One of the most requested videos I get is to do a video about my piercings. I always put it off because I really wasn’t sure what people wanted, as pain is subjective so talking about how it was for me in no way is to say it will be the same for someone else. That being said, I’m giving in anyways, because its asked SO much!!

Here are a list of the piercings I have, and a description of the experience.



Lobe: I have three lobe piercings on each ear. This is the least painful, most simple piercing to get. It heals fast too, 6 weeks! I got most of these done at Claires a long time ago when I really didn’t know about getting piercing done at a place designed for it!

Helix: This is also known to a lot as a cartilage piercing. I have two on my right ear.  These are also pretty easy to get done, although the healing time is a lot higher- about 6 months. These are really common, and you can also get these done at accessory shops like Claires. I DO NOT recommend this, as it can shatter the cartilage. Also the people at these shops really generally don’t know what they are doing, so go to a professional.

Industrial: this is the bar in my left ear. This was the first piercing I got done at a piercing shop. I was SUPER nervous because of that! This was probably the most painful piercing I have gotten for a few reason. One, the guy who pierced it used a larger guage than the jewelry is (he used a 12g instead of a 14g) because he said it would heal better (ive never had another place do that). It’s also painful because you have to pierce the holes one at a time, so you get one done, all the blood rushes to your ear, and then BAM another hole. This was by far the most painful to get pierced, and it’s also a huge pain to heal. It takes FOREVER. I have had mine for almost a year now, and it will still randomly start hurting. That being said, this is by far my FAVORITE piercing!!!

Tragus: I get asked about this one so much! Almost as much as the industrial. This is the piercing that is  on that piece of skin by your ear holes. This one didn’t hurt much at all, but it is loud, because its RIGHT next to your ear drum! My traguses are small, so each time the piercer had a bit of trouble with this… one didn’t even think hed be able to do it! I have this on both my ears.

Rook: I think this is a piercing most people don’t see in my videos because its hard to see from the front. Its on my left ear, right under my industrial. This piercing was a piece of cake for me to get, all I felt was pressure, however for the next few days after getting it, my ear hurt more than any other time. It throbbed constantly, and it was horrrrible. My friend got this piercing too, and she said it was the most painful to actually get pierced for her, but was the EASIEST to heal fot he most part. That just goes to show how it varies person to person!

Tongue: I got my tongue pierced in Massachusetts on a whim with friends. You may have seen the whole process on Sayanythingbr00ke’s channel, as my friend joy filmed the whole thing! This one doesn’t hurt too bad to get done, but its weird because the bar seems SO long, and that’s because it is, because for the next week your tongue will swell huge!  Its really hard to eat too, I kept biting the bar or getting the bottom of the bar stuck in front of my teeth.  Once it healed, I got a bar that wasn’t metal, it actually was bendable, and then acrylic ends so it wouldn’t chip my teeth (I actually did chip my front tooth from the metal bar!) After about 6 weeks, and swallowing some of the acrylic ends from eating, I said “screw this!” and took it out. That piercing was SOOO not for me, I couldn’t stand it!!!

I’ll do a video about this sometime this week if you want, and I’ll record it with my friend who is my piercing buddy :)


  1. Keshia says

    Hehe. I have the same piercings as you. Except I have more in my lobe and only one tragus, but two industrials and a cartilage.

  2. Jocelin says

    Thanks for sharing this! I really been wanting to get something crazy like the industrial or rook but i am just too scared and keep putting it off lol

  3. trina says

    a video about this would be cool. i’m thinking of getting a few piercings and it would be pretty rad to hear about your personal experiences. like to actually HEAR you talk about them as opposed to reading it.

  4. Sherri says

    Cool piercings, I have three piercings in each lobe and one in my left helix. I’m thinking of getting one or two more.

  5. Onyx says

    A video would be great. I have a few similar piercings, plus others. I’d like to hear what kind of jewelry you think works best and is most comfortable in the more “unusual” piercings, i.e. tragus, cartilage. At the moment I have a “nose screw” in my tragus and that seems to be working out pretty well. Still looking for the right jewelry for my upper cartilage piercing though.

