Quick Look: MAC Pro Longwear Collection

Here’s another new collection from MAC, and (yay!) it looks like all the pieces I have are still available on the website! I’m always excited when that happens :) This is a collection of long wearing eye products, including paint pots and eye liners. Swatches below- I love Clearwater and Chrome Angel!

MACProLongwear 11MACProLongwear 12MACProLongwear 10Layin’ Low Pro Longwear Paint PotMACProLongwear 9Layin’ Low Pro Longwear Paint PotMACProLongwear 8Clearwater Pro Longwear Paint PotMACProLongwear 7Clearwater Pro Longwear Paint PotMACProLongwear 6Chrome Angel Pro Longwear Paint PotMACProLongwear 5Chrome Angel Pro Longwear Paint PotMACProLongwear 4Powerline Pro Longwear Eye LinerMACProLongwear 3Powerline Pro Longwear Eye LinerMACProLongwear 2Devotion Pro Longwear Eye LinerMACProLongwear 1Devotion Pro Longwear Eye Liner

Pro Longwear Paint Pot: $20 Each
Pro Longwear Eye Liner: $19.50 Each

Available from MAC Cosmetics.


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  1. Kathi says

    Hi =) this is the first comment I ever write on a blog but today I must beginn with it. First I love your videos and your blog. Because of you and your way of playing with make up, I decided to start playing with make up too =) I would say that you change my life and I have to thank you so much for it!
    So… to the main reason why I post a comment: thank you for posting this mac collection!
    When I saw the colour of “Devotion Pro Longwear Eye Liner” I “run” to the next (and only =( ) mac store and tried this fabulous green Liner. And it was amazing!!!
    Best wishes Kathi^^

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