Pop Sugar Must-Have Box: January

I just got my January box from the Pop Sugar Must Have Box and wanted to share what was in it this month! I’ve talked about this box a lot before, but it’s definitely my favorite monthly subscription box that I’ve tried. Every month you get a mix of beauty and fitness and lifestyle products, food, and coupons for online stores. I always get excited around the middle of the month because I know it’s on its way :)

The Pop Sugar Must Have is $35 a month, and here’s what was in the January Box!

Popsugarboxjan 1

Popsugarboxjan 6

Stott Pilates Stability Ball ($38.99)  I love stability balls! They’re a good way to work out and are fun to have in general :) I love the color of this one as well! These are great to do sit-ups and push-ups with too! This box also came with a card that showed some different exercises to do with the stability ball, which is great for those who aren’t sure where to start with it.

Popsugarboxjan 5

Remix Timebomb Watch ($44.99) When I first opened this watch I wasn’t totally feeling it- all black, huge watch face. I saw on the insert these have changeable silicone bands, and I was hoping for a colored one but I guess black does go with everything so it does work out. I have to admit, though, I did get super excited when I realized that there was a button on the side that made the watch light up all different colors!! I got a picture when it was blue, but the watch goes through a whole bunch of colors over the course of about 10 seconds. I really wish I had the option to keep a color on and keep the watch illuminated though!

Popsugarboxjan 2


Popbar Hot Chocolate on a Stick ($2.99 each) I’ve only tried the milk chocolate of these two, and it was yummy! I love the concept of just popping the chocolate in hot milk and mixing it with the stick, tasted a lot better than the powdery stuff!!

Mallow Bits ($2.00) Storytime- for the longest time, I always wondered why no one seemed to jump on the idea of selling dehydrated marshmallows on their own. They were always the best part of hot chocolate mix (I’d always buy the Swiss Miss Marshmallow Lovers hot chocolate that came with an entire pack of marshmallows!) and I mean, how excited did you get when you bowl of Lucky Charms was mostly marshmallows? I saw these mallow bits at the store by chance about a year ago and flipped. Since then I buy them all the time and use them mostly in baked goods- they’re amazing in brownies and cookies!!


Popsugarboxjan 3

Think Thin Bars ($2 Each) I love trying new healthy bars, but was pretty bummed with these. The creamy peanut butter was really awful and reminded me of those hardcore protein bars that have that grainy texture and awful taste. The Dark Chocolate coconut was okay, it was like they tried to make a healthy Mounds bar minus the almonds, but super failed. 

Popsugarboxjan 4

Epicurean Lip Balm Pot ($9) This Lipbalm has tea tree oil and SPF. Generally I’m really not a lip balm in a pot person (not big on sticking my fingers in products that are meant to be carried around with me) and I really, really didn’t like the smell on this.. it reminded me of kitchen cleaner :( 

In addition to the products, the box came with a $15 voucher to Castegram, a website that allows you to make iPhone or iPad cases using instagram or Facebook photos :) 


The overall value of this month’s box was around $106, which considering its a $35 box is a pretty good deal! I’m hoping next month’s box is less food-oriented. I’ve been getting this subscription since around August, and this wasn’t one of my favorite months. Nevertheless I’m still excited for next month’s and I’m hoping that will have some more fashion or home products instead of food. :)

Must have box available from Pop Sugar

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  1. Michelle says

    I’m not sure why they think chocolate and marshmallows are part of a healthy lifestyle…but cool, haha.

  2. Mandy Armstrong says

    They sell huge bags of dehydrated marshmallows at Amish grocery stores around here, though I doubt you have any of those near you. :P And I agree, they’re pretty great.

  3. Samantha says

    I got that epicuren lip balm from the spa where I work, it’s amazing! The tea tree feels really refreshing on your lips. Mine is a roll up stick though so the smell isn’t overwhelming.

  4. McKenzie Stark says

    I’m really upset! I never got the card that comes with the box every month and I never got the $15 voucher! What the heck! I guess I’m emailing them! ):

  5. Ashley says

    I have been so excited to get the pop sugar boxes. I finally signed up and my first box will be coming in Feb. This box, in my option, is the worst! I really hope this is not what the boxes are going to look like in the future.

  6. Elizabeth Terry says

    I got this box as my first one. It was pretty disappointing. Since I don’t each sugar 50% of the box was useless to me and the watch they sent was broken… Not impressed.

  7. Joanna says

    I got a pink watch if you were willingly to trade?

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