April 16, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • Abby

    omg the gold flex in the silver is stunning!

  • Elysia


  • http://kiwi-the-astronaut.blogspot.com/ Shea

    I want them all so bad. I love the Muppets.

  • http://www.pinkglitterboutique.blogspot.com Lindsay

    I love Warm & Fozzie!

  • http://jennyelin.bloggplatsen.se/ Jenny

    Love Warm & Fozzie and Wocka Wocka! Hope they’ll be available in Swedish shops as well..

  • Emma

    wocka wocka looks like the perfect christmas red!! LOVE.

  • http://glitterdetector.blogspot.com Marta

    The Designer…De Better! is so unique, I love it! x

  • http://ihazabeautyblog.com Denise

    Wow these are gorgeous I need these in my life! Awesome!

  • Briana

    I love this collection! I went and got the whole thing (which I usually don’t do but I was excited about it.) The only thing I noticed about it, and I’m sure that’s the same with any glittery polish, is that they are extremely hard to remove with anything but pure acetone. I had Gone Gonzo on my acrylics when i had them, and I had to soak off my acrylics to get the polish off. I was kind of done with them so it wasn’t that big of a deal, but I had been scrubbing on one finger with Non-Acetone for at least 5 minutes and nothing happened. I guess the bright side is, if they grab onto artificial nails like that, I’m sure they would last a long(er) time on natural nails as well.