April 17, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • http://www.facebook.com/Ivorwen Crystal Roberts

    I think that you nailed this one quite well. And even if you don’t love the divine wine lip color it is really quite lovely with your skin. :)

  • Katt

    I bought probably 10 lipsticks trying to find the right “regina-color” when I first started watching the show. I was totally in love with that color!
    Then I found out I had the perfect one all along; MAC Capricious! It looks nothing like it with only one stroke, but with a liner first and a couple of layers, it’s dead on.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the one they actually use; there’s a scene in the series where she touches up her lipstick, and it’s definitely a MAC tube…

  • Kim

    I like this look but I think it’s really different from her look in the series. Her eye is much more cool and dark, especially with the liner with a taupe in the crease. And Katt is right–confirmed by the actresses twitter–the lip is MUCH darker and cooler, it’s MAC Plum lipliner with MAC Capricious lipstick :)