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We need to have a talk.

While in NYC, I had the opportunity to go to a makeup store called Inglot. Now, I have been to Inglot before in London, but at that point all I had heard about was their nail polishes, and the UK store has about a BILLION, so all of my time was spend gazing at them, and NO time was spent looking at the eye shadows. Big mistake.

I have been in the NYC one before my trip last week as well, but only bought 3 shadows. I don’t understand how I overlooked the greatness of this company. Maybe it was because I was with other people who love makeup as much as I do, but going into that store this time was life changing.

Life changing, as in I have never seen eyeshadows this pigmented, this velvety soft, this blendable, and this breath taking in a loooong time. In addition, for what you get, they are INSANELY cheap. You can get a palette of 10 shadows for $50. $5 each. with the amount of product as a makeup forever shadow. INSANE.

Enough of me going on and on selling my new favorite thing though, that’s for another time. I bought a lot of colors. I rarely feel the need to buy much makeup anymore, because I just have so much, but I have nothing that compares to these. I was excited to do my makeup every night in NYC. I even came back to AZ and just played with colors for fun, something that I haven’t done in long time.

Here’s what I came up with.




Nothing crazy fancy, but I really enjoyed it :)


Here are some a few pictures of my palettes I got. I will do a blog post in the future with swatches and better pictures, but I HAD to show you something!!


That Blue in the bottom middle is the craziest blue I have ever seen. Think MAC Electric Eel on steroids. And crack. At the same time.



Most of the colors I got were like this. They are like a flat matte shadow with sparkly glitter throughout. This makes the shadow not a frosty color, which is nice because I’m not huge on frost.


You can see the effect here. The glitter is actually throughout the shadow, it isn’t like an overlay, and it actually shows up REALLY well!! (also, those swatches were from me simply TOUCHING the shadow, not pressing it hard and rubbing my finger around. This stuff is INTENSE.)


Again, that’s just touching the shadow lightly. Amazing.



That black on the bottom left is what MAC’s Black Tied wishes it could be.

Now, here’s the downside- and it’s a really big downside. Inglot is only available in a handful of locations, and they don’t have an online store D: D: D: This breaks my heart, and will end up kicking me in the ass, as I really want to (and most likely will anyways) use these in tutorials, but it’s REALLY hard for me to use products that aren’t easily accessible for most people, because I get TONS of questions about them.

Plus side: You can call a store and order over the phone and they will ship to you, so all isn’t totally lost.

The other downside is that they don’t use names, just numbers. To me that’s really inconvenient, as I’ll remember an eyeshadow name much faster than a number. Ah well!


Like I said before, I will do a post with better pictures, swatches, numbers, etc. Soon! Probably Saturday, when I’m back in TX with my badass cam :)


  1. lolcats says

    So glad I live in London. Me and a friend are saving up for a big trip in the Christmas holidays.

  2. Laynie says

    Mmm, yes. I keep seeing different people talk about these shadows and they look SOOO delicious! I think I would give up a pinky toe to be able to spend some time just swatching their nail polishes… :D

  3. Liv says


  4. Renata says

    ha! finally something I have here, Inglot is popular in Europe, I’m from Poland and we have several stores here. can’t wait till swatches

  5. Angela says

    You are such an enabler! Those colours look amazing, I must have!

  6. Desiree says

    We have Inglot here in Australia (in Perth at least) but I’ve only seen one counter/stand though. Good thing it’s near where I live :). I haven’t tried a lot of their products except a gel eyeliner but maybe I will now! Thanks Leesha!

    1. xsparkage says

      their gel liner is like, made of sharpie haha. that stuff DOES NOT come off

  7. Mara says

    *came… 5 times*….*whoops, make that six*



  8. Dominika says

    hey I am realy surpised, they sell it in my country and the funniest thing , they sell it right next to my house! :Dhhahaha can´t wait to try it out!:)

  9. Katy says

    Drool! Ugh, they are soo nice! Hopefully with enough attention and hype they will have more stores in the US…wishful thinking. :)

  10. Joice says

    I want these so bad! Especially the grey palette, I’m a sucker for greys.

  11. Linda B. says

    Yeah, I already have plans of how much I’m going to buy from there in April. I only got FIVE shadows and I am freaking addicted.

    …..and as I typed “five”, I’m remembering that you said I say that word weird. LOL! Jersey accent strikes again!!! ;)

  12. Kayla says

    They had an Inglot store in a mall in the city next to mine a while back… I never wanted to spend any time in there because it was always a complete mess. Everything looked filthy from so many people swatching and nobody cleaning. The samples they had out were down to the pan and just looked very very used. The store didn’t last long. It’s a shame that they didn’t take care of it, because then maybe I would have been able to discover the brand better….