  6. Lucy says

    My industrial was such a pain in the ass to heal. The first time I got it done it got infected because I slept on it, and the second time I had it done it took 1.5-2 years to fully heal. I kept getting those stupid bumps next to the piercing for the longest time but after 2 years it healed completely and now I can sleep on it no problem.

  7. lolcats says

    sounds cool! I have tongue, left ear – 2 lobe, 2 helix and rook (my fave too, hurt to get done but healed nicely) right ear – scaffolding (same as industrial I think uk just calls it that more often) tragus, anti tragus, and 2 lobe :)

  8. Kari says

    Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been thinking about getting an industrial and a helix piercing as well, and now you have me interested in getting the rook piercing as well. :)

  9. Miranda says

    I just got my nipples pierced 2 days ago! Sorry if that was too much into but it’s kinda related to the post so whatever :) The first one wasn’t so bad cuz I was all pumped up with adrenaline but it all left in the 30 seconds it took to get to the second one lol it hurt so bad!

  10. Taime says

    Definitely getting my rook done…soon!! (finally!!!) :D Probably each tragus after that…

  11. Elle says

    The things that people want to know. Love the robot earring.

  12. diana says

    I was wondering if you still gave a hole in your tongue?

  13. Sam says

    I’ve had so many piercings over my lifetime, it’s a little ridiculous haha.

    My right ear has 3 on my lobe and an industrial. My left ear has two on my lobe and a tragus. When I was younger, I had each helix done 3 or 4 times (I took them all out, too annoying). I got my industrial when I was 15 (3 years ago) and it was barely any pain getting it done, but healing was THE MOST excruciating pain I’ve ever felt. It throbbed like a gunshot wound for about 6 months. I almost took it out, but I’m glad I didn’t because now it never hurts, even if you smack it. My tragus was only done a few months ago and again, the actual piercing was a piece of cake, but it was terrible pain for about a week or so. The pain was so bad it hurt my tooth. :\ That’s it for my ears haha.

    I got my eyebrow when I was 13 and I had it for 4 years before I took it out. My bellybutton has been done 3 times (first time the piercer did it wrong, the second time it rejected, and finally the third time was a go), my nose is done once on each side (first side when I was 16, second side right after I turned 18 and yes they’re both still in) and I pierced my lip myself once. I didn’t keep it in though.

    Through all the piercings, the most painful was WITHOUT A DOUBT my industrial. Everything else (besides the tragus) was a piece of cake.

  14. Sambie says

    We have all the same piercings, same number too! Haha, weird. :)

    Silly, silly me got my industrial, tragus, helix and my nose done all at the same time. I can honestly say that the helix piercing is thus far the one that’s caused the most pain, but two months on, it’s okay and now it’s my industrial piercing that’s hurting all the time. I would highly recommend not getting so many piercing like I did all at once unless you really enjoy sleepless nights.

    The only thing I can suggest to anyone getting a piercing is invest in some hydrogen peroxide and apply it to your ear every day, it really, really helps, and also the guy that pierced my ear suggested getting some paracetamol and crushing them in some water to make a thick paste and then apply it to your ear with a cotton bud. It really helps. :)

    I’m going getting another helix done on Sunday, followed by getting my lobes re-pierced a fourth time. Woo! :D

    Love the robot earrings!

  15. Sarah says

    I have 7 piercings in each ear, my eyebrow, nose and nipples…oddly my upper ear hurt worse than ANYTHING else…and took forever to heal…

  16. Caitlin says

    I love your Robot earrings! Do you have any tips for changing the earrings? I had a bad experience when I first got my lobes pierced and now that I have my helix pierced I’m nervous to change it out.

  17. Ari says

    Great post, and I love your industrial piercing!

