Quick Look: MAC Indulge Collection

I know, I know, this collection has been out for around a month now, but I JUST got these and figured better late than never, maybe someone’s counter still has them in stock :/ Anyways, here is a quick post on the products I have from the Indulge Collection. 

MACIndulge 15MACIndulge 12MACIndulge 10Guilty Morsel Eye Shadow (Lustre)MACIndulge 9Three Ring Yellow Eyeshadow (Veluxe Pearl)MACIndulge 11Eat Love Eyeshadow (Satin)

MACIndulge 8Guilty Morsel, Three Ring Yellow, Eat Love

MACIndulge 14Deliciously Rich FluidlineMACIndulge 13Deliciously Rich Fluidline

MACIndulge 2Glamour Feast Cremeblend BlushMACIndulge 1Glamour Feast Cremeblend Blush

MACIndulge 4Smash Hit Dazzle Lipstick, Just a Bite Satin Lipstick, Sweet Succulence Lustre LipstickMACIndulge 3Smash Hit Dazzle Lipstick, Just a Bite Satin Lipstick, Sweet Succulence Lustre LipstickMACIndulge 7Ultimate Dish Lipglass, Fashion Punch Lipglass, Lust for Life LipglassMACIndulge 6Ultimate Dish Lipglass, Fashion Punch Lipglass, Lust for Life Lipglass

Eyeshadows: $15ea
Fluidline: $16ea
Cremeblend Blush: $21ea
Lipstick: $15ea
Lipglass: $15ea

Available from MAC Cosmetics



  1. Lu Rilo says

    Oh Leesha!!! I am SO SO SO annoyed with politics in this stupid country I live in. They will not let companies import products and most of them are not sure if they can stay! MAC for instance has not presented the last 5 collections, the last one we had I believe it was the archie one (if i am not mistaken because I saw it in Europe on my honeymoon, so maybe i am confused) I am sooo pissed you wouldnt believe!!!!
    I loooooove these lipsticks and i want them so much but i can´t buy them!!!
    Love your blog, xoxo from Argentina

  2. Christina M. says

    The eyeshadow colors remind me of Link from Zelda especially how they are postiioned in the second picture, ahahahahaha :D. Cool collection!!!

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