Peekaboo: Urban Decay Smoked Palette

I just got word that this new palette from Urban Decay is going to launch on Monday.. ooOoo! This is basically their response to the Naked Palette. The most popular look in the world is a smokey eye, so why not have a palette focusing on it?



This palette will come with 10 shades, and EVEN INCLUDES DARK COLORFUL SHADES!! So you don’t have to have that traditional smokey eye, you have a pretty awesome range of varying degrees of smokey looks- from just barely to insanely dark, to colorful- to choose from :)

On top of that, you also get Perversion 24/7 Eyeliner (the blackest eyeliner ever in life) and a mini primer potion. AAAND! (my favorite part) the kit comes with a 26 page booklet that has LOTS of of detailed instructions with a large variety of looks for different ways to use the palette. I love love love this- so often you come home with a new palette, open it, and go “wtf do i even DO with this?!” Or, it comes with a little booklet that goes “highlight, crease, lid. DONE.” boring. This booklet has very detailed instructions and a lot of different looks to choose from. :)

More on this palette to come Monday. Just wanted to give you a little sneak peak :D


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  • Flavia Cardenas

    I need this!!!!

  • gabs

    The colors are gorgeous!!!

  • Amanda

    Oh, I need this! I wonder how much it costs, even though I’ll buy it anyway :)

    • 80sChicwithglasses

      $49 USD….I can’t wait for this either!

  • Emily Bryan

    I NEED THIS!! :D

  • Jenny Clinkenbeard

    I SO want this!  I don’t even mind the fact that Blackout is in both the Naked 2 palette and this one!  I love that super pigmented, matte black.

  • 80sChicwithglasses

    Thanks for posting a release date!  I’ve been obsessively checking the website to snag this for an early b-day gift for myself.  I don’t really need this, but I can’t help it!  I love smokey eyes and UD shadows…what MORE could I ask for, lol! 

  • Tina

    OMG!!! … I need this… now

  • ✂ lawren

    I was kind of iffy about this until you said that it comes with a book with a ton of looks to try! I’m definitely guilty of buying palettes, and not knowing where to start! This sounds really cool and exciting :D

    • Joanie

      I’m the same way, I buy them, then I search youtube or makeup blogs for looks!

  • beth mars

    i want this!! :( any idea when it launches in the UK?

  • Enrie Scielzo

    OMG I freaking love this! Gotta put my hands on this baby asap! :) 

  • Lydia the Strange

    Don’t care how, I want it now! Such a relief I can buy this one since they changed their minds about China, even if I do have to wait for the UK launch. ’3′

    • Shannon Coleman


  • styt

    rockstar and asphalt look good

  • Debbie

    So excited to get this palette!

  • Joanie

    OK, seriously! I have to get this palette!

  • Hitzchicky

    I may have to purchase this. It’s been a while since I bought any eyeshadow palettes. 

  • Vianka Veronica Villanueva

    Wow, this looks amazing. :| I want this palette now.

  • bry

    There’s a good set of outer corner colors!

  • Samantha Micaela

    Just ordered!!! <3

  • elana_s

    Oh gawd they named a dark brown ‘Backdoor’? eewwww

  • Sherafg

    hi could you please find out when this is coming to the UK?