OPI Burlesque Collection: Part 1

This collection is SOO exciting to me. I want to see this movie so badly, I’ve had a lot of you tell me the makeup and costumes are AMAZING in it, so that makes me HAVE to see it even more!! I really love the colors OPI made for this collection, they all seem very fitting for what it’s about.

IMG_0416.JPG @ 27.3% (RGB/8)

iPhotoThe Show Must Go On! This is a beautiful raspberry pink That has an orangey duochrome to it. This was definitely my favorite of the group in the bottle; I LOVE duochromes and it looked gorgeous! The orange didn’t transfer as much on to the nails as I’d hoped, but the result is still so gorgeous. Super shimmery.

IMG_0434.jpg @ 33.3% (RGB/8*)
Rising Star: Nice, bronzey gold. Another super shimmery one, very fitting of the name!


IMG_0445.jpg @ 28.7% (RGB/8*)

Ali’s Big Break: This was SUCH a pain to photograph! It’s a nice, deep red with red glitter, but it wants to look more pink in photographs. It reminds me of a more subtle China Glaze Ruby Slippers.

IMG_0463.jpg @ 25% (RGB_8*)


Tease-y Does it: Another super fickle polish to photograph! In photographs this wants to look like Halloween. It’s a very dark plum, it actually almost looks black in the bottle but I took the bottom picture with flash to show the purple shimmer. The photo on the nails looks more like orange shimmer, but I think it definitely has more of a purple tone.

Let Me Entertain you: This is probably my favorite polish on the nails of the group. It’s shimmery and fun, and a nice bright pink. The name bothers me for personal reasons though: In 7th grade, our choir had to sing this song for a performance. I remember my friend telling me it was a stripper song, and I felt so dirty singing it to all the parents in the audience. :/

Look out for Part 2, with all the glitter polishes, soon!!


These products were sent to me for review.


  1. Keshia says

    They’re not as nice as I would have thought honestly. My favorite is “Tease-y does it”.

    1. Hannah says

      Just wait for the glitter polishes. they are freaking gorgeous! I go to the salon professional academy and we only use opi polishes. the glitter polishes have been flying off the shelves!

  2. Anna says

    I love them all but specially tease-y does it! >.< I also wanna see this movie so badly

  3. Amber says

    Love tease-y does it! I’m so stoked to see the movie but it doesn’t come out till the 15th in holland :(

  4. Aelwyn says

    I love Teasy Does It and Ali’s Big Break. I’ll have to check those out!

  5. Juno says

    Teasy Does It is AMAZING! Rising Star is really cute too

  6. SaturnusChild says

    Good pics! I love Let Me Entertain You…and your little story about it was really cute, made me lol :-)

  7. Alexis :) says

    My aunt is able to go to this beauty supply because she has her hair license thingy so she got my mom this like UV lamp for gel nails and I have this really pretty lilac color on and anyways my mom has this reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallyyyyyyyyyy pretty glitter opi gel nail polish well haha !!!!! Luv u xsparkage i hav used a whole bunch of ur looks I hope that’s a good thing!! Hah well byezzz

  8. Laura says

    oo0o so much sparkles!

    Let Me Entertain You isn’t actually originally a stripper song. In the play Gypsy, at first it is supposed to be a cutesy song that a little girl sings. When she grows up and becomes a successful stripper, she uses the same song, but makes it dirty instead of it’s original innocence. Just thought I’d let you know so that memory doesn’t have to be a traumatic one haha.

  9. Hallie says

    I just bought The Show Must Go On and Bring On The Bling today! I am IN LOVE!!! I love the glitter! And I only had to use about two coats for it to be opaque! That freakin’ hard to do with glitter polishes!

  10. Ashley McConnell says

    these are great colors! and opi always seems to have to cutest names too!


  11. Diane says

    I love The Show Must Go On and Rising Star! Have to have these! :)

  12. Kristyn says

    http://www.inglotcosmetics.com/ – This will give you the numbers of colors and a list of all store locations. I found out there’s one in Miami, which i didn’t know! (P.s; i live in Florida, which is why i’m excited. lol.)

  13. Ashley says

    so stoked to hear that you are excited about burlesque! the makeup WAS amazing, and i hope you’ll do some tutorials on some of the looks in the film!

  14. Jessica Rabbit says

    The Show Must Go On
    Tease-y Does It
    Rising Starr

    My favorites in this group.

  15. Kristin says

    The movie is AMAZING you HAVE to go see it Leesha :) And I had HIGH expectations of it because I’m a huge Christina Aguilera fan, and it surpassed those expectations lol I had to work the day it came out so I went at 10:45 to see it and it was over 2 hours lol Let Me Entertain You is my favorite outta the bunch too..and I understand why you don’t care for the name..it was one of the songs we sang in my choir for a broadway show we’d do every year..and I was in the 10th grade and it still bothered me when I found out it was a stripper song lol

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