Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pretty Boy Collection: Nail Polish Swatches, Photos

The Pretty Boy Collection for Fall/Winter 2011 from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics includes six new nail polish shades, ranging from a light peachy pink to a gold-foil, as well as one of the most amazing bright blue creams I own! Check out swatches below!














Pool BoyoccprettyboyNPPool Boy


Every shade in this collection applies beautifully and opaque with 2-3 coats. My favorites include Cruising (This was swatched without a top coat, but with one the shine would be amazing!), Extravaganza, and of course, Pool Boy. I have been wearing Pool Boy pretty much nonstop since I got it, right now it’s on my fingers and toes :) With the creams (Pool Boy, Pansy) it’s important to apply very sheer, even coats, otherwise the color can end up uneven, which is quite a bit more noticeable with creams them frosts.


These will be available from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics September 6th.


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  • Lindsey

    Love Pansy, Palare, and Extravenganza! Was Femme hard to apply because it looks like it would apply really sheer. How many coats did it need to be opaque?

    • http://www.xsparkage.com leesha

      i think this is with three coats, possibly 4. It’d be easier if you apply a coat of a white polish and then Femme so you arent applying a million coats! :)

      • Lindsey

        Awsome thanks!

  • Lorena Moreno

    I need pool boy in my life !!

  • Courtney

    I need Pool Boy.

  • Hanna

    Im loving the eyeshadow, nail polish, and lip tar collections for Pretty Boy!

  • http://www.modstylelounge.blogspot.com/ Sarah

    These colors are amazing!

  • http://www.melissasrandommusings.blogspot.com Sweetbsting

    How the heck am I supposed to pick a fave when they all look gorgeous?!

  • http://www.cupcakesbeautyblog.com cupcake

    Hey Leesha ! I have your blog on my google reader account and I just wanted to let you know that you’re pictures never show up in google reader. Also, I’d totally wear pool boy and pansy together.

  • http://poshtshing.blogspot.com/ Shing

    ♥ the colors!

  • http://www.amyvitale.com Amy

    I love Pool Boy! It would be such a good color to stamp with… Have you tried it with Konad yet?

  • JoJo

    Pansy and Pool Boy are my fav

  • Anita

    Super Colors!

  • Rachel Chiariello

    I usually don’t go for pinks, but those first 3 are beautiful!

  • http://persephone66.blogspot.com/ Persephone 66

    Love the colours, giggled at the names.

  • Amyunderwood Underwood1

    Hi =) I found you through Tiffany. I LOVE the Paris P. GREAT JOB on that. Must have been an amazing experience for all of you! I have a question….Where do you buy OCC? I LOVE the blue and the hot pink. MUST HAVE! =) Thanks, Amy Underwood Portland, OR

  • Amy Portland

    One more thing….Funny small world…..I saw a pic of you on the LA makeup event on the brush site pics. I asked you a question on there… I wanted to know what lipstick you were wearing because it is stunning! Here it is on your blog! Where do I order that line? Looks like a lipstain? How long does it stay on for? Is it so matte that you need to wear a gloss or a moisturizer under it? I love the matte look but find it hard to not have the moisture on my lips. Kinda OCD about lip balm and gloss/lipsticks..LOL Thanks, Amy Underwood Portland, OR 37yr YOUNG =)