OPI Burlesque Collection: Part 1

This collection is SOO exciting to me. I want to see this movie so badly, I’ve had a lot of you tell me the makeup and costumes are AMAZING in it, so that makes me HAVE to see it even more!! I really love the colors OPI made for this collection, they all seem very fitting for what it’s about.

IMG_0416.JPG @ 27.3% (RGB/8)

iPhotoThe Show Must Go On! This is a beautiful raspberry pink That has an orangey duochrome to it. This was definitely my favorite of the group in the bottle; I LOVE duochromes and it looked gorgeous! The orange didn’t transfer as much on to the nails as I’d hoped, but the result is still so gorgeous. Super shimmery.

IMG_0434.jpg @ 33.3% (RGB/8*)
Rising Star: Nice, bronzey gold. Another super shimmery one, very fitting of the name!


IMG_0445.jpg @ 28.7% (RGB/8*)

Ali’s Big Break: This was SUCH a pain to photograph! It’s a nice, deep red with red glitter, but it wants to look more pink in photographs. It reminds me of a more subtle China Glaze Ruby Slippers.

IMG_0463.jpg @ 25% (RGB_8*)


Tease-y Does it: Another super fickle polish to photograph! In photographs this wants to look like Halloween. It’s a very dark plum, it actually almost looks black in the bottle but I took the bottom picture with flash to show the purple shimmer. The photo on the nails looks more like orange shimmer, but I think it definitely has more of a purple tone.

Let Me Entertain you: This is probably my favorite polish on the nails of the group. It’s shimmery and fun, and a nice bright pink. The name bothers me for personal reasons though: In 7th grade, our choir had to sing this song for a performance. I remember my friend telling me it was a stripper song, and I felt so dirty singing it to all the parents in the audience. :/

Look out for Part 2, with all the glitter polishes, soon!!


These products were sent to me for review.

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    • Hannah says:

      Just wait for the glitter polishes. they are freaking gorgeous! I go to the salon professional academy and we only use opi polishes. the glitter polishes have been flying off the shelves!

  1. Alexis :) says:

    My aunt is able to go to this beauty supply because she has her hair license thingy so she got my mom this like UV lamp for gel nails and I have this really pretty lilac color on and anyways my mom has this reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallyyyyyyyyyy pretty glitter opi gel nail polish well haha !!!!! Luv u xsparkage i hav used a whole bunch of ur looks I hope that’s a good thing!! Hah well byezzz

  2. Laura says:

    oo0o so much sparkles!

    Let Me Entertain You isn’t actually originally a stripper song. In the play Gypsy, at first it is supposed to be a cutesy song that a little girl sings. When she grows up and becomes a successful stripper, she uses the same song, but makes it dirty instead of it’s original innocence. Just thought I’d let you know so that memory doesn’t have to be a traumatic one haha.

  3. Hallie says:

    I just bought The Show Must Go On and Bring On The Bling today! I am IN LOVE!!! I love the glitter! And I only had to use about two coats for it to be opaque! That freakin’ hard to do with glitter polishes!

  4. Ashley says:

    so stoked to hear that you are excited about burlesque! the makeup WAS amazing, and i hope you’ll do some tutorials on some of the looks in the film!

  5. Kristin says:

    The movie is AMAZING you HAVE to go see it Leesha :) And I had HIGH expectations of it because I’m a huge Christina Aguilera fan, and it surpassed those expectations lol I had to work the day it came out so I went at 10:45 to see it and it was over 2 hours lol Let Me Entertain You is my favorite outta the bunch too..and I understand why you don’t care for the name..it was one of the songs we sang in my choir for a broadway show we’d do every year..and I was in the 10th grade and it still bothered me when I found out it was a stripper song lol

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