OCC Spring/Summer Collection “The Garden” Loose Colour & Glitter

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has a new collection out called “The Garden” and is full of interesting shades that I would say almost qualify as neon-pastels. They’re bright, vivid hues that hint at summer, but the pastel, springy element in some of them pull it back to be appropriate for both seasons. OCC’s loose colors are always highly pigmented and easy to work with, and these are no exception.





Top: Fae (Glitter), Datura, Foxfire 
Bottom: Acacia, Triptych, Mimosa


Fae (White Glitter with Magenta & Pink Sheen)


Datura (Opalescent Pink/Lavender)


Foxfire (Silvery Lime-Green Shimmer)


Acacia (Yellow with Blue Green Duochrome)


Triptych (Sleek, Regal Gold)


Mimosa (Orange with Strong Gold Shimmer)



Fae, Datura, Foxfire


Acaia, Triptych, Mimosa

When I first received these colors, I was a bit surprised to see three of the six were yellow-oranges, all pretty similar in shade. It makes sense, though, considering that orangey hues are verrrry in right now. There isn’t really a color in this collection that I don’t like and don’t see myself wearing at some point or another. The glitter, Fae, is unlike any that I own, and would look amazing layered over a good range of shades to give a new dimension of color. Datura (pink) is probably one of my favorites, just because of its versatility. Applied dry (shown), its a light, almost ballerina pink with a vivid shimmer. Applied wet, and that shimmer explodes, bringing this shade up more than a few notches!

Overall: I’m a fan. I will probably wear these more than a few times this spring!
What you need: Fae, Datura, Mimosa

Available for $12 each from OCC Makeup.



  1. Kelly says

    These look great! Could you do a tutorial of the look their model has for this collection? 

  2. dslrbbt says

    Be careful about putting that glitter on your eyes though (or at least on your “immediate” eye!)!  The OCC website doesn’t recommend it.  :)

  3. Mayra says

    Oh I like.. Really loving the colors especially the white with pink glitter very very nice!

  4. Sarah says

    Oh boy, I love that glitter!

  5. Ashlee says

    I love foxfire! 

  6. Sandra Murray says

    when i first saw this my eyes were instantly drawn to the first 3 colors the’re so pretty!!! ^^

  7. Jessica says

    Oh my goodness. Fae is so gorgeous, haha!

  8. Phyrra says

    I really like Fae and Datura.

  9. Candi:) says

    I am not a huge green fan, but I neeeeddd Foxfire. It’s gorgeous!

  10. Valerie39 says

    boy does it look amazin

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