Proactiv Oil Free Moisturizer Review

A common misconception for people with oily skin is that using a moisturizer will enhance the problem, causing skin to become greasier, and having foundation last throughout the day basically a myth. This isn’t necessarily true- constantly stripping the skin of oils by using toners and such can actually make the problem worse, as it tricks your skin into thinking it’s overly dry, which results in even more oil production. Oily skin sufferers need to use a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer that will give the skin the moisture it needs without weighing it down. Proactiv’s Oil Free Moisturizer is the perfect candidate for this job!


proactiv oilfree

proactiv oilfreeproactiv oilfree

This is one of the most lightweight moisturizers I own, and it even seems to help mattify the skin slightly (Not as much as something like Urban Decay DeSlick would, mind you, but it does help). It also is a great primer for your foundation, as well as perfect for daywear because of how light it is, and how quickly it sinks into the skin. This moisturizer also has SPF 15, which is so important for keeping skin looking youthful throughout the years. So if you have issues with oily skin, make sure to use a light-weight, oil free moisturizer in general, but if you are looking for a new one, this one definitely gets the job done!




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  1. Dani says:

    I used to have terrible skin, and proactive actually worked for me, and sort of got rid of my skin problems! I love it. Thank you for this post Leesha, loved your new Years video and ill be submitting my look even though im not doing anything too exciting :) its my birthday and I have to work, so at least I’ll be looking gorgeous!

  2. Teresa says:

    I use this everyday! I have oily skin and this isn’t too thick or heavy. Great moisturizer after doing a salicyclic or latic gel peel!

  3. Meg says:

    I use this every day and it’s amazing! I used to have really oily skin (it’s gotten a bit better the closer I get to being out of my teens) but this is still really the only moisturizer I can use that doesn’t leave me feeling like I have a giant layer of grease on my face :)

  4. Rach says:

    My dermatologist said the only reason someone uses moisturizer is because of dry skin. If you don’t have dry skin you don’t need to use it. If you have oily skin you just need to make sure you are using a cleanser everyday. My mom always told me moisturizing was super important and then I stopped when the derm said that and my skin has gotten so much less oily and I was using this moisturizer. I do use the proactive system just, not the moisturizer and random other stuff now. I know everyone skin is different though.

  5. Fatma says:

    I use this moisturizer daily, its great but I’m thinking of trying new moisturizer.
    Have you ever tried Clinique Moisturizer gel? I read a lot of good review on it.

  6. Sara Ferreira says:

    My absolute favourite moisturizer for oily skin is shiseido’s pureness. it is not a cream, it is a gel-cream, which really helps! it’s super super lightweight, sinks in instantly, is moisturizing enough and there’s no sign of oil whatsoever throughout the day! i recently bought benefit’s triple performing ’cause i’m running out of my pureness but it’s not nearly as lightweight and takes forever to totally sink into the skin. another one i love is the serum from rexaline – but it’s a lot more expensive and it’s anti-wrinkle, which i am not nearly old enough to use. my sister wears it, though, since she’s already 27!

  7. Jada says:

    Oh no!
    I read that there was an ingredient in it: It can lead to CANCER.
    And, that after time, it made people’s skin acne even WORSE.
    They try to blast out ALL of the bad reviews by their advertising which does work, but I’m too scared to try it now from hearing about it so often, and almost all of them being negative!
    Be careful!

  8. Irise says:

    I subscribe to ProActiv, and it dosen’t help me. At all. I have oily skin, too. So, I tried the Citrus Clear products and I didn’t expect any results. After just one week of using Citrus Clear products, my skin has cleared up noticeably.

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