Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush & Bronzer: Photos, Swatches

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush and Bronzer have a cute, happy heart design, sweet violet scent, and a plant extract blend that have been shown to promote feelings of happiness.

In This Post:

  • Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush ($11.95) in Natural
  • Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Powder ($13.95) in Light Bronzer









These are super cute, I love the heart design on them and the pink packaging! They also have a really sweet scent to them that I like. I noticed that when I tried to swatch each heart color individually the color payoff wasn’t so great, but when I blended the colors together it was fine. These powders are super soft and have a satin finish to them that gives cheeks a pretty glow.
They also have a compartment underneath the powder that has a mirror and a brush to apply the powder that’s striped pink and red. I really like when compacts like this have a separate area for the brush or sponge, as so many people don’t realize that you can ruin the makeup by leaving the applicator on top of it (the oils from your skin will leave a film on top of the powder, kinda gross!)

These are available at drugstores nationwide.



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  1. sammie says

    aww they look so pretty! wish these are available in the uk :(

  2. amanda says

    They don’t look that pigmented ):

    1. Leesha says

      they aren’t overly pigmented, no, but honestly i dont want a blush that is haha

  3. Vijaya says

    That’s fascinating that the individual hearts don’t work as well as everything swirled together. Thanks for the swatches!

  4. Miranda says

    I love my Happy Booster blush :D :D :D

  5. Melanie*Loves*Makeup says

    It always amazes me the price mark up from the US to Canada. I paid wayy more that that for mine :( However, I do love it (I have the blush that is swatched in this post) it has become my daily go-to blush, it gives just the right amount of color when I’m doing a express-hit-the-snooze-button-one-too-many-times-this-morning face with minimal eyemakeup. The pink packaging as adorable, and the hearts make it so adorable, I can’t get over how cute it is!!

  6. Amy says

    I did purchase the Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush but it was in the rose colors. I really like it alot and the smell. I don’t feel that it boosts my mood, then again it takes a lot for that. haha

  7. Nikki says

    Are you serious?? The blush is only $11.25? It’s like, 6 or 7 dollars more here in Canada :'(

  8. Elizabeth says

    Do you think these are limited edition? I am not sure if I want one or not, but if they are going to disappear soon then maybe I should jump on it…

  9. Tokyochel says

    I agree with everyone that the package and product are very cute, but what about the claims of promoting happiness? Did you feel happier after wearing this?

    1. Liz says

      It’s most likely one of those BS claims that are legal to make. I would just hope the smell is pleasant.

      Besides, that’s probably not the reason why people have bought it.

      1. Sarah says

        Do you think it’s just a euphoric thing? Obviously the product is super cute, you said they smell good, and something that gives you a pretty glow a bound to boost your self-esteem. A little sparkle can do wonders for a person’s mood. Mine, for damn sure hahah.

        1. Sarah says

          *is bound!

  10. Michelle Tiu says

    Does the brush work well? it would be cool if it did!

  11. Nicole says

    i love these! very beautiful :)

  12. Teiva says

    I LOVE these powders. I use the beige one as an all over setting powder. It leaves a nice glow. The translucent one is a great highlighter, the 2 blushes are really nice. They are sheer but not TOO sheer and leave a nice glow as well. The dark bronzer also works very well. All of them are glowy but not glittery..and they smell delicious!

  13. Adrienne says

    CVS has a deal for $6 OFF these. I got the blush and a powder today! they’re so cute

  14. Kat says

    I went out and bought this today since I’ve been like staring it down at stores for like four or five months and it smells amazing. I did feel happier after I put it on. May just be my imagination but the Eurphynol does seems to be doing its job ^^

  15. Jessica says

    Bought one today in Rose, love the smell and the packageing is Super cute :)

  16. Lianna says

    I have these in both Natural and Rose. I use the Rose one almost every single day! Now, I’m not sure how good they are at keeping my mood boosted, but, I do feel happy when I put it on because it is so darn cute! I agree, that the individual hearts do not give the pigmentation that the whole thing does swirled together. However, the point of this blush is to swirl them all together. Someone said that they, in general aren’t very pigmented. I have to disagree. Mine are very pigmented, and I absolutely love them. If you’re in the marked for a good blush, I would check these ones out. :D

  17. Emily says

    I saw these at Walmart and instantly thought of you Leesha haha :)

  18. Natalie says

    I know this comment is really epically late in terms of when this was posted but I really wish I could get hold of these products in England!

  19. Gabriela says

    Super cuteeeeee!

  20. YouAreNotSandra says

    These are my favorite blushes and bronzers (:

  21. Valerie39 says


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