April 17, 2014
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  • Tee

    Felt + acetone works waaaay better than cotton and regular nail polish remover for glitter polish!

    • http://www.xsparkage.com xsparkage

      oh wow, i didnt even think about that! thanks!

  • Robin

    I went to a pedicure baby shower and got show it and glow it, I love it! Not looking forward to taking it off though :S
    So pretty!

  • http://tigirlyly.blogspot.com Beata

    The best way to remove glitter relatively “easy” is to soak a cotton balls in acetone based remover, apply to nail, and cover with some foil. Sit about 10 minutes…comes right off without rubbing. (You may look weird for a little while with foil wrapped fingers…but it works!)

  • Taylor

    I envy those who have the patience to work with glitter polishes. I absolutely love them, but they are such a pain in the ass to apply and remove. When I try to go over my cuticles after applying, I always smear the polish everywhere. Mess. But I love these colors, especially Show It and Glow It.

  • http://d&rk$p@rk$ d&rk $p@rk$

    Tee,your right!I tried that today on china glaze ruby pumps and emarld sparkle!man that work in like…………5 seconds! you come up with great ideas:)

    • Nika

      I def have ruby pumps by china glaze and I ALWAYS where it on my toes. I LOVE it :)

  • Katrina

    I have them all and love them, but like you said they are hard as hell to get off. I have pure acetone and wash cloth that i use for all nail polish and it was still hard as hell ;)

  • http://d&rk$p@rk$ d&rk $p@rk$

    xsparkage,are YOU banning me from cbox? i hate it when that happens! what did i do wrong?=(=S

  • christine

    i have sparkle-icious (gaw-geous) and when i apply three coats to make it opaque, i found that after a few days the polish just came off as a whole. from there, i just picked it off of each nail, and it came off without breaking. if that makes sense.
    pretty much if you pick at it, the whole polish will just lift off in one piece.
    this probably wouldn’t work if you don’t use this polish for opaqueness.

  • Roberta111

    Uggg! I’d love buy some OPI ail polish but here they’re about 20 $… Which is crazy! (I’m Italian, but many other european girls told me it’s the same thing for them :( )

  • Hallie

    I’m in LOVE with Bring On The Bling! I got my nails done Saturday and I have the woman do a french tip with it! I’ve had SO MANY comments asking me where I get my nails done!

  • http://www.sarahrockel.webs.com Sarah

    Ooooh, those would look great layered over a black or dark base!

  • http://olivia52695.blogspot.com/ Olivia

    Do you know if “Simmer & Shimmer” is similar to “Absolutely Alice”? I don’t want to buy S&S if its too close to AA…

    • http://www.xsparkage.com xsparkage

      if memory serves AA is much more of a darker blue

  • Tamara

    Those are relatively boring, actually :(

  • http://j-rabbits-corner.blogspot.com Jessica Rabbit

    I just love Simmer & Shimmer, so pretty.