OPI Glam Slam England Collection: Swatches, Review

This time around, the OPI Serena Glam Slam Duos for the England Collection are a bit different- In the past, they have included a regular polish and a crackle top coat, but this time the two duos include a silver glittery top coat. Both duos include the silver glitter top coat, but differ in the regular polish, which include a beautiful multi-demensional purple and an intense, tinfoil silver.



Grape, Set, Match!, Servin’ Up Sparkle


opienglandGrape, Set, Match!

opienglandGrape, Set, Match!

opienglandGrape, Set, Match!

Grape, Set, Match! is absolutely gorgeous- it’s a deep purple, that leans more red than blue, and has multicolored shimmer. I am in love with this shade! As you can see, I had to put two shots of this color because It likes to photograph fairly dark, but I wanted to show that it has a lot of dimension to it (though you can see that from the bottle shot!) Pink shimmer, blue shimmer.. It’s so gorgeous. I can definitely see myself grabbing for this polish often!!

opienglandServin’ Up Sparkle

opienglandServin’ Up Sparkle

Servin’ Up Sparkle is a clear based top coat with different sized multicolor glitter. This isn’t one I would normally wear alone, and it isn’t exactly a unique polish in the nail world, but the two look pretty together!

opienglandGrape, Set, Match! With Servin’ Up Sparkle

I saw on another blog someone used the silver gliter top coat just on the tips (her nails were a lot longer than mine though) in a gradient-style way, and it was really pretty :) It looked like she dipped the tips in fairy dust!


opienglandYour Royal Shine-ness

opienglandYour Royal Shine-ness

opienglandYour Royal Shine-ness with Servin’ up Sparkle

Your Royal Shine-ness is a bright, shimmery silver that reminds me very much of the silver shatter polish OPI released a few months ago with the Pirates collection, but (obviously) without the shatter effect. I don’t feel like it’s anything unique, but if you don’t already have a color similar It’s absolutely worth getting! I don’t understand why it is in a duo with this particular glitter polish, though. You can see above, layered they don’t really do anything for eachother.

Of the two duos, I’d totally recommend the one with Grape, Set, Match! Over the Your Royal Shine-ness one. LOVE that purple!!

The duos are available this month (June 2011) at OPI Retailers nationwide!




  1. Katie Eakins says

    Do you have any idea why transdesign isn’t selling OPI anymore? Is there anywhere else on the internet since they aren’t? Jw :)

    1. leesha says

      i’m pretty sure opi put some rules in order that only salons can carry their products now, and they cannot discount for the general public :(

    1. leesha says

      no no, it was one using these specific polishes

  2. Jae says

    Serving up sparkle looks exactly like China Glaze’s techno. :O
    Grape Set Match is pretty epic though.

  3. Sidrah says

    These colors are too gorgeous to be true! I want!!

  4. Robin says

    that purple is so pretty, i found the silver shatter at my local walmart (they have a nail place, i dont think it is affiliated with walmart but is i the store none the less!) I will have to look there for that polish…do the come separately or only in a pair?

  5. Laura says

    I need that purple!

  6. mari says

    oohh I just saw this on another blog but could u link the one you saw where it looks like she dipped into fairy dust *_* because that sounds incredibly awesome haha <3

  7. Quinctia says

    Oddly enough, I just did a look very much like the second set with Give Me the 1st Dance and a Nyx Girls glitter polish I’ve got. I think that one’s a much brighter foil, though, which makes me feel like I have disco ball nails.

  8. Jennifer says

    I’m not usually one for constantly shopping for nail polishes, but these look very promising! I might just have to get these when they come out! I love glitter nail polishes.

  9. Kissy says

    Servin’ Up Sparkle looks sooooo much like cover girls’ color boundless glitters…. that I just found out are discontinued…. : / I guess this could be option 2 for me if I run out soon!

  10. Michelle Tiu says

    Grape Set Match is amazing!! I agree, though, the other two are very dupe-able. :-)

  11. Shannon says

    Where can I find this? Because I can’t find it on the website?

  12. Nikki says

    Grape, Set, Match is PHENOMENAL!

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