  13. Aoife/EEfaa says

    We can get inglot in dublin. In Liffey Valley. I’ve been eyeing it up for a while. you may have convinced me.

  14. Miss Kitty says

    there’s 2 inglot stores a relatively close distance from me [10 and 20 mins drive away] and i’ve been hooked for ages! amazing stuff, though their blushes are a little TOO pigmented for me!

  15. Dayday says

    I KNOW! OMG!
    I remember my friend telling me that Inglot was not a good brand years ago…
    Guess they changed their formula because I was literally blown away by the texture and the pigmentation of the shadows! I have 7 of them and it’s not enough!

  16. Christine says

    You wouldn’t even believe this, but there used to be an Inglot in the Mall I worked (in Canada) and it was owned by the same company I worked for. I had a 30% off discount and NEVER got anything! I would have if I knew the company would close down and leave town :( But after seeing you rave about the stuff, I’m kicking myself for not grabbing the stuff while I could! OH and for any Canadian readers – there are a few locations in Montreal

  17. twinkletoes says

    amazing, leesha. but when you say you’ve never had anything this great before, do you mean it even outstrips your hardcore mac pro pigments? come on, how can eyeshadow in a pan outdo pure pigments?

  18. twinkletoes says

    ok i just visited the store, and the colours are MOUTHWATERING. it could be an advertisement for a TV.

  19. Laury says

    Yes… here in Spain we have no Inglot stores at all (I’m sooo tempted to open one myself XD) but I have a Polish friend that brings them to me whenever she visits her mom :) I’ve been using those eyeshadows for almost a year now and are the best ones I’ve tried… I remember trying them for the first time and thinking “Oh my, these are better than the MAC ones…” and looking around as if the sky would fall XD
    Their pigments, cream liners and translucent powders are high quality too (I didn’t try any other products XD… yet).
    Thanks for sharing your talent and opinions, as always, Leesha!
    Kisses **

  20. Sam says

    I had no idea there was one here in Vegas until someone commented on Nick’s NYC DITLO and I was like reeeally?! Haha I’m totally gonna go check it out now… how much is it for a smaller palette? Cause the palette of 10 is $50 but does the $5each carry through all palette sizes? (I would Google but that thing about not having a website… ;D) and driving down to the strip is such a pain!

  21. Shannon says

    I work a half a block away from Inglot & always passed it by unoticed. When I went 2 The Makeup Show this May it was the last booth I hit & I’ve been completely hooked since! I barely look @ other brands of eyeshadows now. Im so happy I’m so close but I wish they were more accessible 2 everyone cuz I think this brand would completely blow up & kick the ass of their competitors. I think by not having a website 2 order from they are doing themselves a HUGE disservice cuz they r THAT GR8!

  22. Amber says

    I cant wait for swatches so i can call them =)

  23. MsGinaMac says

    Do they already have the palettes made? Or can you create your own palette? I want to call and order ASAP! haha

    I totally agree with a previous post, your are such an enabler! But I thank you as well for being one! lol

    1. xsparkage says

      they have what they call the Freedom System i think, and basically they have a TON of colors in square and round form and you pick what palette you want (they have pretty much anything from a 3 palette of round colors to a 10 palette of square. square are more expensive cause they are more shadow) and they put the palette together for you.

  24. Cara says

    Hey Leesha! I am from Nj, and I am actually going to Inglot next month for my birthday! If you want anything just let me know, I can get it to you. Feel free to ask :) Bye!

  25. Laura Gustafson says

    GAH! I am so jealous and intrigued!!!! I really wish I could get my hands on some of this!!!! Beautiful! xoxo

  26. Alicia says

    Can you order the 10 palette for $50.00 over the phone as well in the US?

  27. Donna says

    @ Alicia Yes you can order over the phone. The number to the NYC store is (212) 247-8170. You must pay for shipping and handling; however, if your order is over $50.00, its free.

  28. Elysia says

    I’m defiantly going to be ordering some of these! I have been looking for a pink just like the one you swatched.

  29. Shannon says

    You can order over the phone, but shipping is NOT free w/ $50 purchase. I believe it’s $150 & the number is (212) 247-8169. No one seems to pick up that other number.

  30. RStar17 says

    I haven’t seen this store, but reminds me of The MakeUp Store, a Swedish company that only has 4 stores in the entire US! Luckily for me they decided to run corporate stores so the one that shut down in my state came back & in a better location!

  31. Lil_one says

    I have passed Inglot so many times when I’m with my friends, and I swear you could see their eyeshadows from across the street!! I just love it!! I hope I can work there when I’m old enough C;

  32. Natasha says

    gosh, i am so glad that i like have 3 stores near my house :D im gonna go crazy at christmasss!!

