Possibly the Best Ad for Foundation EVER- Dermablend and Rick Genest

I know, I’m super late on posting this, but I’m sure some of you hadn’t seen it yet, and it’s really cool!

Last weekend, I was in LA for the Beauty Social, and was staying an extra day at my friend Suzy’s place. We were scrolling through the depths of Tumblr and saw this video that had come out a week earlier. The ad shows Rick Genest, who you may know as Zombie Boy and have seen him in the Lady Gaga Born this Way video, being completely covered with Dermablend Leg & Body foundation. If you didn’t know who he was, the beginning of this video would probably not shock you (but the end would!) as his skin looks perfect- you can’t tell that he’s COVERED in tattoos from head to toe. This ad had me go out and buy some Dermablend concealer the next day, no joke!



Check out the Behind the Scenes footage after the jump, I like it even more than the actual ad!

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  • http://makeupwonderland.blogspot.com Sophie

    It is such an amazing ad! Love it :)

  • http://kiwi-the-astronaut.blogspot.com/ Shea

    He’s very, very handsome. and now that I see what he looks like without the tattoos, I can kinda see past them now. That’s neat…

  • androgynes

    and do people actually think about how many product they used? look at the amount of flacons they showed..

    • Leesha

      i believe i read it was 4 full bottles of the leg & body foundation, along with the leg & body primer and then a setting powder. I still think its impressive, and i mean the average person doesnt need to cover up THAT much haha

  • http://www.polishgalore.com Krystal S.

    I have this weird attraction to him now (without the tattoos)… his haunting stare through the ad makes me watch it over and over and over… Favorite commercial ever.

    • rosworms


  • Leeshy

    I was JUST going to ask if you watched the behind the scenes video, and then found out that you linked it! It doesn’t look caked on or anything! It looks like skin! GAHH, amazing!

  • Abby

    dayum. I need some of that foundation…

  • Naomi

    This ad blows me away EVERY time as well as the product, I mean, to be able to layer and layer it and still look perfectly natural is amazing, not to mention the colour shade itself is spot on – not too warm and not too yellow.

    I do wonder though how this would feel on the skin and for an extended period of time and how it wears against clothes, it’d be disappointing if you found the inside of your t-shirt lined coated with product or it turns ashy over a few hours, especially when it probably took an hour to cover up something in the first place (mind you by then you might be able to tell). Also I noticed they applied it on his under-arms too and I can’t help but think ‘What’ll happen when he starts sweating? Is it comfortable?’ Maybe it’s something to test myself, I looked at prices too and it isn’t even overly expensive – it’s VERY decently priced and the shade range seems decent although the site has made a boo boo as far as shades are concerned (if you go to pick a shade it’ll come up with shade names but its VERY difficult to find what shade is named what).

    Ah well. Need me somma’ this.

    • Melly

      A lot of the camouflage concealers/foundations are waterproof, they’re used for people with birth marks etc, who want to feel better about themselves etc

  • Joyce

    OMG, that is crazy! No better way to promote your product though :D finally no photoshopping :D

  • http://dinkysbeautystuff.wordpress.com Jen

    This is truly awesome! I Just showed it to my boyfriend and he thinks so too!

  • BooBooNinja

    This is incredible!
    Thanks for sharing this. I’m in awe.

  • Casey

    If this product can cover up that many tattoos it has to be worth buying. Also I would just like to say one thing… HE IS SO HOT!!!!!

  • Lindsey

    What is the name of the song? Cool ad!

  • Tara

    I love this ad so much, I really want the make- up because I have severe acne scaring all over my face, chest and shoulder and I have tried everything to try cover them. Unfortunately, I live In Ireland, Europe and the Dermablend website does not post over here :(. Do you know were I could possibly buy it online that would ship to Europe?

  • Autumn

    He’s just hot! With or without tattoos. But I love tattoos on guys. His make him unique. :D

  • http://keepingupwiththekelly.blogspot.com/ Kelly

    Very intriguing indeed, if this product can really cover up all those tattoos it is an amazing product.

  • http://randomlyme-now.blogspot.com Kathrine

    LOVE this ad :D
    Anyone who know what the song is called?
    And…. HE IS HOT :)!

    • Sabrina

      There Is Hope – Zoo Brazil featuring Rasmus Kellerman :)

      • Carolyn

        Thanks for this! I was wondering the song too :)

  • http://www.frl-arschloch.blogspot.com Kim

    The Ad is wonderful. Great concept. And he is very nice :D

  • lissa

    This is an amazing piece of work!!! Maybe I get covering the body but THAT face?! and yep Dermablend is an amazing product, I’ve used it for years

  • http://meremakeupmaniac.blogspot.com MereMakeupManiac

    wah! when is this coming to Singapore – i want! so flawless even after layers of foundation – brilliant! and i agree with all of you here, very decent price for something that does not work good but fantastic!

  • Sabrina

    The song is There Is Hope – Zoo Brazil featuring Rasmus Kellerman :)

  • Kristen

    It looks so natural! I need some of that stuff now.

  • http://www.christopherfenwick.com CJ

    Omg…That is sooo amazing!!!!

  • Rachel

    Thanks for posting this, Leesha!

  • Lauren:)

    He is 1000000x more attractive when he doesn’t look like he wants to eat my brains. It’s very strange to see him smile through those skull teeth.. But this is amazing.

  • Emma

    Wow! that is truly amazing! thanks for showing us this. he’s actually very handsome without the tattoos, it’s kinda weird to see him smile with all the skull teeth.

  • visitor

    delete this satan boy,

  • Briana

    This came up on my youtube ad feed a couple weeks ago. I thought it was the coolest thing ever!!! Even my husband was like “whoa no way!!!” when he wipes the makeup off his face.

  • http://www.foundationadvice.com Judy Smith

    Wow, this is really great. Where can I get in line for this foundation? :)

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