On My Radar- December 11, 2011

Yayyy new blog series! :)

This will sort of be like “things that I’m loving” but will (hopefully) be weekly and will include basically anything, not just makeup, because that’s more fun :) In addition I would LOVE to hear what is on YOUR radar! What things did you see/try/do/buy this week that you were really excited about???

Omr12 11


Eve Pearl High Definition Dual Foundation

This foundation is amazing! I got it quite awhile ago, but hadn’t realized it’s awesomeness until this week. It blends seamlessly onto the skin, and because there are two shades, it’s easy to mix them to get your perfect shade, and even to add some subtle contouring and highlighting. Under the foundation is a separate compartment for the sponge too, so you don’t get your foundation gross!




New Express Jacket

omr12-11I have never taken “fashion” style photos before, this is a first!
Also, I can’t remember the last time I had a head-to-toe photo taken, haha :)

This week I got my Black Friday order in from Express, and it came with this new jacket! It’s a belted military trench coat (or so the website says) and I was really happy with it :) I am really really trying to wear new styles and such, and  I don’t think I’ve ever bought something brown, especially a jacket, so this was new for me :)



Faux Lash Dev X Faux Lashes

I am completely new to this company of luxury false lashes, and clearly I have been missing out! I got a surprise package from them on Saturday, and it included these babies-


The most amazing, full, mink-like lashes- that have big, beautiful, gunmetal studs on top. I haven’t applied them yet, but I did take one and put it on my lash line as if I was going to (sans-glue) and OMG- when you blink, the light catches different sides of the studs, and it’s SOOO cool. I can’t wait to rock these out!!


Sigma Extravaganza Complete Kit

If ever there were an ultimate brush kit, this would be it. It’s the Rolls Royce of brush kits.  29 brushes, in a CD Collection-like case that zips closed, made with high grade, high quality hair and fibres for the most luxurious makeup application.

Oh,and did I forget to mention that the ferrules are plated in 18k Gold??


I used these in my last tutorial, and I am just in love with the quality and look of them. I have also deep cleaned every single one, and they are shedding a LOT less than I have seen in previous Sigma brushes, which is another plus. These come out tomorrow, December 12. Fair warning though, they will not be cheap. This is a pretty luxury, awesome kit, and I don’t doubt that the price definitely will reflect that.


Okay, that’s all for this week! My sister is coming out to visit next week, so maybe we’ll do this as a two-parter and she can share some of her favorite things :)


  1. Sara says

    Love the jacket! You look gorgeous by the way!!

  2. nikki says

    you look so fricken good!!! those lashes are craaazy awesome.

  3. Sam says

    Well, today I bought a Mac 15 shadow pallet and I love it. I got a magnet sheet and depoted a bunch of my shadows. I don’t think I’ll ever buy those regular shadows individually again lol

  4. Hollie says

    That jacket looks awesome on you! =]

  5. Dani says

    You seriously look so good! That jacket is amazing. Looks so cute with the boots! I hope you do a vid with your sister, I love those!! :)

  6. Brooke says

    Your legs and hips look so thin Im so jealous!! #ourbodiesarebuiltopposite

    1. Leesha says

      ditto the jealous about your waist, UGH your recent hipster light picture made me super jeal haha

  7. Rae says

    i want those lashes! c:

  8. MaRi says

    I was excited to finally pick a drugstore foundation that actually matches my skin tone! HAHA Sometimes it’s just the little things that make me happy :)

  9. Margaret says

    Ooooh can’t wait for the Sigma Extravaganza kit. It looks so luxe, i’ve had my eye on it since I heard about it. Now I can’t wait for the release !

  10. Kelly says

    Those lashes look stunning!

  11. Shelby Ashlynn says

    Love the jacket! I went to Ulta yesterday and picked up this Stila Daydream palette! it has been out for a bit and i have been eyeballing it for awhile now. They had a deal where you buy the palette and get a stila forever your curl mascara free! I also picked up my first NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk!:)

  12. Em says

    I love the on my radar idea! Right now on my radar are Benefit’s Creasless Cream Shadows. I can’t believe I’ve lived this long without trying any of them! They’re awesome!

  13. Karen says

    You should rock those lashes for New Years Eve!! That would be hot!!!

  14. Emily says

    I checked for when the Extravaganza kit is coming out, and it says it’s actually coming out on December 19th! The Extravaganza Face Kit was the one that came out today, and only included four brushes. I can’t wait! I need to start saving. C:

  15. Cait says

    I was wondering do you use the eve pearl foundation in fair or light?

  16. Misty says

    I have been to sigmas web site and can not find that set of brushes they have a fw of the gold ones but I want the kit you have. Is there a link you can send me?

  17. Nikki says

    I can’t wait to see you use the lashes!

  18. Dani says

    i am loving my new Julep maven membership, especially since i got my first box for 5 dollars! also loving my jewlerymint subscription. I have gotten a million complements on my mosaic ring.

  19. Lakeshia says

    Not to be a total troll… But those Sigma brushes are garbage. They shed a LOT! The only good thing about them is the case they come in. Considering how expensive they are you should be ashamed of promoting them. Because people buy things based on your recommendations. There is No doubt about the quality of those brushes.

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