Organization Tip: Tool Turnabout for Brushes

I have been using one of these for brushes for years :) It’s great if you are like me and have a bajillion brushes, or even a great way to organize other products as well, like eyeliners, lipliners, lipgloss, etc!

This is available from Pampered Chef, but I have also heard from people in the comments of my video that you can get similar ones from Target, Staples, and Michael’s :)


  1. amy_baybeii says

    im amy.
    i just wanted to say you are very good in giving tips
    and your tuitions are so amazing.i tried it and i loved it!
    i love watching your videos…xxxtc bye

  2. Stavroula Plag says

    I wish I could find something like that, it looks so great!! :)

  3. Slkinnane says


    I really like your website. I think in this video your eyes look amazing, have you done / do you intend on doing a vidoe tutorial for them? I would love to know how you done it.

    Also I was just curious as to how old you are? I’m 23 and I hardly wear any makeup, but I’m trying to change my ways.

    Thanks for your site, its a great inspiration!

  4. simone says

    I love this look do you have a tutorial for it?

  5. Heather Adrian says

    My boyfriend got me one of these for my makeup brushes after watching your videos :) Do you have any reccomendations for decorating it?

  6. Doc says

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