OMG Shoes: UrbanOG Leah 66 (Litas)

These shoes were a insta-buy for me, the second my sister showed me this website. They are SOOO cool, and very similar to the Jeffery Campbell Litas but much cheaper. The reason I went for these instead of splurging on the Litas is that I know spikes on shoes can be pretty fragile, and I would have been pretty upset if my $180 Litas lost a spike or two, versus these which I wouldn’t be nearly as bummed. These are really comfortable to walk in and are the epitome of badass!


  • 5.25″ Heel Hight
  • 2″ Platform
  • 3.25″ Rise
  • Made from Leatherette
  • Synthetic Sole¬†

Available from

Spikedbootiesurbanog 2Spikedbootiesurbanog 1Spikedbootiesurbanog 4Spikedbootiesurbanog 3


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