Quick Looks: Late Night Purples


Man, I haaaaate freshly washed hair! it’s such a pain to deal with, at least for my hair! I feel like I have to put 10 pounds of product in to make it do anything. I wish they sold a product that made your hair like a day after washing it. I think that works best for a lot of people :)

Tonight I’m going downtown to see a friend I’ve known since elementary school, who just happens to be in Austin for some reason. I haven’t been downtown in awhile, so it should be fun! I’m realizing now that I’m wearing the same jacket I had on in my last Quick Looks post.. ah well, I like this jacket lol :)

In addition to being clean and annoying, it also photographs way worse than it looks in real life. cool, thanks hair! -____-






The main things used were ingot shadows that I don’t know the names of (a dark purple, medium violet, and then a very light lilac as a highlight) along with a turquoise and light blue on the lower lid. I used MAC Feline Eye Kohl on my waterline and as a base for the dark purple and turquoise shades. I also used Tarte primer and lights, camera, lashes on my lashes, and have MAC She-Zam dazzleglass (i think its a dazzle glass?) on my lips. Cheeks are a lancome bronzer and MAC Ripe Peach blush.

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  1. Misato-san says:

    tutorial, tutorial, tutorial!
    I love this look on you and don’t worry for your hair… same here ._.
    And by the time I get used to them… they are long and strange again XD

  2. Katy says:

    Love this look!! I have pretty much the same hair as you. You should switch back to WEN. I remember you said you used it before and had to use a lot well…now your hair is super short and you can use a lot less. I love it for my platinum hair. Looks so healthy and feels soo soft and I can still style it. If I dont use it I have to use a lot of oil which weights it down, if I didnt use WEN my hair literally turns into dreds because I botched the bleach process last time with too much developer. But the best day after product i use is my Bumble and Bumble Surf spray!! Love it!!

    • Laura says:

      I second this suggestion, when my hair was short Dirt was a life saver. Btw, you look so edgy! It’s such a difference from how you’ve looked in the past but I like it:)

      • MichelleChefNYC says:

        I third this suggestion. I was actually going to post this, but I saw it was already mentioned. I love this stuff, it really does give you that second day look without being greasy looking, and it smells really good. I liked this better when I had long hair, as my current style (a highly structured vintage bob ala Louise Brooks) requires my hair to be really straight and it honestly looks best the “first day”. But
        I will still use it to tame any flyaway hairs and to give extra weight and control to my hair on days when it needs it (expecially as winter looms in NYC)

  3. Victoriah says:

    Try using some dry shampoo, if your problem is your hair being to silky to hold up. It really texturizes, even the cheap Tresemme one!

  4. Heather says:

    I’m going with a thirding(for now that’s a word) the Jonathan brand Dirt…I haven’t used it myself but I’ve heard tell from others that it is a great product.

    I have a hairspray(Not Your Mother’s Hairspray) for texturizing/volume that I just bought two weeks ago…YUCK! Stay away from that! The smell is horrifying.

  5. lisa says:

    have you ever tried a dry shampoo on clean hair? i have a lot of clients that do that..gives your hair much more texture without looking dirty. try it!

  6. dally says:

    lol your hair looks fine! and your makeup is pretty! you sound like my cousin she always go nuts about how her hair don’t look right after washing it and fixing. haha

  7. Julia C says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! You should try OSIS + Dust It for your hair! It makes it really easy to style and it makes your hair super voluminous! You need to try it! It’s seriously amazing stuff.

  8. Erica says:

    I’m chiming in on the dry shampoo on clean hair bandwagon. My stylist recommended this to me, and I thought she was crazy. But now, it’s part of my freshly washed hair routine. Once I blowdry and flat iron, I put in dry shampoo. It adds volume, texture, makes it “style” better, and helps prevent it from getting oily/shiny/greasy BEFORE it normally would (which is when I USED to reach for the dry shampoo). Try it! I use the Beyond the Zone dry shampoo from Sally’s. Best dry shampoo on the market (other than Oscar Blandi, but who can afford $20 a can? lol)

    Oh, and tutorial on this makeup please!

  9. Brooke says:

    LOVE this look..maybe a tutorial if you could, that’d be really cool?! and i think your hair is awesome, although i totally get what you mean about when it’s freshly washed cuz i go through the same thing!

  10. Sam says:

    Hey, I’ve made a blog! Feel free to check it out? You’re my inspiration (I’ve even linked you and credited you in a look I did).

    I love this look! The colours are just too great.

  11. Visagist Vanity says:

    They do sell a product that makes your hair like the day after. It’s called Dirt by Jonathan something or other. I have some that I never use lol…it smells SO good though.

    I actually prefer to use the knock off Sally (Beyond the Zone) version of Powder Play…that stuff is amazing. It REALLY gives your hair some texture

  12. Shayna says:

    Have you tried Johnathan Dirt? It’s a texture paste but it’s not gooey like some are. It saved my life when my hair was your length, haha.

  13. Traci says:

    I will 30th the suggestion for Dirt. I have fine hair, I like to say “kitten hair” because it’s so fine and soft. I also have a similar hair style, and Dirt is a life saver, it gives my hair enough, oomph to look great.

  14. Courtney says:

    I have this stuff from Sally’s that gives your hair that “dirty” texture without actually being dirty. It’s from Beyond The Zone and it’s called Super Sexy – Texturize & Distort Styling Sauce. Love this!

  15. Jordan says:

    i don’t know if you can get Lee Stafford products over in the states, but he has a product called day after spray that makes your hair like day old hair and i use it on my short hair because its really fluffy after i wash it. you can buy it in boots in the uk

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