Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash

Lately, I’ve really been trying to step up my health/fitness routine (Hence adding a Healthy Beauty post every Saturday!) and that results in me having to somewhat change up my normal skincare routine, which included taking showers in the evening, and washing my face in the morning and before bed when I brushed my teeth. I like to get up and get my exercise done with first thing so that I’m not thinking about it all day and making excuses to put it off (I swear, this is related to the product in this post!)

Something I never really did before was wash my face in the shower.. I had my routine of brushing my teeth and washing my face all at the same time, so I really didn’t need to. Working out more has me needing to wash my face in the shower instead of just morning and night, because sweat isn’t something that will help my complexion!





I love keeping Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash in my shower, because it works for both face and body acne. It also has super small exfoliating beads, which really makes me feel like my skin is being cleaned and dead skin is being sloughed away! I think this is a great product to keep in the shower simply because it’s great for both face and body. Because of this, though, it can be a bit harsher on the skin than other more gentle face washes, but I have found that most face washes meant for acne-prone skin are. Just make sure you use a nice moisturizer and you should be good to go!

Available for $35 from Proactiv.

Have you used this product before? How did it work for you?


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  1. Taylor says

    I actually just bought Proactiv for the first time, I’m waiting for it to ship to try it. It’s good to know that you like it as I typically trust your opinion. =).

    1. Candy says

      Deep cleansing wash works great on my face.

  2. Elyse says

    I LIVE by Proactive. I hadn’t used it in ages, but when I noticed I started getting more breakouts, I started using it again and my skin has been incredible. I can’t use it daily because my skin is very sensitive, but even using it every second day I’ve noticed a huge difference. Highly reccommend it.

  3. ihazabeautyblog says

    Haven’t tried any Proactiv products yet but I’m hearing a lot about them. The Winter is going to be crazy on my skin so I want to get something like this to help keep it looking good.

    You should do an update on your skincare routine I’d be very interested.

  4. Claudia says

    haha, I’m the same with my workout routine! I HAVE to do it in the morning otherwise I’ll put it off and eventually don’t do it because I get lazy. another plus when you do your workout in the morning is that you have a satisfied feeling throughout the day :)
    I don’t quite get why you changed your routine though.. unless you have quite a long time span between getting up & working out I guess?! I never wash my face in the shower either, ’cause I like to separate that. morning: I get up, work out, wash my face etc. and then have a separate shower. evening: I wash my face etc., brush my teeth, go to bed. works just fine for me :)

  5. Samantha says

    As an Esthetician, I am here to tell you that Proactiv is CRAPPY for your skin. Sure, it works now. But eventually it will stop, and your skin will be left in worst condition that it was to begin with (as well as overly-sensitive and dry). Proactiv’s active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide, which is too harsh for the skin… it is used as an agent to bleach flour! Not to mention that an extended use of Proactiv can and will lead to premature aging, and who wants that?

    1. Madison says

      Isn’t Clinique really bad for your skin too?

    2. Krissy says

      I have to agree with that. I used Proactiv for a while and when they switched the formula for it, whatever they added that was “new” basically broke my face out in a horrible rash. My whole face was completely swollen and it took a whole day to even go down with allergy meds. I use Biore now and it works great :)

    3. Alex says

      The deep cleansing wash is a salicylic acid treatment, the strength is 2.5%, so this product is harmless and for me it works well. However I’ve little interest in proactiv’s toner or cleanser. I use the repairing lotion because a benzoyl peroxide treatment won’t actually hurt if you’re not also slathering your face with it.

      But with that said I use neither product on a daily basis, it works for me but you really shouldn’t try and scare people away from benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, they’re both effective acne treatments but not something people need if they don’t have problem skin.

      So yes, proactiv isn’t so great when you break down the system and what you’re using on your face, but those active ingredients in moderation aren’t a bad thing. ^_^;

    4. cmari3 says

      I agree with what the guy said above me. You shouldn’t scare people away from benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. I live by products that contain them. If you have oily, acne prone skin such as myself; they work wonders. I’ve tried proactiv and skin id, i have to switch between the two because my skin gets used to them and i use them only once a day and not twice, but they are amazing. For people with dry skin I don’t recommend daily usage or if it all because they are very drying products. They used to dry my skin out, but I started exfoliating every few days and using a good moisturizer and now it doesn’t dry my skin out at all it just keeps it clear. Just like he said, using it in moderation is ok. Just like with everything, having a big ass piece of cake or soda is ok every once in a while not every day.

  6. Courtney says

    I use the Proactive 3 step system then, since I have noticed it drys your skin out alot, I use the Clinque Daily mosturizer every morning. Its a great routine, and my skin likes it too.

  7. Raven says

    I used pro-active in high school because at that time it was the new “wonder drug” for acne skin… I did the 3 step for 3 months and I seriously think it messed with my skin up ever since. I have since used Clinique, Biore, Biotherm and many more. The were good for a time but eventually I would start to break out again or get some pretty bad redness patches.

    Saw a product review that Leesha did on the Benefit skin products and ended up trying out a sample pack… all I can say is LOVE! I live in a super dry climate but it doesn’t make my skin feel like an oil slick and the scent is so nice. I have been using it since it first came out and so far so good… Just wish they would bring out a nice body wash now.

  8. Belle says

    I tried Proactiv before, thinking it would help with my combination skin and the acne I had that was mainly focused on my forehead and nose. After trying it for a week, I thought it was absolutely amazing. My skin can be quite sensitive and instead of causing any tightness or dryness, my acne seemed to be clearing right up. However, about a month later, I was seriously reconsidering. While Proactiv had been so great to my skin at first, over time I experienced tightness, meaning it was too harsh, redness, and dryness in places my skin had been perfectly fine. I also experienced peeling due to the dryness that was all over my face. My skin was definitely worse than before. Whereas before Proactiv, I could cover up most of my acne, after Proactiv there was no way I could cover up the wreck my skin now was! Shortly after, I switched over to Cetaphil and even if it isn’t as convenient as Proactiv’s face and body wash, or touted as highly as Proactiv’s three step program, it’s gentle and does what it’s supposed to do: cleanse your skin with no bad side affects.

  9. kathrina says

    I have horrible skin. like, not cute. so I became a regular at the dermatologist office, and i asked about proactiv (bc the commercials r so convincing!!). My doctor said that it is the same as anything in the drug store. the only good thing is that you develop a routine to wash your face morning and night, otherwise its no different. I still used it, and got results for a little bit, but found that it was in fact, no different than anything else Ive tried.
    for light acne Id say go for it and this could help clear you up, but for heavier cases, so to your skin doctor. theyll hook it up so you stay clear :)
    Ive found that tea tree oil cleanser is wonderful!

  10. shannen says

    I really wanted to like this product, but i just didnt. Ive only used this twice, and both times it broke me out and left my skin terribly dry and with a horrible red and itchy rash on my face!(and i have very oily skin normally) this has never happened to me with any other face wash, because i do not have, in the slightedt, sensitive skin, so this surprised me, especially because everyone elsd seems to love it!

  11. katie says

    I just started using proactice body wash and it makes my skin really dry.. my dad has been using on his neck and it is dry. Is that normal?

  12. Candy says

    I tried nearly all products by proactiv and nothing but the deep cleansing wash works great on my face.maybe because of the glycolic acid in it.but that’s the only thing I use with eucerin face lotion.try it!

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