    It’s interesting how different pain is for different people. My rook piercing was the most painful, but then I did get it right after the conch with a 6 gauge dermal punch (which hardly hurt at all). The tool has been the most annoying to heal as well.

    I’ve also three lobe piercings in each ear (four of which I did myself), and I’ll be getting a new helix soon. I used to have two that I did myself, but I never cleaned them and they got infected, so I took them out.

    I had a love/hate relationship with my tongue piercing too – I really liked the idea of it but it kept irritating my mouth and making it hard to eat, so I’d take it out only to change my mind and force it back in two weeks later (I was tenacious. Or crazy ;p ). Oh, I also have a Albert piercing, which I’m a big fan of.

  18. Ari says

    Okay, using my phone for that comment did not turn out well…

    Tool=rook, of course, and Albert is definitely NOT what I was trying to say! (Plus I’m pretty sure only guys can get those…)

    Anyway, your videos are the best (OMG, except for the ones where you’re totally being paid to advertise products, I’m so sure, cause for some reason I watch your videos even though I think you’re a sellout! ;P )

    I think I really channeled the troll mindset there :)

  19. Ari says

    Labret is the word I was looking for, hahaha

  20. Kendall Sinclair says

    my ear piercings:
    lobes (4… 2 per side)
    industrial (1)
    tragus (1)

    i want a rook piercing but im nervous thats gonna hurt. but then again the industrial piercing was the worst (for me). i also have my belly button pierced. thats my only non ear piercing

  21. Gabriella says

    Just reading about getting certain things pierced makes me cringe, unnecessary pain is not for me, lol! I have two piercings in each ear lobe and thats enough for me. But, I like your piercings on you. :) Cute robot earrings!

    Check out my blog: Principessa Gabriella

  22. Alisa says

    wow im surprised that the industrial hurt so much i expected the tragus to be a bitch…and ouch you have both of them done! haha… i have a helix and 3 lobes but none hurt to heal or hurt at the time of the piercing….

  23. Sara says

    I have my rook! Got it done about 3 weeks ago… I’ve had my helix, cartilage, nose, and lip… rook felt the same as them, it just lasted longer. I feel like the others are so thin that by the time you realize it hurt, it’s over. The rook it was like “Ok … this still hurts…” because it’s thick and difficult to pierce. It didn’t hurt at all after (except to lay one) for the first 4-5 days… then it hurt a little for a couple and hasn’t hurt since. Almost completely healed. Love it.

  24. Chester says

    I have 3 lobe piercings, 2 on the right side, one helix on each ear and a concha piercing in my left ear. Had a naval piercing for years but took it out because it looked strange in gowns and other stage costums. I also had a lip frenulum piercing (I don’t know the exact term in English) for 2 years but took it out as well because I began teaching. I found my student’s parents accepted me more easily without it.

    The fastest to heal were lobes and helixes. Concha took me 2 weeks of throbbing pain and several weeks after that to heal completely – but I loved it from the beginning. My baby! LOL
    Lip frenulum healed really quickly. Naval took almost 6 months.

    I also had a nipple piercing that actually never really healed. After 16 months I was so sick of the constant pain, redness and infections (with aftercare 2 to 3 times a day) and took it out. Not worth the hassle!

    I want to get a rook soon. Actually, I have wanted it since a couple of years but never came around to do it. LOL Well, your post inspired me to finally get it. Thanks!!

  25. Chester says

    Sorry, I meant tragus, not rook. I’m not used to all these terms.

  26. Caitlin says

    Also where do you buy your earrings? I’m have a hard time finding cute 16g earrings for me helix. 14g seems to be the most common but my piercing is 16g.

