Outfit of the Day: Little Black Dress

So recently, I had my backyard redone. Here’s a before/after:

Ootd5 23

I’m really excited about it. I’ve gotten an outdoor fireplace table since then that is also really cool, but still need to get some patio furniture. 

I was really excited about the fact that having my backyard done would mean it’d be easier to film/photograph outfit of the day video and blog posts, because there would be lots of space, a wall behind me, and no distractions. I decided today to give it a go and try it out.

There were a few things making my plan pretty much useless-

  • The damn sun. My house faces east, so I get all the horribly glory of the setting sun beating down on my backyard. This makes it kinda difficult to film/photograph, as I can’t see anything!
  • Reflection from my Tinted Windows shows on the back wall. Boooo.
  • The monster tree in the corner of my yard. You can’t see it in the picture because its right behind me, but It has been pollenating EVERYTHING with those god damn yellow flowers you can see in the before picture. My pretty patio gets covered in them.
  • My camera tripod decided just before I went outside to completely lock up on me, and I can’t change the height. Right now its at about belly button height so I have to stand really far away.

Needless to say I really need to plan ahead. Here’s the only picture I got from that- and I’m only posting it because its the only full head-to-toe shot I have: 


Don’t even ask what that pose is, It was my first time using a camera remote and I didn’t know when the picture was going to be taken :P But you can see my problems- glass reflection, a million stupid yellow flowers, and oh, apparently a turned over bowl from last week when chelsea and I rescued a couple puppies. I totally forgot to tell you guys about that, but that was an experience.


Anyways, I still was able to get a couple shots inside :)


Today was filming day, so really all that matters is chest-up. I chose this dress from express because its really comfy and I love the cut and simplicity of it. I jazzed it up with some gold accessories- I am currently obsessed with this statement necklace, and have been trying to pair it with everything I can!ootd5-23ootd5-23Makeup was simple, just some black liner and New Wave OCC Stained Gloss.ootd5-23I also love this snake ring and wrap watch. Wrap watch gets a lot of wear :)ootd5-23These are the last shoes I purchased, and I am soooo obsessed with them. They’re comfy and I love the strappy design!!



  1. jollylolly says

    love your shoes!! what brand are they? xxoo

    1. xsparkage says

      they are also from dailylook, but sold out :(

  2. MindySue81 says

    Yes, where did you get your shoes.

  3. Jenny says

    If you crop the picture to just cut off before the bowl I think it’s a really nice shot, awkward pose n’all =P The yellow flowers make a nice contrast to the black!

    1. xsparkage says

      but then it cuts off my feeeet!

      1. Jenny says

        No I mean crop it from the right over =P

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