April 16, 2014
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  • http://fiercenerditude.blogspot.com/ Vijaya

    I have a white shatter already, so I don’t need this, thank goodness!

  • Emily

    I love the Spark de Triomphe! :)

  • Ashley

    What I have learned from the crackle nail polish is you can create ‘cracked’ designs on your nails as well, depending on what directions you apply it. :) play around with it and have fun! :)

  • http://adriko1blog.blogspot.com adriko

    i think the black would look better

  • Bentefie

    I love the sparkly color, but I am not loving the combination of white shatter and a gold colored nailpolished.. Would have been better if the gold color had been more of a silver

  • http://www.glamarific.com Kimberly

    That looks so cool! How fun for Summer.

  • Andrea

    Comes out in May 2001 eh? ;)

    But I still want a shatter, but I just don’t think I’d use it enough.

    • Andrea

      oops I guess I’m the one who can’t read!

    • Leesha

      haha no you can read, i just changed it :)

  • Caitlin

    Not a fan – I’m glad, saves me money!

  • April

    available May 2001? ;]

    i like the silver/gold polish. i wouldn’t pair it with the white though.

  • carolcarol92

    wouldn’t it be cool if they came out with a GLITTER shatter POLISH!!! ..:)

    • http://bellezzabeautyblog.blogspot.com Tamsin

      Some companies do have it, OPI’s Pirates of the Caribbean collection has a silver and gold i think :)

    • Leesha

      wait till you see the silver that comes out with the pirates collection.. its as close to a glitter as you can get :)

  • Kate

    I have the white one by China Glaze and hate it I’m tempted to get this one just to compare. I could do without the glitter, but I love the one they did with the black shatter it looks amazing under it. I also want to pick up their red shatter one.

    • Leesha

      i dont know how i feel about the red shatter, its sheer. i need to play with it again but i really didnt like it when i tried it out

  • http://rachaelsbeautyblog.blogspot.com/ Rachael

    I love all the sparkles. But I am actually not a fan of the shatter (and I was so looking forward to it when it came out in black). I find that it applies bumpy) if that makes any sense at all. I felt like it skipped over my nails. But after this review I might have to go buy the sparkly one (if it comes seperate).

  • eve

    Omg I love it !!! Can’t wait to get it

  • http://sunglassbest.com/ replicaoakleysunglasses

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  • MA

    Hmm… Looooving the “Spark de Triomphe” (play on words of “Arc de triomphe?), but the white crackle polish just looks like white-out to me :/

  • Kristina

    I do not like either alone or together … not impressed. I do have the black and LOVE the effect I can get but the white just does not look good at all.

  • http://bellezzabeautyblog.blogspot.com Tamsin

    i like them both seperately, just not on top of eachother x

  • http://key-beauty.blogspot.com/ Joyce

    I don’t like the white gold underneath the white, it’s just too.. cold? seperatly they would look lovely!

  • Jillian

    I absolutely love this combo! It’s not really something I would like, but for some reason I just think this is gorgeous and I am going to get is ASAP!!
    I got some colors from the Pirates Collection and also the silver shatter, and I was wondering if you had any tips n using it? I can’t really get it to work for me like I can when I use the black shatter.

  • Rachel

    I actually REALLY like this combo. Thanks for posting!

  • Tracy

    Just received this collection today. I love it. I have the pirates and katy perry collection on order. ( I am little behind). If you are looking for drug store shatter/crackle polishes, Sally Hansen has released crackle polish. They have white, silver, gold, red, purple, pink, blue and black. Got the gold at walgreens today for 5.99.