  27. Fredi says

    I love your robot earrings. Where did you get them? They are amazing <3

  28. Lisa says

    I always wanted my tongue pierced and after seeing the video on Brooke’s channel of you getting yours done I finally got mine. It, as you said, was a pain at first but now I don’t even notice it. I also don’t change the bar with every outfit as I’ve heard some people do and just leave it alone. I’ve had no trouble with it so thanks for inspiring me to get mine done lol :)

  29. Jennifer says

    This is for Caitln: Look at eyebrow rings on Jewelry sites. 16 is a common size for this and they have rings and captures that would work well.
    Leesha: Love the post! I really like your robots too. :) I’ve been wanting an industrial, but I am scared. lol I have a helix really high on my left ear and it took FORever to heal (had it 4 years and it still hurts sometimes.) Also this was done with a gun at a mall kiosk. BAD IDEA!! the hole is not gauged and it’s really REALLY small. It’s hard to put regular earrings in sometimes. I also have my eyebrow and I LOVE IT!!! I’ve done the belly button but let it close, I have no scar either. :) I totally understand what your saying about your tongue. That’s why I’ve never done it. lol

  30. Boo says

    I have three piercings on each lobe,an industrial on my right ear, and a dermal on my face. I actually didn’t find industrial too painful but I guess my pain tolerance is pretty high. The first two days of having the industrial was seriously a pain but taking ibuprofen worked wonders for it and within a week, there was no swelling and my ear was back to normal unless I hit it hard.

  31. Saphren says

    I love ur robot ear rings!! :D

  32. Mackenzie says

    I have my nose, two in my ears, my belly button, my nipples, and my hoo hoo… The only painful piercing… the nip nips. OUCH!!!!!! They are STILL healing… I thought they were the worst pain I’d ever experienced… until I got a tattoo on my ribcage a few days later. Compared to that tattoo my nipples were like kittens lapping at them.

  33. Camille says

    have you heard of a daith? that was the most painful piercing I have ever gotten…if anyone wants something really unique, get that pierced! i’ve never met anyone else who has one

  34. Jennifer says

    I’m surprised that you thought the tattoo was more painful Mackenzie. I would get tattooed anywhere before piercings. I’ve heard that your akhmmm….hoo hoo is a bitch to heal. :/

  35. Whiteny says

    Where did u get ur robot earrings???? They are soooooo adorable!

  36. Sophie-Julie says

    I think you’re so amazing. (: I have my lip, nose and ears pierced (x3) and I really want my trangus done. But I’m kind of scared, Does it hurt alot?? (: You know you’re hoop earings with the balls on, where did you get them from or how much did they cost you?? Cause I really want some, but they seem to be quite expensive for just one, I have a feeling I’m looking in the wrong place. Thank you. (: <3

  37. Cookie says

    I have my nose pierced which I love, 3 Lobe piercings on my right ear with a helix and 2 lobe piercings on my left with my left tragus. I’ve also stretched the first lobe piercings on both ear’s to 6mm. I love the idea of the rook piercing and the anti-tragus :) I’d love to get my tongue pierced also but I keep wimping out when I have the money and being all “I want it done now” when I don’t lol

  38. Sienna says

    Hey what a coinky-dink! I saw your Nyx tutorial the other day and that was when I first saw your scaffold, helixes and traguses and I was thing about what other piercings you have but I was too shy to email you :)
    You have a mad set of piercings and you’re heaps good at makeup; keep it up!

  39. Carolyn says

    Thanks so much for this post! It’s helpful to me to hear about other people’s piercing experiences before I take the plunge and do it myself.

    I have been in love with the idea of getting my tongue pierced lately. I think it would look really cute and make me feel kinda sexy ;) Oh my goodness though I would be so pissed if I chipped my tooth on the barbell!!

  40. MissR. says

    This post is sort of silly to me. I know it’s been super requested. People! You can’t learn about body modification from somebody talking about it, video or no video. Even going to a shop and watching friends do it is nothing remotely close. Stop freaking out. They will all eventually heal. You will take them out if you have to, and for the most part nobody will be the wiser.

    Piercings are totally a piece of cake compared to tattoos. One shot and you’re done. As opposed to sitting in a chair for four hours. Every time that tattoo machine turns on your whole body recoils. Damn I want some more tattoos.

