Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Plastic Passion Collection- Nail Polishes

I always get suuuuper excited when a nail polish collection comes out and has some really bright, awesome shades in it, and moreso when those shades apply nicely! The new Plastic Passion collection from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has 6 new nail polishes, split in half with three cremes and three shimmers. Most of these have really great pigmentation and all apply really nicely and dry really fast. 

OCCplasticpassionNP 14OCCplasticpassionNP 13OCCplasticpassionNP 12 VapidOCCplasticpassionNP 11 Vapid

Vapid is a a light lilac creme polish. Two coats makes the polish fully opaque and it isn’t streaky.

OCCplasticpassionNP 10 Pleasure Model

OCCplasticpassionNP 9 Pleasure Model

Pleasure Model is a very pale pink with gold shimmer. This is a fairly sheer polish and has issues with some streaking. This would probably work well with a white base and using this over top. 

OCCplasticpassionNP 8 Automation

OCCplasticpassionNP 7 Automation

Automation is a yellow gold shimmer. Another sheer one that is a bit streaky. 

OCCplasticpassionNP 6 Seething

OCCplasticpassionNP 5 Seething

Seething is a mid tone pink with silver shimmer. This one is a bit sheer, but not as sheer as other polishes in this collection. With three coats its opaque. This is one of my favorites in this collection!

OCCplasticpassionNP 4 Pool Boy

OCCplasticpassionNP 3 Pool Boy

Pool Boy is a bright neon blue creme. Very opaque and such a fun shade!

OCCplasticpassionNP 2 Deven Green

OCCplasticpassionNP 1 Deven Green

Deven Green is a super neon opaque creme. Another favorite in this collection. 


These had a really quick dry time for me when i applied two thin coats, which is always good for me because I am really good at ruining a manicure by forgetting my nails aren’t all the way dry :) Also found these had nice wear time on them- I had Pool Boy on my nails for I think 4 days before I noticed any chipping, and the chipping mainly came because i was cleaning my house and not being so delicate around my nails, haha. Overall I really love these shades. Favorites are Deven Green and Pool Boy, but honestly I see myself wearing all six shades over the next few months!


Available for $10 from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics February 1st.



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  1. Miss Xya says

    Sometimes I wish companies would do mini sets when they come out with new polishes. I want to try all of these but $60+ on nail polish I just can’t justify right now :(

  2. Cassy G says

    Is this Pool Boy different than the one they already had? I’ve had Pool Boy nail polish for a while now and I just didn’t know if this one really was something new (because that would probably mean I need it, lol)

  3. Leanne Webber says

    These are all so pretty! What a lovely collection.

    I love all the pinks


  4. MissBrunzy says

    Vapid and Seething will be mine! I cannot wait to try these, never tried anything from OCC before. So pretty! Thanks for mentioning when they release too!

  5. Kacie Galyon says

    Oh my gawd… Seething and Vapid are my favorites. Vapid is actually very close to my wedding color, so I just might have to get this for my big day! Thank you for sharing. :)

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