Playdate- Rainbow Eyes from IMATS Vancouver

For my class at IMATS Vancouver, I decided to do a look using the Shock Effects Collection from Naked Cosmetics because it’s super bright and fun! I went for a rainbow style look, as it was my first class and that style look is what I was originally known for :) I posted pictures of this look on tumblr and it got a lot of notes too, so I though it’d be worth a tutorial!





Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Mixing Medium
Naked Cosmetics Shock Effects Collection
Naked Cosmetics Ivory Collection
Stila Sparkle Waterproof Eyeliner in Sequins
Stila Smudgestick in Stingray
MAC Opulash Mascara

Tarte Amazonian Blush in Dollface and Exposed
YSL Celebration Palette

Thierry Mugler Plexi Gloss in Pink Reflexion
Naked Cosmetics Ivory Collection (Red duochrome)


  1. denisse says

    Oh it’s beautiful!! ♥

    All it does is a marvel

  2. Laura says

    Love your rainbow look so much; it’s gorgeous! <3

  3. Olgie says

    What a fun look! You wear the rainbow better than anyone.

  4. paola says

    hi leesha!!! i was just wondering what do you do after the tutorials? do you wear the look around or do you just take it off??? lolz i know wierd question but yea just wondering! :)

  5. Sarah says

    this is phenomenal!

  6. Krystal S. says

    Absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to attempt something. I’m one of those people who just puts one color straight across and calls it done. :P

  7. Marta says

    These kinda looks are so you Leesha, they remind me of when you started youtube! x

    1. Denisse says

      Why is don’t allow Puerto Rico participate??!! :-(

  8. Sarah S. says

    I love your whole face look! That smiling picture is the cutest!

  9. Courtney says

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Breeanna says


  10. Crystal says

    Hi Leesha! Love the look it’s beautiful! Could you do a playdate vid with the NYX Ultra Pearl Eyeshadows you have? I’d like to see them in action! :P

  11. Kelly Smith says

    WOW this looks soooooooo good. also this look me so happy it just so bright and colerfull

  12. Kitty says

    I tried this look today with some of my new L.A. Colors palettes, and its truly amazing, i feel great!. I just have to say that because of Leesha, I learned everything about makeup that I do today, if I hadnt found her on youtube 3 years ago, I wouldnt be able to my makeup like I do. :)

    1. Breeanna says

      Same! :D I started watching her 3 years ago, too! :D and she got me through middle school….with my self-consciousness. But I finally got up the confidence to wear a makeup look I saw Leesha do that morning and I got so many compliments :D she changed my life. ^_^ <3

  13. Breeanna says


  14. Cassie says

    Love, Love, Love it!!! Thanks for posting it :)

  15. Mary says

    I really love how you do these rainbow eye looks. So much fun and creative.

    Do you think you’ll be posting some Hallowe’en looks closer to October? I would love to see the awesome stuff you can come up with, and I’m sure I’m not alone. :)

  16. SmartLeeshy says

    THIS is why you are as popular as you are! The pictures don’t lie! Your skill is ON POINT and your creations are breathtaking!

  17. Kristin says

    Love this look and the use of color!!! ;)

  18. Melissa says

    I love seeing looks like this. It’s so fun and pretty. I need to work on my blending to master this!

  19. Anitacska says

    I saw your video that Christine posted on Temptalia and I love this look so much! Plus you are really cute and pretty (remind me of Cameron Diaz actually), and funny. Looking forward to reading through your blog.

  20. Casey says

    Well this is kinda random but… did the look on your LEFT eye! You’ve just always done it on your right and I was like “Woahh! She’s doing it on her left!!”

    Hehe(: Awesome look, Leesha!


  21. Tiffany says

    Wonderful !!! Really good work ! It’s so awesome !!!

  22. Joslin says

    I love this look. It is so pretty on you and it goes well with your hair color.

  23. mina says

    love the look but the mascara is horrid sorry to say but its looks chunky to me.

  24. Joanna says

    Gorgeous :)

  25. Catra says

    OMG…. Soooo beautiful eyes. Fabulous and fun! MAybe i will try it on my eyes. i wish i can make it..

  26. Larissa says

    I just ordered this stack of color!
    First time ordering anything from naked cosmetics and having it shipped all the way to Switzerland!
    Can’t wait to try the look!!! :)

  27. Sal says

    It’s sooo lovely, I have to try doing a rainbow eye!

  28. hong says

    can you pls do a similar look with inglot eyeshadows?? i live in australia and we have inglot everywhere.. love ur tutoriails….!!

  29. Lavena says

    I really want to know how much is the stuff that you use to do your eyeshadow. please hit me up.

  30. Natalie says

    oh my god this girl never fails to amazing me with her talent

  31. Muriel says

    i went out like this (thanks for the tutorial =) ) and i got sooooo many positiv responses! Leesha, you rock!

  32. Mugglemichelle says

    Gosh I wish I knew you did these tutorials earlier… like a few years ago on a cetain MU website. You really do an amazing job. you really make brights and other colours wearable. I just never get the hang of neutrals. and that foundation tutorial is really good from youtube too

  33. Persephone Hazard says

    OMG. I *need* to teach myself how to do this. Thank you so much for the tute <3

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