Physicians Formula Eye Candy Collection: Swatches, Photos

The Eye Candy Collection from Physicians Formula brings you four palettes of nine shimmering shades each meant to enhance your eye color.

In This Post:

  • Blue Eye Candy Palette ($10.95)
  • Green Eye Candy Palette ($10.95)

  • Brown Eye Candy Palette ($10.95)
  • Hazel Eye Candy Palette ($10.95)



Blue Eye Candy


pfeyecandypfeyecandyGreen Eye Candy


pfeyecandypfeyecandyBrown Eye Candy


pfeyecandypfeyecandyHazel Eye Candy

All shadows swatched over ELF Primer

These palettes are similar to the Pop Collection Physicians Formula came out with last year in the sense that they both have palettes with shades designed for specific eye colors, but the shades themselves are pretty different for the most part. While the Pop collection seemed to focus more on hints of bright colors with a majority of naturals (except the Pop Green Eyes Palette which is all fun colors!) The Eye Candy Collection seems to be very monochromatic with one accent color. The shadows have a satin finish and are very soft and have nice pigmentation, so they are easy to apply and blend.

As always, while these palettes are designed to enhance a specific eye color, don’t let that limit you to only getting the palette meant for your eye color! The Brown and Hazel Eye Candy Palettes especially can be worn by anyone, and the Green and Blue have really fun colors that anyone can rock with the right mindset ;)

These are available at drugstores nationwide.




  1. Farah says

    Hey Leesha, This probably is going to sound demanding but would you do a makeup tutorial for a Bollywood look. (Preferably something green) I will love you forever if you did, not that I don’t already love you(: (Sorry is this sounded demanding, you don’t have to, and thanks for all of the amazing tutorials that you have done)

    1. Farah says


  2. Amy says

    Thanks for sharing! I really like the one for green eyes! I may just have to invest!

  3. Vijaya says

    These don’t look particularly nice to me.

  4. Lauren says

    Leesha, trying the one that matches your eye color, did you see a big enhancement in your eyes? How did the color choices of Eye Candy match with that of another cosmetic company that does the same “enhancement blend” for the same eye color?

    Def going to try these, regardless. Thanks!

  5. Melanie says

    OoOO I love that coral color that is amongst the blues. GORGEOUS!!

  6. Annnaaa says

    Can you depot these to fit into a unii palette?

    1. Brittney says

      You Can’t Necessarily “Depot” Them, But You Can Take The Metal Part Out Of The Plastic Packaging. I’ve Done It. =]

  7. Nicole says

    i don’t really like these..
    also i feel like the blue eye candy one wouldn’t look right with my (blue) eyes

    (or am i confused and isn’t it meant for blue eyes…?)

  8. Joanne says

    I don’t like how the brown eye palette is too neutral. I’ll probably have to pick up another palette to mix and match more.

  9. jen-sexieejenn21 says

    I have a few PF palettes, I just got the eye candy one for blue eyes.. Nice colors

  10. gennie says

    I love this product, I have the eyeliners I love it.

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