OCC Primary Pack: How to Create ANY Lip Color!

So earlier this month, OCC Released the Primary Pack, which included mini-sized versions of their primary colored lip tars. Unfortunately this seemed to sell out fairly quickly without me knowing, which is a huge bummer because the pack itself is a great deal. I don’t know if they will be coming out with more of these (it was advertised as an item from their summer line, so I would hope they would but I can’t be sure) However, the idea behind these is easy to copy with full size lip tars or another brand that sells primary colors like this (I know mac does, and SleekMakeUP). I feel like color theory is often left to the brands and makeup lovers don’t think to even try to make their own colors, so this is a really fun way to mix and match primary shades until you have something super unique you created yourself!

This pack comes with 5 mini lip tars- Feathered (white), NSFW (Red), Traffic (Yellow), RX (Blue) and Tarred (Black). With these shades, you can create virtually any lip color you could imagine, and its really fun. Mix some red and white to make a pink, add a little yellow to give it a peachy hue.. its really fun.

The one thing to keep in mind is that if you are using lip tars, you only need a tiiiiny amount, especially when mixing colors like this. It’s really easy to go overboard!


Occprimarypack 6Occprimarypack 7 Feathered

Occprimarypack 12 Feathered

Occprimarypack 8 NSFW

Occprimarypack 14 NSFW

Occprimarypack 9 Traffic

Occprimarypack 13 Traffic

Occprimarypack 10 Rx

Occprimarypack 15 RxOccprimarypack 11 Tarred

Occprimarypack 16 Tarred

Here are a couple shades I created by mixing the above colors. I don’t have an exact formula for you here, as these were literally just taking two shades, mixing them, adding a little of a different shade, mixing that, etc until I got something that worked. That’s the beauty of these products :)

Occprimarypack 17Occprimarypack 19Occprimarypack 21Occprimarypack 18


Here is my video review on the set. I will keep you guys updated if I find out anything about more of these being available, but you can always pick up the full size versions of these from OCC Makeup



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    • Amanda Bredenkamp Koker says:

      Nicki two is bit more lavender, but I’m sure Leesha can throw a few drops together and match the shade in no time. I’d say this is similar to st Germain. I want these so badly and my hubby thinks I already have too many liptars. Oh well ;)

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