April 16, 2014
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Makeup Looks

Fierce Friday- Hunger Games Inspired Tutorial


Last week The Hunger Games trailer came out, and I was super excited about it! I have been anticipating this movie since I first heard they were casting, and I was really worried that the movie wouldn’t live up to the enormous hype it has had since before they even started filming, but I really enjoyed the trailer. I think ... Read More »

Wearable Wednesday- Twilight Breaking Dawn Bella’s Wedding Look


I swear, SOMEDAY I’ll get the blog post up the same day as the video! :) Here is my attempt to recreate the look Kristen Stewart has on as Bella for the Wedding scene in Breaking Dawn. My eyeshadow is a bit darker than the clip I saw of her makeup, but it’s easy to tone it down by blending ... Read More »

Fierce Friday- Smoke & Ice


Yup, Posting my Fierce Friday tutorial on my blog on Tuesday, totally acceptable! :) I really liked this look, it’s really simple but pretty! I’m obsessed with the lid color, I had never used it before and its so unique!   Read More »

Wearable Wednesday- Ice Princess


Wearable Wednesday this week was an excuse to use some more items from the MAC Glitter & Ice collection :) I used mainly mineral eyeshadows, and this look is super super simple but still fun! Read More »

Quick Looks: Late Night Purples


  Man, I haaaaate freshly washed hair! it’s such a pain to deal with, at least for my hair! I feel like I have to put 10 pounds of product in to make it do anything. I wish they sold a product that made your hair like a day after washing it. I think that works best for a lot ... Read More »

Fierce Friday: Glitter & Ice


Oh my gosh, today was one of those days I really don’t want to repeat! It started off with me having to get impressions of my teeth for invisalign (for an hour and a half, i think they had to do 7 impressions total because they messed up at least 4) followed by a trip to the Apple store, because ... Read More »

Wearable Wednesday- Glitter and Muppets


For Wearable Wednesday this week, I wanted to use my Muppets Palette from theBalm! I decided to do a look I fall back on when I want something fun but not crazy (at least, not crazy in my book!) I love the glitter I used, I always think of glitter as crazy colors and it’s so beautiful as a beige ... Read More »

Quick Looks: Piiink!


Sometimes I like to do my makeup, but either the look itself is way too basic to warrant a tutorial, or I just don’t have the time to film one. I know you guys like seeing makeup tutorials and such, so to add to the actual tutorials I film (and pinkie swear, they’re coming!) I’m gonna start doing what I ... Read More »

A Few Shots from the Paris Trip!


Hi guys! I wanted to share some of the photos I had taken of me in Paris, at the Palace of Versailles :) Each of us Youtubers that went had a little photoshoot at a different monument, and this was mine and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’ve never had professional photos taken so it was really a fun ... Read More »

Playdate- Rainbow Eyes from IMATS Vancouver


For my class at IMATS Vancouver, I decided to do a look using the Shock Effects Collection from Naked Cosmetics because it’s super bright and fun! I went for a rainbow style look, as it was my first class and that style look is what I was originally known for :) I posted pictures of this look on tumblr and ... Read More »