    That being said I’ve never got anything that ought to have been particularly painful pierced. 6 in my ears. For a while I had my Monroe, but because of work complications I had to take it out. It was my favorite by far. I typically think they look terrible on people, sort of like dimple piercings, but for whatever reason it looked pretty good on me. Took quite a while to heal, but I’m super sensitive. I have 2 helix piercings and I can’t keep a thing in them, even though they are technically totally healed. If anything is in there for more than a day they swell up and go crazy.

    Least favorite piercings of all time: Tongue and Eyebrow. Nobody looks cute with either of those. NOBODY.

  41. Julia says

    I had to take my rook out a month ago and just went to get it re-pierced. Well, turns out it didn’t close all the way and I ended up having it simply stretched. It was really painful having it stretched (much more than my lobes), but I’m so happy to have my rook piercing again!

  42. kylee says

    what type of earrings do you use for the Tragus. xould you use normal ear rings with out the back ???

  43. Danielle says

    I have wanted a rook for a LONG time! I tried piercing it myself, that was an awful idea, hahaha.

  44. ilianaki94 says

    I have never got anything pierced and I decided to get my lobes pierced (maybe even cartilage I don’t know yet) . I have heard needle is best but all my friends tell me it is ok with a gun and because there is not a piercing place near me (that I know of) I don’t know what to do . Any advice?

  45. Khreas says

    I love my industrial too! But mine was the easiest to heal, I normally have issues with healing in my cartilage but this was super easy. Just used http://www.bodycandy.com/cgi-bin/category.cgi?item=8564 + the h2ocean stuff and it healed pretty cleanly.

    But I felt like such a wuss! They did the top part super close to my scalp the ball actually rests on my scalp and when it was done I got lightheaded and cold all over! Haha, but afterwards it didn’t really hurt at all!

    Nice to hear about the rooks tho, I’ve considered getting it done.

  46. Sarah says

    Very cool piercings, girlie!! They’re so pretty too.

    I couldn’t do it though. lol I don’t even have my lobes pierced. I hate needles SO much! I couldn’t handle getting more than one at a time. :P
    That said, I do have my navel & one of my nipples pierced. The nip was worse. However, it hurt more in the few hours after I got it done, than the actual piercing itself. Though that was no picnic. LOL
    Then about 3 years later, I switched to tattoos. They don’t feel like needles so they don’t bother me as much. Though the one on my lower back was awful. That one made me feel faint. My ankle & side tattoo were pieces of cake though. I want more! lol

  47. Cerina says

    I’ve been thinking about getting my traguses. But I’m super scared because I too have tiny traguses and little ears…I’ve also heard that there is a risk of bells palsy :/ anyone know about this? :)

  48. Julie says

    my rook also was a bitch when it was healing =]
    here are mine:
    3/4in lobes
    another random lobe hole on the left
    14g industrial (my second favorite)
    16g rook
    12g septum
    14g navel
    nape surface barbell (my faveeeee!)
    dermal anchor on the top of each wrist (soooo cute, i’ll show you pics if interested)

  49. Miranda says

    Has anyone else w/ a rook piercing not been able to change the jewelry? I’ve had it for almost 5 years and I can’t seem to get a good grip on it to unscrew the ball. I know I could just go to a piercing place and get them to do it but I’d rather just do it myself.

  50. Nazlee says

    I felt the SAME EXACT way about my industrial and tongue piercings! The industrial hurt soo much and it NEVER healed. it would always get so gross and crusty. I ended up taking it out cause I gave up, but I LOVED it. it was so awesome. wouldn’t get it repierced though just cause it was a pain in the a** to get pierce and take care of.. My tongue didn’t hurt at all but I kept biting on the bar too when I would eat and I would always play with it and pull on the bar. I was so sick of it and I was afraid I was going to rip my tongue cause of the constant playing! I couldn’t quit the habit, so I just took it out.. hahah.. I just thought it was funny that we had the same reactions/interests in those piercings

  51. Nadia says

    I have 11 piercings all together… We share the industrial, tragus, helix,and the lobe… I also want to get the rook… And Like u said each piercing is different with each individual… My belly butting dent hurt that much when I got it pierced professionally but my friend was in total pain… Some I did myself and some I paid to get… But piercing are very much worth the pain they cause!!!

