April 18, 2014
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Product Review

Product Breakdown: Eyeko Nail Polish


This is going to be a new series that will come out on Mondays (I have like 5 ‘series’ that come out on Mondays, so it’ll kinda be a tossup on what Monday it will come out on!) This is very similar to review videos, but I’m going to try and be a little more in-depth than reviews tend to ... Read More »

First Impressions: Model in a Bottle


I picked these products up at IMATS this year, and totally forgot about them until a few weeks ago. I think Model in a Bottle is worth checking out if you have issues with your makeup staying on throughout the day or if you work somewhere where you don’t really have time for touch ups. Here I am using the ... Read More »

Product Battle: Unii Palette Vs Z Palette Vs MAC Palette


I’ve gotten to try out all three of these palettes, here are my thoughts on them! Extra Info: MAC PALETTE Thanks so much HovercatMittens for the photos!! 15 pan Palette: $14 6 Blush pan Palette: $14 4 pan Palette: $5 These are the cheapest, most accessible option. Be careful traveling with these, and pack them nicely!! UNII PALETTE Unii Palette: ... Read More »

Stila One Step Makeup Review


So this isn’t really a first impressions video considering I tried it before I filmed the video, but oh well. :) REALLY loving this product, especially for those “OMG I have literally 2 seconds to get ready!!” moments. I had a few people asking questions about this that I forgot to put into the video, so here are a few ... Read More »

NEW Eyeko Polishes: Saucy Polish & Rain Polish


So in case you didn’t know, I kinda love Eyeko Polishes. Not just because the packaging on each polish is totally unique and ADORABLE, but because the formula is FANTASTIC and with most, it’s opaque in one coat. They’ve just released two new shades: Rain Polish (For City Nails) and Saucy Polish (For Naughty Nails). And just because, here are ... Read More »

Two Faced Package!


I got a package from Too Faced yesterday and wanted to show you some up close & personal shots! Strip Tease Pillow Talk I haven’t really tried any of these out yet, but I’ll definitely keep you posted! I’m most excited about the Lip Insurance. I’m OBSESSED with Shadow Insurance so I hope it measures up! If you’ve tried any ... Read More »

IMATS Haul photos


Sorry this took a little longer than expected! I just got a new camera (Nikon d5000) and was waiting until I got my macro lens in the mail so I could be super fancy :) I’m also going to add that a good amount of the products I’m showing you were given in the gift bag I got from the ... Read More »

NEW OCC Product Swatches & Giveaway!


I got the new OCC Loose Shadows and the new OCC Lip Tars at IMATS, AHH I’m so excited to show you guys!!! There is a full swatch post of all of the OCC Lip Tars right here! Ironically, when I got home and checked my PO Box, I had a set of the new colors waiting for me. Since ... Read More »



IMATS was so fun this year, and so so so overwhelming in more ways than one! I’m going to upload a video showing all my IMATS footage very soon, but in the meantime wanted to show you guys some of the stuff I got there as many, MANY of you asked and I feel that since it’s a specialty show, ... Read More »

Makeup Brushes 101


This video focuses mainly on my favorite MAC brushes, but please don’t feel like those are the only ones I use or that are worth using! I admit that I absolutely LOVE my MAC Brushes, and believe they are totally worth the money. Most of my MAC brushes are well over 4-5 years old and still in wonderful condition. I ... Read More »