Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer Review

My skin has NOT been my friend lately, and its been really, really annoying! I have a terrible track record with my skin- in high school it was the worst out of anyone I knew, then it got better, and lately its just been a roller coaster of sorts, sometimes being nice, other times being a real pain. This past spring, it was the clearest it had probably ever been, and that just makes the fact that it’s being difficult now a lot more irritating.

When my skin breaks out, a lot of the time the breakout area will become really dry, flaky, and red when its supposedly healing. Since texture is a LOT harder to cover up than discoloration, this becomes an issue for me, especially when I’m supposed to be filming High-Quality videos that are zoomed in on my skin! Having a calming, yet lightweight moisturizer is key to getting my skin as smooth as I can while still wearing makeup that looks as flawless as it can.

proactiv green tea

proactiv green tea

proactiv green tea

Proactiv’s Green Tea Moisturizer is my favorite soothing, calming moisturizer for when my skin is flaky and itchy. It’s really lightweight, which is perfect for wearing under makeup because it sinks in to the skin fast and won’t make your makeup slide around on your skin, and it really helps to calm down redness. I still use a heavier moisturizer at night to help the dryness really go away, but for daytime this is a great soother for troubled skin!

Available for $35 from Proactiv.

What’s your favorite way to calm down irritated skin?



  1. Patty says

    I have the same problem with flaky red areas too. I’ve been using Mario Badescu’s Enzyme cleansing gel because it exfoliates the flaky skin without manual exfoliation, which does irritate my acne even more. I’ve also been using the Celestial moisturizer from Lush which calms my irritated skin and moisturizes like crazy without making my make up slide around. You should give a try to both of these products because they did help me a lot. I love your blog and your videos!!

  2. Clare @ says

    Just a thought, but I think it’d be worth seeing a dermatologist if your skin is going up and down and you’re not really sure why. At the very least, I find chopping and changing products all the time (especially as a beauty blogger) tends to make things worse. If you find something that works, even if it is the proactive moisturiser, then keep using it and don’t switch when things seem to be getting better.

    It’s personal preference though at the end of the day. For me, I reacted really badly to the entire proactive range and my whole face broke out in a red, dry rash after 2 days :(

    1. cs says

      dermatologists are very dangerous doctors. usually when the skin shows signs of irritation, its one of the first signs of your body trying to tell you youre not treating it right overall. they give you stuff to treat the inflammation, but do nothing to deal with the real cause. i am not a fan.

  3. carly says

    I have always felt the same about my skin as you mentioned here. In highschool my skin was terrible and constantly broken out, and its only been in the past year or two that I’ve gotten it to clear up. Have you ever tried Paula’s Choice products? Thats what fixed me up. I’ve got beautiful skin now. These products are made by Paula Begoun who writes the “Don’t go to the cosmetics counter without me” books. She’s always reviewed cosmetic products based on their ingredients, and pitted those ingredients against proper studies which show how they’re proven to react with the skin (whether they promote healing, are irritating ect) and she started her own line of skin care products which are amazing. I use the Clear line for acne prone skin, and I LOVE IT. The cleanser and moisturizer are a bit weak so I’ve been using Mary Kay products in place of them, but the toner and benzyl gel are absolutely awesome, and don’t cause any irritation at all. AMAZING and highly reccomended and I just feel like not enough people know about these products.

    1. cs says

      those are great products, though I think I strayed because they contained silicones and parabens, which tend to break me out. learned so much from her books – i havent bought any skincare in a jar container or any skin care that contains perfume since!

  4. Kristen says

    I started using Philosophy on my face about two years ago and never looked back. My skin has so greatly improved since I started using it that people actually comment about it. I use Purity to clean my face and Hope in a Jar as a moisturizer. I also use the micro delivery exfoliating wash in the shower every morning. I really can’t say enough good about it! I’ve also used the Miracle Worker products and they are fantastic as well.

  5. Angela says

    I actually went to the derm today and he recommends oral antibiotics (meant for acne) when you get those reallllllllllly bad flare-ups. I took them before my wedding and it really does work. You have to give it a few weeks for it to really work but will most likely notice a difference within a week. Topical gels, like Retin A can be used to prevent more acne, but again, that takes a few weeks. I’m sorry about the skin issues…..I’ve been there.

