April 17, 2014
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MAC Flighty Zoom Lash Mascara Review, Photos, Swatches


MAC Flighty Collection includes 4 colored shades of MAC’s famous Zoom Lash Mascara, including a gray, blue, purple, and green. Below I will review the Gray (High Esteem), and the Green (Green is Green)   Green is Green, High Esteem Green is Green, High Esteem Green is Green, High Esteem Green is Green, High Esteem   Plain Lashes Green is ... Read More »

MAC Flighty Big Bounce Eyeshadows Review, Photos, Swatches


The MAC Flighty Collection includes some new eyeshadows called Big Bounce Shadows. They are a whipped, almost custard-like consistency and are intended to be used as a soft wash of color over the lid. Free As Air Count Your Assets Reward Yourself Extra Charged My Next Indulgement   Free As Air, Count Your Assets, Reward Yourself, Extra Charged, My Next ... Read More »

Open Box Video Featuring MAC, NYX, Smashbox, and more

Hello! I was out of town over the past weekend for Easter, hence the lack of blog posts :) It’s been a busy month! I came back to my xSparkage mailbox being full of goodies (this always happens, the days before i go out of town I get nothing, but the second I leave they all show up!) and thought ... Read More »

Leesha’s Essentials for Traveling- Short Trip


Something I tend to get asked is “What should I bring for my trip to ____?” This is something I never really thought about doing a post/video about, as I feel like it really depends on you- what you’re doing while on your trip, where exactly you are traveling to, how long will you be gone, will you be with ... Read More »

First Impressions: Redken Nature’s Rescue Refining Sea Polish


I have been a beauty blogger for quite some time now, and love that I get to try and review so many products for beauty, skin, and hair, but after awhile you start to see that a lot of products start to blend together- eyeshadows, mascara, deep conditioning mask, face wash.. it’s generally the same type of product, with maybe ... Read More »

Maj’s Favorites:Things That I’m Stealing (from Leesha!)

My mom came to visit me here in Austin this weekend, and we had a great time catching up, as I haven’t seen her since Christmas. Being my mom, she couldn’t just be on vacation at her daughter’s place, she had to scrutinize and deep clean and organize areas I thought were perfectly fine (which is a trait that you ... Read More »

Fortune Cookie Soap Spring Line Review & Giveaway

Hi Guys! I wanted to share some of the new Fortune Cookie Soap spring products with you. I’ such a huge fan of this company and I’m sure you will be too :)     New products mentioned: In the Loop: Fruit Loops/ Fruity Pebbles scent-Bath Bomb-Sugar Scrub-Whipped Cream Body ButterShampoo Bar How ’bout Them Apples?: Perfect red apple scent-Whipped ... Read More »

Leesha Loves: March Favorites

April already?! Crazy! Here are my favorite products from march, including some great hair products for blonde and short hair alike, an awesome eye cream and under-eye primer, fun lipstick and killer mascaras.     Products Mentioned: UNITE Blonda Shampoo UNITE Expanda Dust Volumizing Powder Bed Head Manipulator Texturizing Paste Benefit B.Rite It’s Potent! Eye Cream (See First Impressions on ... Read More »

Physicians Formula Eye Candy Collection: Swatches, Photos


The Eye Candy Collection from Physicians Formula brings you four palettes of nine shimmering shades each meant to enhance your eye color. In This Post: Blue Eye Candy Palette ($10.95) Green Eye Candy Palette ($10.95) Brown Eye Candy Palette ($10.95) Hazel Eye Candy Palette ($10.95)   Blue Eye Candy   Green Eye Candy   Brown Eye Candy   Hazel Eye ... Read More »

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush & Bronzer: Photos, Swatches


Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush and Bronzer have a cute, happy heart design, sweet violet scent, and a plant extract blend that have been shown to promote feelings of happiness. In This Post: Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush ($11.95) in Natural Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Powder ($13.95) in Light Bronzer     These are super cute, ... Read More »