OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection Part 1: Swatches, Photos, Review

OPI has come out with six new colors inspired by the upcoming film Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger Tides, along with a silver shatter polish. Here is the first half of the collection, the warm, pinks & purples!


Opipotc 7Steady as She Rose, Sparrow Me the Drama, Planks a Lot

Opipotc 8Silver Shatter

Opipotc 2Steady As She Rose, 2 Coats

Opipotc 4Steady As She Rose topped with Silver Shatter & Top Coat

Sparrow Me the Drama, 2 Coats

Opipotc 1Sparrow Me the Drama topped with Silver Shatter & Top Coat


Opipotc 5Planks a Lot, 2 Coats

Opipotc 6Planks a Lot topped with Silver Shatter & Top Coat


I have to be honest with you- when I heard OPI was creating a collection based on the new Pirates film, I was really excited!! Pirates of the Caribbean was a huge part of my high school life, I remember I saw the first one NINE times in theaters the summer before Sophomore year and I was just obsessed with all three of them. I was definitely weary when I first heard that they were making a FORTH movie- it just seemed like a bad idea. BUT, then I saw the trailer, and the movie actually looks really promising!

That being said, this collection is NOT what I expected at all. When I thought Pirates & Polish, I pictured dark navys, greens, maybe a bright turquoise and yellow.. not pastels! I just can’t figure out where the inspiration for these colors was taken with the theme that it’s revolving around.

That being said, the colors are definitely pretty- soft creamy pastels that apply nice and evenly within two coats. I also LOVE the silver shatter, but with that one it is important to remember to apply it on TOTALLY dry polish, and wait until the shatter is completely dry before applying top coat.

These will be available May 2011 from OPI.

Check out Part 2 of this Collection here!




  1. Rachael says

    Ohhh… I love Steady as a Rose. So dainty and pretty. I am going to have to myself one of those. And the shatter looks awesome on top. LOVES!!!

  2. Rachael says

    Correction… Steady As She Rose.

  3. Gotham Polish says

    I agree, I’m not sure how they decided to go with pastels for this collection. It seems the only thing that relates to the movie is the names they chose!

  4. april says

    lol howww did they decide that these colors represented POTC? they are pretty tho.

  5. Christina says

    OMG those are GORGEOUS!! and that silver shatter is to die for!! I wonder when those would ever get here… :(

  6. PennyM3 says

    Wonder if it’s to do with the mermaid theme for the movie?

  7. Katee says

    i adore the silver shatter. it looks great with those colors, but i also agree that the colors are too froo froo and girly, i wish they were deep jewel tones

  8. Caroline Carnivorous says

    TOTALLY agree with you.
    I want dark pirate polishes, not whimpy pastels!

  9. Atia says

    i dunno, i like the pastels, and the silver shatter is awesome. Btw, just so you know, i think you mean “wary” above, not weary. Wary means cautious, or unsure. Weary means tired. :)

  10. Michelle says

    Me encantan los tres colores!!!

  11. holly says

    OH MY GOSH, this has really pissed me off :/ i was expecting something amazing not pinks and pastels, that should have been like a Easter collection or something, like you i was expecting navy’s,a dark shimmery green that kind of thing, the silver shatter looks great and fits in perfect but pinks and purples ? :S

  12. Ashley says

    It feels like the whole collection is based more around the actual ocean than the movie. You can see all of these colors on the tide as the setting sun reflects off the water. I think that’s how it’s supposed to tie in.

  13. Anna says

    I agree with your comment–When I saw these I thought “Ohh, those are cute” and then I read and was like “Pirates of the what now?” It doesn’t make sense. I would expect the colors you mentioned, for the obvious reason. I would even accept a gold (maybe glitter?) named “Shive Me Timbers!” or “Pirate’s Booty” anyday, over the options they gave. I mean, really? The colors are kindof confusing. I think they randomly chose some pretty ones girls would wear, and named them because of the popularity Pirates has. That being said, though, they’re pretty cute. I’d just quicker accept the names “Cupcakey,” “Frosting,” and “Icy-Icing” to be the names.

  14. hailey says

    my bottle of planks a lot applies much darker than swatches shown here :/ maybe mine was a screwup?

  15. Isobel says

    will get the silver shatter and have to pick up the black shatter from Katy Perry. Liike the Alice in Wonderland collection, I think this is too pastely and they could have done it in alot stronger colours.

  16. elly says

    oh i love these colour, especially the two pink ones

  17. Ali says

    I personally think that these first polishes look like their inspiration was taken a few sources, mermaids (mostly the second set that you split them into), the ocean. And especially the pinks and purples, the costumes that are worn by cast members working the Pirates of the Caribbean attractions at Disney (Land/World, etc). The colors are definitely mute down, but I can see the inspiration as those three things… But that’s just my opinion.

  18. Priya says

    The reason they chose pastels was more because of the time period they were realeased. I didn’t like the idea of a light, pastel, pirate themed polish collection but I’m really starting to like it.
    I think that they chose the colours that they did because they are murky, slightly dingy and seem reminiscent of the atmosphere and setting of the films. The oceans are mysterious, and I feel like a lot of these colours can be seen at sea, whether that be on a stormy day, or as the sun is riding. I dunno if that makes sense to anyone other than me.

    1. Priya says

      *as the sun is setting!


  19. Anna says

    LOVE the first one and the third one. Were these only temporary colors? Because I really want these and the other colors!

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