  52. Tracee says

    I have 10 piercings.
    Ears a total of 7 times, including 7/16 lobes, nose, monroe, & tongue.
    None of them really hurt at all. I love all of them!
    I plan on getting at least one more before I start getting tattoos.
    But I also want to get my industrial & maybe tragus or daith.
    I think my ears are too small for an industrial or tragus though.
    Good post :D

  53. Helen says

    Id love to see a video…

  54. Amelia says

    I remember spying your industrial one day in your videos and got too excited over that, mostly cause I have one myself and most of the people I know were like “I’ve never seen that before/why did you get it” and stuff. I didn’t find mine painful to get pierced, and healing was smooth, but even now, two and a half years later, it likes to kick up a fuss and weep/bleed after a hefty knock. I also had the issue of my ear shape not curling over enough/being small so I almost couldn’t get it so I understand what you would have gone through with your traguses :P

    I’m suddenly inspired to go get some more metal for my ears now :D

  55. Mara says

    Your piercings are amazing !
    I got my tragus done recently so i was wondering, what piercings to you wear in your tragus ? They look so pretty !

  56. Nazlee says

    where did you get your robot earrings? I LOVE THEM!

  57. sylvia says

    hey leesha
    could you pleeaaase pleeaasse do a video about your piercings?
    loove looove your videos, you’re one of youtube’s best gurus ;)

  58. Heather says

    I have an industrial, and 4G (soon to be 2G) lobes. I had a tragus and a belly button piercing, but they both healed during a stint in the hospital were the made me take it out. I’m getting them redone, along with another set on my lobes (I miss normal earrings!).
    It would be really nice if you could do an informational video about piercing shops, what to look for and what to avoid. Even if you could link us to some websites with good info about it. I don’t necessarily need it, as I’ve always been paranoid about where I get my piercings, but I think it could be really useful. Maybe do it within the video about your piercings?

    And yeah, I’ve had my tragus since August ’08, and it still gets agitated, but then again, I’ve got sensitive ears and have trouble healing, so that’s just something people need to look out for.
    Thanks for the info!

  59. Mae says

    Please do a vid :] I have a lot of the ones you do and I wanna hear about them from you

  60. Ally says

    I have had my nostril, tongue, two helix, a bunch of lobes, and an industrial. And I have to say even though the industrial is a little bit of a bitch and will start hurting randomly even after almost a year, my most painful by FAR are my two helix piercings. I got them done in a mall like an idiot. It just goes to show how using a gun on any sort of cartilage is wrongwrongwrong. I actually took one out because it healed crooked and I almost couldn’t get it out after a whole year because it hurt to much to pull on. Ughh. NOBODY get anything but ear lobes done at a mall!

  61. Brittany says

    I just got my tragus done this weekend, I was surprised that it didn’t hurt at all base on the very mixed reviews that I had heard! I want to get the other side done too. And moree!

  62. Mim says

    Where did you get the robot earrings? They are tres cute.

    Also, where do you get your earrings from to the industrial and tragus? I have trouble finding good ones.

  63. Marcy says

    love your piercings and earring choices! I have 3 earlobe piercings on each ear (and a belly ring) and 3 of the 6 lobe ones actually took a looong time to heal and would bleed/ooze from time to time despite my taking excellent care of them and constant cleaning/treating. people definitely need to keep in mind that everyone will react differently to piercings, even simple ones in the lobe that generally heal within 6 weeks. i desperately want a tragus and/or a rook now that i’ve seen your video! but i’m scared of how it will go because of the hard time i had with my lobes (even though they’re perfectly healed now with no scar tissue or keloids).

