Pro Tips: Dealing with Breakout Problems!

I’ve been trying to come up with more reader-interaction posts (like How Would You Wear It?) and this is one I just thought of as I am dealing with this problem right now, and I’m sure a lot of you can relate!


Ever heard the phrase “make a mountain out of a mole hill”? I feel like that basically sums up my habits when it comes to break outs. I’m the worst- I’ll have a tiny “issue” on my face, or one of those under-the-skin painful ones, and there’s just this little voice in my head saying “this time will be different! it won’t turn into a huge red mark on your face!”


Without fail, I end up with a nice red spot on my face, and because its all gross, you can’t cover it with makeup. and then it dries and you want to mess with it more and just turns into an uphill battle. If you’re pretty pale like I am, its even more noticeable.

I know this isn’t the most glamorous of topics, but it is something a good portion of us deal with. I’m curious how you deal with this particular breakout problem? How do you keep yourself from picking at your face? How do you deal with getting scabby gross red spots to heal fast?


 I like using Vasiline in a tube like this, less mess and keeps it sanitary!

My personal trick that seems to help best- vaseline. Scabs don’t heal as fast when they’re dry, so using something that is consistently a little wet helps. What I’ll do before bed (or if I’m at home and not wearing makeup) is put a tiny dab of vaseline right over the problem area and just leave it. This helps because it keeps the scab from drying out, as well as keeps me from messing with it because I don’t want vaseline on my hands :P Even just a few hours after doing this I notice a difference in the healing process. It by far is the easiest way I’ve found to quickly heal scabby breakouts!


So, what’s your pro-tip? What do you do in this situation?


As always, I am looking for submissions for this topic! If you have a cool little trick you do as far as makeup, skincare, haircare, or anything else, or if you need help with something, shoot me an email so I can make it into a post!


  1. melissa says

    I have a really hard time with messing with the tiniest little spots and making things way worse than they would have ended up if I just left it alone. I have found that the best healer for these holes I have basically dug in my face is to put unrefined shea butter on it before I go to bed. It seems that an oil, would make it worse, however it does not clog pores at all and usually makes the appearance drastically different overnight, and nearly completely healed overnight…this has also helped my skin clear up….I got a brick of it from costal scents for under $10 and it has lasted forever. I also use pure vitamin e (I buy the cheap stuff in the tubs…fruit of the earth maybe?) if I have really bad spots that I have over picked at….I don’t use this too frequently, because I notice sometimes it can randomly cause my skin to break out if I apply it all over….but it works wonders for quick spot healing if you just dab it on the dots/scars/scabs….
    I am more interested in knowing what works best for others in preventing these issues!!!

  2. Kayla Paige Hysell says

    I use a hot compress (a hot washcloth) to draw the infection out. If it’s a day that I’m not doing anything or going anywhere important (a day I don’t wear makeup), I can get a “friend” to pop in a day, and then I just have to clean it thoroughly and apply triple antibiotic ointment. Usually once it pops, it’ll be gone in a day or two.

  3. Lindsay says

    tea tree oil! dries up the spot and works like an antiseptic, as far as drying i try not to mess with it and just use cetaphil moisturizer and exfoliate only if the spots become really flaky.

  4. ROSEY says

    what I usually do is add some tea tree oil for the night. In the morning it should be almost gone, depending on how bad the problem is. Usually won’t take more than 4-5 days. If the problem is almost gone and it no longer hurts, what I do is take a little bit of baking soda and exfoliate gently. Once I wash it off, I use a moisturizer to prevent anything worse from happening to my skin as it can get pretty dry after exfoliating. On other days, I just wash my face with a cream cleanser, because you should not exfoliate so much! Your skin should feel pretty good after this and the problems diminish pretty quick for me. Of course it really just depends on your skin.

  5. MandyB says

    I am the worst at picking at blemishes on my face, dry cuticles…everything. Roche Posay’s Cicplast is an “epidermal repair accelerator” and it’s awesome. It’s antibacterial and creates a water proof barrier so you can put make up over top without feeling guilty about gunking things up and making the situation worse. I am super pale too, so I love how this heals my skin fast and significantly reduces any red mark/scarring left behind. I could not live without this product.

  6. prettyhairs says

    I dap on some tea tree oil and then on top of that some panthenol cream to keep it from drying out and helping it heal.
    What I’ve noticed in preventing break outs is that for me I have almost no issues if I eat mostly “unprocessed” foods, not too much fat and sugar, no dairy. As for skin care I used to use Clinique 3 step and all that jazz and my skin just wouldn’t clear up, plus sometimes it down right hurt. So I switched to Lush Herbalism cleanser and Vanishing Cream as moisturizer and since then I’m in heaven! Most of the time I use the Vanishing Cream with added argan oil, as it’s not enough for me (especially in winter).
    What I’ve noticed is that the more oil (to a certain point) I put on my face, the less oily my skin is. You know how sometimes you feel like you’re dripping oil from your forehead? Gone.
    So basically my recommendation: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. And use oils/butters. (You might have to experiment a bit with what works for your skin, but I’ve found the drier my skin, the more break outs.)

  7. Danielle says

    This is a really good tip! I also get red marks once my blemish is healed. They go away, but it takes about 6 months. I usually use tea tree oil when I am broken out. And I’ve found that using the Ocean Salt scrub from LUSH helps clear up the red, scarring marks.

  8. Sam says

    Coconut oil changed my face. If I have a bad break out, I apply after washing my face. Within a few days it’s pretty much cleared up.

  9. Sarah Asher says

    A big thing for me is that my skin will get “overworked” by me being a product junkie. I’ll have to back off most of the products I’m using and go back to something super gentle for awhile to let my skin back into balance. Most of the time, going to an oil cleansing method works really well. Ultrabland from Lush works well, too.

  10. Kas says

    I avoid social interaction and look at the floor for three days until it goes away. Wish I wss kidding. Just started using the Oil Cleaning Method and am hoping for some results. So far, so good (but it’s only been a week. In Asia, they have these little beige stickers (acne dressing) that you can barely notice. Much less noticeable than a big hole in my face and keeps me from picking. I’m running out though. Must try to find them online!

  11. Letitia Harriet says

    I will definitely try this and some of the other suggestions here. I literally cannot just leave my face alone. I have to try and get my face clear ASAP and end up just making it worse!

  12. Katie says

    I actually have a really weird thing. {at least i’ve been told it’s weird!} First I use some sanitizer if it hasn’t come to a full peak, then pop it carefully. Wash my face, and use polysporin at night. Of course, avoiding makeup until it’s clear helps but not everyone does that so I just wash it extra with a gentle exfoliate.

  13. Marisa says

    Possibly the weirdest trick I have EVER heard of and used myself is the toothpaste trick. Dab a little toothpaste on your breakout and let it dry over the skin at night. On me, the next morning it is significantly less red and will have reduced in size too. I have no idea why this works. Little tips if you want to try this: don’t use any whitening toothpastes and test a patch of skin in a non-visible area to make sure your skin doesn’t get super irritated by this. You can also mix a tiny bit of toothpaste to a tiny bit of Vaseline (or something similar) to make it a little more sensitive.

    1. Artemis says

      Toothpaste isn’t good for your skin. Most people get break outs on their chin from the toothpaste that drips on it, especially if they don’t cleanse it after brushing their teeth. Some even get dermatitis. It is because of that damn flouride in it. It’s almost impossible to find one w/o it. Also, the detergents present in any washing product aren’t supposed to stay on your skin more than 10 mins tops because they’re irritating.

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