  33. Sandee says

    what are the locations of the stores in the united states?

  34. Janny says

    Dusty Hunter has a video about Inglot, where he actually called the nearest store (in his case in Las Vegas, NV) to place his order. You get free shipping with orders of $150+. I’m heading to Montreal next week where they have 3 Inglots in the same city and I’m planning to kill my life savings there :D

  35. michelle says

    Hiya Leesha. Thankyou for your post! Been hanging to hear what you bought from Inglot. Looking forward to a more detailed review. And feel free to use them in tutorials! Thay look beautiful (and i have a store nearby ;) ) Have you tried their Duraline? I have heard you can mix it with shadows to create unique eyeliners that are really pretty. Also, do you feel there is a certain age where eyeshadow colours like this just look … eew? I’m 28 and wondering if i’m starting to push it a bit too far!! Love your work xx

  36. Leah says

    haha i wondered when you’d find out about the rest of that company. My friends dad does all the photography and video for the store Tom McCavera. If i made it back to the US in time i was going to their holiday party :)

  37. lixximajig says

    Can’t wait for you to use Inglot! I’ve heard about them and have been waiting for youtubers to use them in their videos! :D

  38. gg says

    are there any inglot stores near St. Petersburg, FL USA or Toronto, ON Canada?

  39. Harper says

    I feel like an idiot right now.

    There used be an Inglot store in my local mall, and then it closed. OH WHY COULDN’T I HAVE BEEN INTO MAKEUP THEN?!

  40. Sarah G-Rizzlw says

    They took it out of my local mall!! SOB

  41. Samantha says

    While in Montreal earlier this month the main thing I was excited about was going to Inglot and stocking up. I’d wanted to go to a store for yeeeears and was so excited about it, but when I got there, it was really overpriced. Maybe it was just the location I went to, but for one shadow, they were trying to charge me $15. Which wouldn’t normally be an issue if I really wanted it, but it was NOT what I expected. I had always heard amazing product for way lowere price. The salespeople were rude on top of it. Needless to say, I was too busy pouting and decided to not buy anything.

  42. kyuubified says

    I’m going to Vegas for Christmas, and I am so stoked because there is a new Inglot in Caesar’s Palace. I’m probably going to end up spending all of my money there, hahaha…

  43. missmasquerade says

    you haaaaave to do a tutorial for this, it’s absolutly gorgeous! pleeeeease? xD

  44. Johnny says

    I know that you say that you like to use things that are easily accessable.
    But remember not all your viewers are in the US.
    Here in australia we have inglot stores everywhere! so its nice for a change something people outside of the US can easily get.

  45. Salbjörg says

    wow these colors look amazing! do you think there might be an Inglot store in Iceland or if they might send orders to Iceland ?

  46. Korey says

    oh my GOD, nice tits.

  47. Sarah says

    dear leesha,
    i was just wondering, how do you clean your brushes? I’ve found myself going through alot of brushes because they get too gross and dirty. I never really knew how to clean my brushes, so how do you do that? Can you use water and soap, or is there a special way? Let me know.


  48. Allanah says

    It’s funny how you say that you don’t have many Inglot stores in the US b/c in Australia, we don’t get all that many of the huge array of make-up brands that the US have (eg. Milani, Wet ‘n’ Wild, China Glaze etc., we only have the basic brands like Rimmel, Revlon) but we have sooooo many Inglot stores in Victoria, Australia alone.
    Weird how that happens lol

  49. vanilla1227 says

    WOW how can I get these eye shadows if i dnt live around any of these store???

  50. Lukas says

    That’s funny, Inglot is a Polish cosmetic company, in my country you can buy it on every corner of the street, so popular, and quite cheap, but there’s no such colors like Inglot, maybe only a foundations are not best, much more I like to use ColorStay

  51. Olivia says

    I know it’s a LOT to ask, but I’ll be in Miami in February and I’d like to know what I’m looking for. Can you name the palette or list all the numbers of the colors in the palette? On the website, the colors look so similar… Thanks!

  52. Colleen says

    Going to the new inglot @ town sq in las vegas tomorrow! So excited, it’s all I’ve thought about today:)

  53. Roxy Q. says

    I just went to the Inglot in the Aventura mall and OMG. I was in heaven. I was so insanely excited. I went in for 3 that quickly changed to five and then 10! These eyeshadows are CRAZY PIGMENTED!!! I love love love them so much and they are so inexpensive. I cannot wait to go back! And the girls who work there- super nice! Love love love this store now!!

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