefootinwonderland.blogg.se/ Helena

    Love this look!!