  6. Sabine says

    Here’s my two cents: I used to have itchy, achy skin with break outs too. And I found that all those acne cleansers and moisturizers etc really only made me feel worse, skin wise. I switched to Lush cleansers and moisturizer and have found nothing that can compete with those so far. My favourite cleanser is Herbalism but I switch it up with Angels on Bare Skin because Aobs helps a lot with healing. And as a moisturizer I use Vanishing Cream.
    Since then I’ve never had any problems with itchy skin or my whole face hurting again, I still break out sometimes but it’s nothing near as bad and usually only happens when I can’t stay away from dairy. (Ridding your diet of dairy might help too, if you haven’t done that yet;D)

    The cleansers take a bit of effort to use but so worth it – for the late nights or when I have to rush in the morning I just have a “conventional” cleanser at hand.

  7. Ashli says

    When my skin is acting up like this, I use a sour cream mask. Just put sour cream on your face and let it sit for 15 minutes. It is seriously the most calming, best thing for my skin that I have found.

    1. Courtney says

      Wouldnt that clog your pores?

  8. Natacha says

    Have you thought about looking into 100% NATURAL argan oil (with no additives; just the oil)? I know it sounds crazy and many people freak out at the thought of putting oil on your face, but it’s supposed to be great for skin issues such as acne (among a ton of other things, really). I never really had major skin issues besides the monthly zits here and there (the joys of being female, lol), but already on a few occasions when my skin was breaking out for whatever reason, I’ve used it and was pleasantly surprised with the results… Just thought I’d share =)

    1. cs says

      argan oil clogged every single one of my pores

  9. Sierra says

    I have REALLY bad acne, and I have the same problem as you. I use Cetaphil spf 30 lotion, and it works great on my skin!

  10. CMB says

    Thankfully my skin is relatively decent… however my sister, she’s another story all together. I’ve seen bad skin, but I’ve never seen any human with skin worse than my sisters. She is now 35 years old and has tried everything. She tried accutane, she spent $8,000 on facial laser surgery… she has tried every product on the market… you know what finally worked… all natural soap. Twice a day. Just like make up, less is more. STOP using all those harsh chemicals on your face. Your skin and body are not designed to adjust to them. Really, it’s simple marketing. If the problem is never solved, you keep buying products. You try this, you try that, you spend hundred and hundreds of dollars…. all natural soap. Clean, mild, easy, effective. It took her skin about a week to get used to it. She’s been using only soap for about one year now, the difference is amazing. I’ll find out what soap she uses, I know she gets it at Sephora, I’m not sure of the brand, I just know it’s all natural. Do yourself a favor and toss everything in the garbage if there is anything on that label you can’t pronounce, or if you don’t know what it is, without holding a Ph.D in organic chemistry.

  11. CMB says

    I just realized I forgot about the actual moisturizer (which was the whole point of your review, lol). Every dermatologist she ever went to, told her to use Cetaphil. She does. I do. We both love it. Very gentle, good for all skin types. – Clear yourself up, then use a gentle moisturizer. (Even all natural facial oils are great for winter dryness). You’ll be on your way to healthy glowing skin in no time!

  12. cs says

    Taking supplements/dieting to support proper liver function, gentle soap (no possibly irritating oils like citrus or lavender), a loofah if there is a need to exfoliate (1x or 2x a week), skin care from silk I have pores the size of landfills and continue to get acne/cystic acne as I head into my 30s. The only thing I could do to help my skin even more would be to stop wearing makeup, as if thats going to happen. Through the years, I have learned how sensitive my skin truly is – if Im breaking out, Im either ingesting stuff thats making my sebum get all wacky or Im applying stuff to irritate/clog my pores. Right now, Im taking gymnema to support proper blood sugar control (which calms down inflammation overall), tremella mushroom supplements (supposed to be amazing for skin), milk thistle, calcium and chromium. On my face, its a Dr Bronners almond soap bar to cleanse, a serum, and Cetaphil moisturizer. Id be on all silknaturals skincare but I couldnt swing it with Xmas approaching. Any blemishes are treated with a solution of about 10-15% food grade hydrogen peroxide upon initial appearance then half 10% benzoyl peroxide/hydrocortisone cream under makeup and at night. I am normally not a fan of facial masks, but I found a small $2 packet of brown clay ayurvedic facial mask and have used that with 50% aspirin to clear pores and get rid of dead skin. Did not irritate at all. All the research Ive done over the years, though, leads me to believe that if breakouts youre suffering are the result of ingesting something bad for your system, treating an end-point symptom like acne is counterproductive. Kinda like when a dermatologist prescibes steroids to calm down a skin inflammation – hey doc, thanks, but Id like to know WHY my skin is going haywire, not just tell it to shut up and behave. First thing I try to figure out is why Im having breakouts. Lately, because my routine hasnt changed much facially, its always been what I was eating/supplementing with.

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