  64. Jodi says

    hey leesha, i was wondering if you got your helix piercings at the same time… because i really want two like yours but i don’t really want to have to wait to get both done. i’d rather have them heal together

  65. Vicky says

    I just got an industrial done three months ago and it has formed two hypertrophic scars around the bar. I was wondering if you had any problems with hypertrophic scarring on your piercings, and if so, what did you do to get rid of them?
    Thank you so much! :)

  66. Morgan says

    Best place to get body jewelry online? It’s so hard to find shops around me so any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

  67. Girlaxia says

    It is very normal for piercers to use a needle one gauge up from the size piercing you want for all cartilage piercings (ears, septum) as cartilage does not stretch and move as skin does for most other piercings (ear loves, lip, belly button).

    If you use a 14g needle on a 14g piercing the cartilage will swell too much and not heal correctly.
    You always want the needle to be a size up when getting your cartilage pierced :)

  68. Sandra says

    LOL, didn’t know that the helix actually had a name. I just call mine the “at the top of the ear-hole”!

  69. Amy says

    I am terrified of needles so even I’m amazed that I have 7 piercings (had 8 but recently took one out) I have the tragus, daith, forward helix, snakebites and medusa plus I have a surface piercing on the back of my neck. I had my chest surface done but had to take it out. By far my most painful one was the chest piercing xD hurt soo bad!

    1. Frannie says

      I am absolutely terrified of needles too, but for some reason, tattoos and piercings don’t scare me..I think it’s more the idea of an injection that scares me than the needles themselves. I don’t know..I want to get some more piercings, mainly nose, lip, and ear, but my work has a really strict appearance code.

  70. Fathi says

    I love ear piercings, but I only have one on each ear so far, beausce I used to be allergic on the jewellry, but I will definitly get some more. I think the only good advice is that you should let it heal very long and you won’t get (many) problems with it. Btw, I love the three you already have. They fit great to you :) xx

  71. Kazuyoshi says

    My friend got about six studs in her ear at the same time once; it helaed fine, but I’m not sure it’s advisable!! To be honest I think you’ll be fine getting your fourth if your third just needs to be re pierced xthat-bird.blogspot.co.uk

  72. Enrico says

    I love piercings so much…I have four in my left ear and I cdolun’t be happier with the result.However you will need to take care of it thoroughly…this fourth is more likely to get infected. But it actually looks lovely!! ^-^

  73. Veronica says

    I went and had two done at the same time, personally, it didn’t hurt, aloghuth it was winter (which meant it was freeezzzing) and I was just outside for few hours, so my ears felt numb. :DXoxo, Peppi

  74. Liz says

    I had mine done about 4 months ago, at first I liked them and on the pain scale of 1 to 10 it was about a 6, it feels like havnig an injection in your collarbones. However I did have to take them out as I thought they looked stupid and people constantly look at them, also because I’m a girl it’s a bit awkward because it looks like people are constantly staring at your boobs

  75. Saverio says

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    I love your top and that headband is so prttey! I always end up editing my posts at least three or four times before posting. I usually only change one or two words each time, but I can’t help it lol. Oooh and loving the new piercing!

  90. Ayrie says

    When i got mine a couple of years ago it felt like just a pinch it raelly didnt hurt at all My nose piercing i felt hurt more than my belly piercing! I think it depends on how thick your skin is and your pain tolerance.

  91. Bogel says

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  92. Dalimin says

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    You certainly can have a stud, it won’t be like those buftertly back gun studs though.For the tragus, you could probably either get a tiny curved barbel (like they’d put in an eyebrow piercing) or a labret style stud. A stud will be more comfortable for healing anyway; less movement.

  94. Adiolercx says

    I love ear piercings, but I only have one on each ear so far, besacue I used to be allergic on the jewellry, but I will definitly get some more. I think the only good advice is that you should let it heal very long and you won’t get (many) problems with it. Btw, I love the three you already have. They fit great to you :) xx