April 17, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • http://blog.mandyemais.com Mandy

    LOL, Kiki is so much fun! She was just laying at your side watching the boxes!!!!

  • Sarah

    I am getting all of my friends a Fortune Cookie soap for Christmas this year. I’m super excited!

  • Courtney


  • Melissa

    Good to know that Kiki got something good in all those packages too! Haha.
    I don’t use baths, but I do have a foot spa that I use salts/milks/etc in, does anyone know what (if any) FCS products are best for things like that? (NO bubbles, obviously. :) )

  • MichelleChefNYC

    Hahahaha, you are too funny! Wassail has nothing to do with sailing or the sea… Wassail can refer to two things… one is a mulled punch dating back to the middle ages and served around the Yule season. It was made with cider and spices and topped with toast slices, which is where we get the tradition of “toasting” with our drinks. It can also be used as “to wassail” which basically is going caroling. I am sort of curious where they were trying to go with that scent if you associated it with an ocean smell… maybe the way the air smells when one is out in winter caroling? Hope you enjoy all of your goodies! I wish I had all those boxes to open! :)

    • MichelleChefNYC

      Ok, just read the description of the products and I totally got that they are probably using the word wassail as a pun… nevermind and fail… lol

  • http://www.youtube.com Mary